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    This is still a ongoing issue and I just wanted to let people know about a terrible customer service and repair I am receiving from HP.

    I bought my HP envy 15t laptop from Costco close to 2 years ago. 2 months before my warranty runs out (Costco provides 2 years manufacturer warranty), my sound card dies on my laptop. I call Costco and they redirect me to HP to have my laptop repaired. They send me a box to send my laptop in and I send it off 2 weeks after the box comes in since I needed to purchase a Chromebook to facilitate my basic college needs. Two days later, I'm provided with a customer service order no. which I can use online to see the delivery date and how the process is going. Usual delivery and repair times are 2-3 weeks. HP received my product on 09/16/2016 and said the expected delivery date was 09/28/2016. After 2 weeks of the sending my laptop off, I checked online and saw that my delivery date has changed from the original 2 weeks to another extra week. I thought, maybe they need a bit more time for the repair so I held off from calling to check on the repairs. I check on the 10/05/2016 again and to my surprise, the date changed again to 10/07/2016. It reached the 7th and once again, it changed to the 14th. I’m getting anxious at this time but I’m keeping off from calling, maybe they will have something ready soon.

    3-4 days before towards the month of sending my laptop, I still haven't received my product and the online check is still the same so I decide to call HP to see what's up. The customer service answers and I tell them my issue of not receiving my product. After checking around, he tells me that HP doesn't have the sound card in stock since they are having restocking issues and they don't know when they receive another or when I will get my laptop back. I ask if there is any chance for a replacement but he responds by saying corporate does not allow that. At this point, I'm absolutely confused on what happened and how a company as big as HP has kept my product for a month, only updated me once on a change of date and proceed to keep my laptop without telling me they don’t have the parts.

    I decided my other option would be to try calling Costco concierge services to see what I can do. The rep from Costco answers, and I tell him about my problem and everything HP rep has told me. He starts to tell me that he is noting everything down so he can talk to his manager about the issue. After a few redirects, I’m let to the escalation team. The rep from escalation tells me that this issue is ridiculous and the normal repairs take 2-3 weeks at max. She tells me that she will talk to her manager and see if they can contact HP to get an answer.

    I get a call two days later telling me that HP will be doing a return authorization (RA) that allowed me to get my money back for the complete amount of the laptop ($800 at the time + 8% CA tax). I'm relieved that and this point I can get something back from this terrible service. The rep from Costco asks if I want to have the laptop returned to me so I backup then send to a Costco center or to just send it to the recycling center. I asked to have it returned to me so I can backup all the data. She tells me that it will take a couple of days to contact HP and they should have an answer hopefully by a week. I wait a week and decide to call Costco since I didn’t get any responses. After getting redirected, a rep from escalation tells me that HP has been contacted to have the laptop sent to me but each time they contact them, they don’t tell them when they are sending it. I ask the rep to change the destination of my laptop to me but rather go to the recycling center so there is no wait time. So here I am, without my main laptop, with an RA that is useless since Costco needs a tracking number to give my money back. After waiting another week, I call Costco again to follow up and to my surprise, HP still has NOT sent my laptop. They have contacted HP corporate several times and with no answer each time. Even the reps are confused on why HP would keep a laptop that has no use and requires no repairs, alongside with it going to recycling.

    Here am I today, still with no money from the RA and HP keeping me and Costco stalling. As of right now, this HP laptop will be the last HP product I will ever buy again. They have fine products, but what is the point when they can’t back it up with service. I paid almost $900 to have this product made, shipped and used and what I got at the end was terrible customer support and service from HP. I hope everyone reading this can have some idea how HP’s customer service and repairs work, with a good idea on the waste of time they put on people.

    TL;DR: Purchased a $800 laptop from Costco 2 years ago, sound card broke in warranty period, sent for service to HP, kept changing delivery date and did not repair, found out HP does not have sound card in stock after holding laptop for a month, Costco helps me to get an RA from HP, HP will not send my product back to me or to recycling center making the RA useless, wasted time on mine and Costco’s side and a customer who will not purchase HP products again.


