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Notebook Software and How To Questions topics

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    I just purchased this Stream with 32GB eMMC and I cannot install the windows updates because there is not enough HD space.


    I know this has been asked before and it seems pretty complicated to get the updates done. I will not do that.


    I just want to know if HP has a simplified solution or do I need to send this back because it is not ever going tobe able to update the OS? 


    Thanks and best wishes fromSouth Dakota.



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  • 09/26/18--08:58: trying to download itunes
  • I can not download itunes 

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  • 09/26/18--14:55: power Button
  • When the lamp is closed, it is noticed that the bulb of the button is light but very weak, so when the place is a darkness, I am afraid of it, and I am afraid that it will be a problem.
    When the device has a battery or use the charger but in the shutdown mode



    لما تكون مغلق اللاب تمام بتلاحظ أنه فيه لمبة زرار الباور منورة بس ضعيف جدا بيبان لما المكان يكون ضلمة انا شفتها بصدفه وخايف تكون عندى مشكلة فبسال انت كمان كدة ولا اية
    لما يكون الجهاز فيه بطارية أو استخدم الشاحن لكن فى وضع shutdown

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  • 09/26/18--16:54: Blue screen
  • We are having issue with a blue screen appearing after logging in.

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    So I love the 4K display on my 15" Spectre Vega, but it's mostly pointless and I just wish they did a 1080p option.

    I've lived with it running at 4K using 200% scaling for a week or so, but I just can’t' carry on. The majority of apps I use, including Chrome, and Outlook have some really annoying layout issues. This is made 100x worse when you connect up an ultra-wide monitor that you want at 100% display scaling. Even if you disable the laptop's 4K display, windows just gets utterly confused.

    You get margins round windows that should be maximized, 200% sized file open dialogs, scroll bars, tooltips and other elements. It's just horrendous really.

    I've finally given up and set my laptop to 1080p and I've just breathed a sigh of relief, everything looks and works properly now.

    But I'm gutted because I'm paying for a 4K screen, that I can't enjoy and losing out on extra battery life!

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    While booting laptop, need to enter to the startup menu and hit enter to continue for loading OS. How can we solve this issue.

    Hp Issue.jpg

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    Windows Update downloaded me the KB4100347 (Updates to the Intel microcode for Intel processors) while I have an AMD A4-5000 APU processor with Radeon HD Graphics (it seems strange). Is it a problem? Is it better to uninstall it or not? For now it seems that the notebook is fine, but I've just installed the update. Is it better to uninstall it or not?

    Thanks for a possible answer.


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    the mute button(f6) works, but the light won't glow

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    I recently had to do a rollback on my personal laptop. After the rollback, none of my USB peripheral devices want to work, but I am able to connect USB storage devices.


    Apparantly my device is no longer supported on Windows 10? But there was a link with an update specifically for this issue but I lost the link.

    Can anybody please help urgently?

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    I have the 15-cs0059nr and I am also experiencing this same issue with the BIOS update, or rather lack thereof. HP has been extremely frustrating as of late in terms of handling issues. Putting my issues aside with the business channel as I want to stick with the issue at hand, I am disappointed with what I've found here (and other places) regarding this BIOS flub. Deflecting the blame by saying "You don't have to install this BIOS update until you know what it’s for" isn't support at all. The simple fact of the matter is that if we're on version F.04 and want to update to a newer version of firmware, which is available on HP's site, we should be able to install it. I have experienced at least three occurrences of my laptop crashing, resulting in a black screen and a message that the "Boot Device Cannot Be Found". Restarting the laptop always “fixes it” by allowing me to use my laptop again. Clearly there is an issue somewhere, and not being able to update the BIOS to see if this resolves my issue is frustrating, which it reaching a maddening level when HP can't properly publish a working update. I'm seeking solutions, not canned compassion, deflection, etc.

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    Apologies if any of this is repetitive. I've done all of the above in exact order on my dv7-7212nr with Win 10 Pro64 bit. The Validity Sensor is OK in Device Manager at PID 0018. I have tried both SimplPass 6 and 8 and HP Secuity Center. Windows (Fixit fo example) an HP Solution Center report no HW or SW issues. Anytime I made a change,I used Your Uninstaller Super Mode to remove all traces and then reboot. The sensor NEVER lights up.

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    I have purchased this laptop on 25/09/2018 but the warranty start date is 16/09/2018. Is it a returned product by someone else?

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    i want the perfect software to install fingerprint  for win 10

    hp elitebook8470w

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  • 09/28/18--00:17: CLOCKSPEED
  • Ccock speed is showing 1.6 ghz,how can i increase or with this im not able to play games,it lags and get heats after few mins of play.

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    Hi, I need to download HP ProtectTools Security Manager for my hp EliteBook 8470p. The Operating System is Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit). Thank you for the attention.

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    The “Delete” button on the keyboard is slanted. Is this a special design or a defect? 

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  • 09/28/18--09:09: Remapping the keyboard
  • I have a problem with Spotify because every time I press the "Space bar", "Enter", "BAckspace", "BlocNum" it starts and stops the song on the software.

    Microsoft suggested to remap keys but every software they suggested was not functional.

    What can I do to solve this?


    Thanks in advance

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    Battery won't charge more than 86%, Started facing this issue since 2 weeks. Does anyone know what is wrong with my laptop?


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    I'm having problems with my computer locking up and freezing when I'm in the middle of playing a wide variety of online video games. The computer runs fast and great when I'm not playing any games. I can get a couple rounds into certain games but others start making the computer freeze immediately. When it freezes I have no choice but to force a shutdown by holding the power button because CTRL+ALT+DELETE doesn't respond as well as every other key. 


    Everything is up to date on my computer, I've done things like updating drivers, uninstalling games and reinstalling, resetting to a restore point, I've even started up hp recovery and did an extensive check (everything was good). I dont know what else to do and buying a new computer is not in my budget right now.


    My computer is an HP ENVY 17n-100

    Intel Core i7-6700HQ @ 2.60 GHz

    16 GB of RAM


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  • 09/28/18--22:28: HP spectre refub or not?
  • hey

    i bought my spectre last month and at the back of the bottom panel the productid is z4Z3UA#ABA

    while when i power on the laptop the bios shows that its Z4Z3UAR#ABA

    is the product refub or is the bios corrupted?

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