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Notebook Software and How To Questions topics

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    The OMEN macro button stopped working. I think it's after updating this program. How to solve this problem? What should I pay attention to? What should I reinstall?

    Thank you!

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  • 08/29/18--10:47: HP laptop is not working
  • My HP laptop isn't working. When i turn on the start-button, the caps-lock and the numblik buttons start flickering, but the screen remains absolutely black. How do i fix this? 

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    Hi, guys!

    I'm kinda new here, just bought my first HP Omen laptop.

    I love it so far, but there's just one problem I want to resolve:

    Omen Command Center doesn't have "Lighting" option. I've tried updating the software, I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling it. Nothing. Nada.

    Does that mean my laptop's keyboard doesn't support that?
    I'm fine with either answer, just custom keyboard colours would have been a nice addition to this beautiful thing.

    Thanks, guys!

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  • 08/29/18--17:35: PCI Serial Port Drivers
  • EliteBook 8560w/Wimdows10 /64bit


    The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)


    There are no compatible drivers for this device.



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    I have the same problem in my new laptop : hp pavilion 15 cx-0003nf

    Can you give me the solution please ?

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    I can't move my cursor while typing. No, I refuse to delete my synaptics driver as I get a warning that my touchpad might not even be functionable after a reboot. Also, turning off smartsense doesn't do anything either. Any help?

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    I have problems with my connection from my Zbook15 with the docking station thunderbolt 3. The problem is the same as the  Document ID: c05738894 (Advisory: HP ZBook Dock With Thunderbolt 3 - ZBook Mobile Workstation May Not Detect Dock)


    My problem is -> External monitors attached to the ZBook Thunderbolt Dock may blink on and off, or flicker


    I have updated all the drivers and the problem still there. I want to try the resolution from the document but the links doesnt work, in all the links say me login failed.


    What can i do? there is any new to resolve the issue? if not how can i download the files?


    Best regards

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  • 08/30/18--02:39: How to clean liquid spill
  • I can't find battery to remove to clean inside

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  • 08/30/18--02:42: How to take apart
  • l



    I can't find battery to remove to clean inside

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    Thunderbolt dock 3 not working aside from acting as a power src nothing else works. USB ports not recognized. Monitors not recognized. Network not recognized. I have installed all drivers etc ad infinitum. Dock did work briefly now no longer. Thunderbolt Software app shows no devices even when dock is connected to PC. And even when the windows 'Open devices and  Printers' tray icon shows the dock as connected. Go figure!


    AFAIR when Thunderbolt Software app did *briefly* show the dock as a connected device the dock has *some* chance of working. This is a replacement dock. Its worse than the previous one as that one at least recognized monitors. Is there any chance of getting this working? I emailed hp support and manufacturer but heard nothing back? Not clear how to otherwise get support for this. Is there an alternative to Thuderbolt? It seems to have serious flaws.

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    I bought my shiny slim Envy 13 (2017/2018) notebook recently but somehow felt discomfort navigating Chrome without a physical button mapped as mouse middle click to open a link in a new tab. Luckily, the Windows 10 touchpad is recognizing a wide variety of gestures, but the Synaptics driver dialog only allows you to enable/disable the so called "Three-Finger Tap". Help tells you right away that this is only for opening the Cortana Search. What a shame. (Of course I have completely disabled the voice assistant in the first place.)




    I have disabled several gestures I clearly won't use, left some that I'll probably won't use, but still wasn't able to configure the most important trio - I want to:

    • Double click to Click.
    • Two-finger "tap" for a right mouse button click - no problem to configure as seen above.
    • Three-finger "tap" for a middle mouse button click - no options for that in Synaptics ClickPad settings.

    Weirdly, you can still configure this in the Registry:

    1. Push Win+R, type "regedit", enter.
    2. Head to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Synaptics\SynTP\TouchPadSMB2cTM3384-1<= this last key can be different on your system.
    3. Change 3FingerTapAction to 4 - this associates the mouse middle button click action
    4. Change 3FingerTapPlugInActionID to 11 - this stops opening Cortana at the same time

    I don't quite understand the mechanics. If I only change the first value, the middle click gesture works most of the time in Chrome, but occassionally the Cortana Search pops up along, which is very annoying. The Plugins that those codes refer to are defined here:
    Each numbered action has a key in there, so if your "3FingerTapPlugInActionID" is set to the default dword:00000061 (decimal 97), it executes the "plugin" in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Synaptics\SynTPPlugIns\SynTP\97 which is Launch Cortana. Note that 0 opens the Start menu, while 11 is the No Action.

    This way, I'm quite happy with the touchpad and don't use the physical click of the bottom part at all. Obviously, it is Synaptics' weird design choice or bug, I see other notebook manufacturers suffer from the same behavior. Hope this helps!

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    hi all


    after i update my  pavilion g6-1163se BIOS using F.66

    the two GPU intel hd 3000 and amd hd 7400m stop working


    Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)


    I tried reinstall new windows 7,8 and 10 but same problem

    I tried to install drivers from

    but same problem




    thanks in advance

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  • 08/30/18--11:23: HP ZBook Studio G4
  • Hi there!


    I'm having trouble charging my HP ZBook Studio through a dockingstation over Thunderbolt 3. The docking station I'm using is a HP OMEN Accelerator, which should support a charge back of 60 Watts.


    Does anyone know how I can charge my laptop through this dockingstation?



    Kind regards,

    Nino Dreverman

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    I am looking forward to upgrading my laptops(HP 2000-2116TU Notebook PC) internal HD to SSD. And hence would like to know if its compatible. 



    Any other points to keep in mind, before I select one? Whether I need to select SATA or SATA 3, not sure which one is supported.

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    im trying to connect asus zenscreen mb16ac to hp computor.

    and its not connecting. it says i need to update the software for dp alt mode.


    how can i update and use the monitor!

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    As the title says, I tried to install the latest software for 3d driveguard - sp83846

    It tries to install, but it just opens a cmd window saying that a sub directory already exists.

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  • 08/31/18--03:02: registration
  • I am not sure if my new laptop is registered? Can you help?

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    I just bought a brand new HP Pavilion 14-bf103nx, after finishing the initial windows setup and login to desktop i was welcomed fro Mcafee livesafe with a pop up (your trial ended 148 days ago - buy now).

    Is this a bug or something?

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  • 08/31/18--12:35: Remove HP 3D Driveguard
  • Are there any issues with removing the HP 3D Driveguard application software? Updates are required for the driver each time we update the Operating System. From what I understand this software parks the heads on the hard drive if a sudden drop is detected, which is not needed in our particular environment.

    Thanks in advance for any advice on this issue.

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    I am prompted by the HP support Assistant to install this about once a week. But every time I do, install crashes to a blue screen that contains a Windows message which I can't seem to capture. Maybe something about fat file...?

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