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  • 09/13/18--03:24: WIN_10 => WIN_7
  • Salve, portatile acquistato l'anno scorso da mia figlia, il computer è sempre stato LENTISSIMO, quest'anno me lo ha portato per vedere se possibile fare qualcosa.
    Reinstallato sistema originale, Win_10 64, ma risulta inutilizzabile, MOLTO LENTO. CPU 100%
    Ho provato ad installare:
    1) Linux UBUNTU e funziona bene, ma mia figlia non ne vuole sapere
    2) Win_7 PRO ma non trovo i driver, in particolare per rete fisica, wifi, Bluetooth.
    3) Win_8 La rete fisica funziona, provando a navigare sembra accettabile, ma non trovo i driver, in particolare per wifi,


    Dove posso trovare i driver per installare Win_7 oppure Win_8
    Potete aiutarmi
    grazie Michele


    Hello, a laptop bought last year by my daughter, the computer has always been LENTISSIMO, this year has brought me to see if anything can be done.
    Reinstalled original system, Win_10 64, but is unusable, VERY SLOW.
    I tried to install:
    1) Linux UBUNTU and it works well, but my daughter does not want to know
    2) Win_7 PRO but I can not find drivers, especially for physical network, wifi, Bluetooth.
    3) Win_8 The physical network works, trying to browse seems acceptable, but I can not find the drivers, especially for wifi, Bluetooth.


    Dove posso trovare i driver per installare Win_7 oppure Win_8
    Can you help me
    thanks Michele  :Crying:

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    I've recently bought this HP Pavilion 14-ce0024tu laptop, here are its specs:

    At first, it seems like a good laptop but when I was playing games, there seems to be a lot of FPS hiccups. For example, League of Legends, sometimes the FPS drops from 60 to 01 when something gots rendered.

    I've been searching solution for the problem since then, even undervolted the CPU and CPU cache using ThrottleStop and XTU to -90.1mV ( -100mV will crash my laptop instantly ), but the problem is still there although the CPU Thermal has been better. XTU said I got Thermal Throttling but according to ThrottleStop and XTU, my CPU Temp never exceeds 75 C. When Thermal Throttling, the CPU Temp is only about 70C, the frequency drops from 3Ghz to less than 1Ghz then continue to rise up and throttle.

    Do anyone know how to fix this?

    I'm not a native English speaker so sorry for my crappy grammar.

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    How can I reverse text to iron on a shirt on my iPhone or iPad

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    Hello everyone,


    I have already posted a question about a strange noise by my laptop, and we've identified a mechanincal failure.


    and now I hear an other noise when my laptop goes to sleep mode,

    I have recorded the sound and you can find it in the link below :


    here is the link of the audio recorded


    so can you identify the origin of this sound ??


    Thank you in advance

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    My laptop had been very, very slow for quite some time. Took it to Knowhow to see if they could fix it as I had it just under a year. They rebooted it as they said it was a software issue and that I had a couple of viruses. All fine for a week. Now it's back to slow and unresponsive again. When you first turn it on, the screen with the HP logo and the spinning circle takes over an hour sometimes longer to turn onto the desktop.

    Please please can someone offer any advice/tips on how to resolve this issue please? It's getting ridiculous.

    Thank you!

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    Up until yesterday I had no problems printing.  This morning nothing prints.  HP chat stated the problem is not with the printer after I told them I could scan documents to the computer.  When I try to print a pdf document I get error message "0x500401f7.  When I try to print from notepad, I get error message "The handle is invalid".  If I try to print a Word document, the print page comes up and when I click on "Print" nothing happens.  I am running Windows 10 64 bit.

    I did not install anything new or change anything on the computer between yesterday and this morning.


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    I am wanting to use Cyberlink PowerDirector. I have downloaded several versions from undermy laptops drivers and every time it extracts to my C Drive and then nothing. When I attempt to run the Setup.exe file from within the extracted folder nothing happens. There is also nothing within the Task Manager about it running. 


    How can I get this to install.  I am using Windows 10 Pro x64


    Thank you!

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    I just installed windows 10 Pro 64bit, did windows update and everything is looking good except there's one missing driver...


