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Notebook Software and How To Questions topics

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  • 09/05/18--10:51: Video driver update
  • Hello everyone, 


    I'm trying to update my video driver but cannot find the right update to do it with, any suggestions?

    I have a Windows 10 (64-bit)  v1803

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  • 09/05/18--13:06: fps problem
  • hey , one month ago I bought cc199nia laptop and I installed all drivers and updates , but I still have the problem .

    when I am running the game , fps is 30-45 but after some seconds it drops to 6-13 . this is really killing me .

    I really need your help . I checked whole youtube and other sites but I got nothing .


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    I installed a new red HP ink cartridge, but the printer is not accessing it.  How do I make the printer go through the color adjustment process?

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    The light on the mute keyboard key is off all the time.  The light  used to be on when the sound was muted.  How can I fix this?   Thanks

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    My laptop brings me to the sign in page after start up, but sometimes it will not allow me to leave the initial page that is shows up upon startup and I must restart. When I can get past the log in page, the homescreen does not show up.

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    When I downloa with the microsoft store it doesnt read in the network booster. 

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  • 09/05/18--21:03: HP 2000 2D11DX BIOS UPDATE
  • I want to update my BIOS and i cannot find it on the HP Website.

    Is it necessary to update my bios?
    I basically want to be updated and to improve my laptop's security and performance.

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    Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to get HP to investigate a possibly corrupt or infected download file.

    I'm downloading HP drivers and software for a machine that's offline. I'm calculating file hashes of
    the downloads and checking against the "SOFTPAQ MD5" listed in each release doc.
    They all match except one, and I think I really need that one (HP Recovery Manager Update) before

    I upgrade my Windows 10 version. 

    Any suggestions on how to get HP to investigate the mismatched file hash?

    (Page is

    Download is HP Recovery Manager Update 18.10 Rev.A - sp81254.exe)



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    Hi, im having some trouble trying to type in these characters: <> on my new laptop. The laptop has a specific key, at the left of the M key, for this two characters, located right next to the ALTGR key, just where the left CTRL should be. The thing is that i have tried all combinations that came to my mind (shift+alt, ctrl, FN, ctrl+alt+shift, ALTGR, and so on) and none got to print those characters.


    I am aware that i can type them with the press of Alt+6+2 and Añt+6+0, but as there is a specific key for it, I would like to know how to use it.


    Prefferably I want to avoid all third party software to fix the issue, as the laptop is new and I am trying to get it as software-light as possible for battery concerns.


    Thanks in advance for the help!

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    Sometimes my device access manager won't start automatically when I plug in a usb and I can't open the usb because I can't grant access.


    How can I start the device access manager manually? I usually restart the computer to try get it to start up automatically again when I plug in the usb but their has to be an easier way. I dont want to disable the feacture as I don't want people to be able to just plug a usb into my computer without my knowledge. 


    Kind regards


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    I am using this laptop from more than 8 years .I've used bluetooth a lot of time ,but frompast some time i've been unable to do so .There is no option in my pc reffering to as bluetooth. Please suggest me bluetooth device driver and share the link to download it.

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    Need drivers for HP Elite USB-C Dock station G4 for HP Z-book 15 G3 laptop running windows 7.

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  • 09/06/18--07:51: Status of AMT
  • Can someone help me determine if Intel AMT has been activated on my HP Elitebook  8460p (product number XU057UT#ABAM.)  According to instructions in video “How to setup a working lab using AMT ref,( to determine the status of AMT Intel Management & Security Status (IMSS) should be run, the Advanced tab clicked, look for Status, (Un-configured/Configured).


    To find IMSS I went to HP Customer Support - Software and Driver Downloads - HP EliteBook 8460p Notebook PC - Driver-Chipset (4)  Four programs were listed, three run on Win 7, 64-bit (ref attached snippet. )  Can someone help me determine which program to download?  I don’t know which of these downloads contains Intel Management and Security Status (IMSS) for Elitebook 8460p running Win 7 64-bit.




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    Hello, i have a question, can this laptop able to use Nvidia Graphic driver or ATI Radeon Graphic Driver?

    Thank You Very much

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    Hi, I wish to post an image of a Bluetooth module and to have confirmation whether it is compatible with my Business laptop HP nx9420.

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    My printer states I have a paper jam, I do not.  HELP !!

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  • 09/06/18--12:12: Laptop restore format
  • I can’t format my laptop and it says my pc ran into problem every time I use it it had a format option but I can’t use it

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    Hi, My Laptop uses a 120W PowerSupply AC adapter (the 65W does not power it ON)
    I need to order a battery for it but specifications show 65W. Will it be OK or does it exist 120W Batteries?


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    I have the same problem and you  does not answer the question.  The install does not work in the background or not the status seems to be the update was not execute.  How do I fixed it?

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  • 09/06/18--14:16: Boot device not found
  • My computer is stuck on a screen that says Boot Device Not Found. Please install an operating system on your hard disk

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