    Under device manager, it's one driver under "other devices" - called Intel High Definition Audio


    Once you double click into it, it reads:


    Device type: Other devices

    Manufacturer: Unknown

    Location: HD Audio Bus Driver


    Under the tab "Events"


    Device INTELAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_8086&DEV_280B&SUBSYS_80860101&REV_1000\4&33aa0335&0&0201 was configured.
    Driver Name: null
    Class Guid: {00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}
    Driver Date:
    Driver Version:
    Driver Provider:
    Driver Section:
    Driver Rank: 0x0
    Matching Device Id:
    Outranked Drivers:
    Device Updated: false
    Parent Device: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_9D71&SUBSYS_8389103C&REV_21\3&11583659&0&FB


    I'll post a screen shot if possible.  Thanks in advance for your help.



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  • 09/13/18--17:07: Google Chrome
  • Just bought this new HP STREAM 14" laptop...has Miscrosoft Edge installed from factory but I want to download Google Chrome so I can use my Chromecast for my Netflix but it won't download...anyone have any ideas?

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    I have 14ar003tu hp laptop.n will you plz let me kw which window will working proper in tht laptop.window 7 8 ya 10.

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  • 09/13/18--18:14: how to reinstall HP Orbit
  • Can anyone tell me How to download HP Orbit I accidentally uninstalled it 





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    Trying to play game and everytime I touch the screen to select something in the game the keyboard pops up.


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    Hello All, I have a HP Pavilion g6 laptop with windows 7 and recently I migrated back from windows 10 to windows 7 and few days after that, the display adapter is not responding properly and showing two graphics cards installed " Intel and radeon" and I tried every possible way to uninstall them and install them back or update driver but they are still conflicting. The problem now is that they prevent the windows from booting, I had to go into safe mode and disable one of them" any one" so that the wondows could boot properly otherwise I keep getting the blue screen and crash reports and the windows would never start.

    I alse tried to download and install the software from AMD website but unfortunatelly it did not help and the problem remains so could any body help here about what I need to do?



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    I re-installed Windows 7 SP1 in my HP EliteBook 8540w. Now facing the following issues.


    1-Unable to connect windows update.

    2- PCI Serial Port

    3-PCI Simple Communications Controller

    4-Unknown device


    Drivers Missing. could some kind souls plse help ?


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    Newly lunched best way to Repair Outlook offline OST file & Recover Outlook offline OST into Outlook PST ( MSG,EMl and HTML) formats by using great solution -Atom TechSoft Outlook OST to PST conversion. This application is the high quickly application to fix Outlook offline .ost file and again open all details from outlook offline OST file into new Outlook along with it completely split recovered heavy/ large outlook .pst file into smaller pst file( 1GB to 5GB).





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    I upgraded my laptop from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Now I have a problem - no sound. Drivers on the site HP for Windus 10 no, there are under Windows 8.1 and 7, but they do not fit.
    Now the sound works like this: I turn on the music - there is no sound from the speakers when I insert the headphones - the sound goes through the speakers, and not through the speakers.

    I'm asking for help in finding a driver for sound for Windows 10. Or how to get the sound card to work correctly on my laptop?


    Ниже я расскажу о звуковой карте:


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    my laptop is not able to detect the fingerprint reader. I have just bought the laptop, first step was the Bios update to 01.03.00 Rev.A.
    BIOS doesn't show fingerprint reader in built-in devices list.

    Windows doesn't show any biometric device in the device manager.

    I have installed HP Client Security and it doesn't detect fingerprint reader.


    Any suggestion please?

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    New laptop, fully up-to-date with W10 and HP software. Phonewise repeatedly puts up popup saying drivers not installed. Re-installation of Phonewise drivers runs OK but Phonewise still puts up the same pop-up.

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  • 09/14/18--12:36: bluetooth has never worked
  • I want to purchase wireless headphones to use with my laptop. They all seem to need bluetooth. Apparently my bluetooth has never worked on my laptop, not even new, out of the box.

    What do i do to get it working?

    See attachment for areas i suppose I need help with.

    Thanks for your time, appreciate it.bluetooth.PNG

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