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Notebook Software and How To Questions topics

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  • 10/19/18--20:22: Display issues
  • i can see my extra monitor in windows but work in a usb lockdown that dosent pick up hdmi to display..use an adapter hdmi to vga for display..the hdmi is coming out of laptop..other co workers have solved this issue by changing graphis setting to vga in bios..I dont have this opiton..Out of ideas any help wuld be greatly usb device dosent recognize the hdmi would pick up if it were vga i dont care about the sound this is a work computer..was thinking may a vga driver would there b a driver or any software that would help solve this issue...:(

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    I have a strange problem.

    My pc came with win10 pre-installed. Due to low performance issues, I tried several Linux distros, all with great improvements in performance (RAM is the limiting factor, only 2Gb).

    However, I had to go back to windows 10 due to the need for specific software and ease of use.

    I recently installed windows 7 64. It works perfectly, it uses 500 mb less of RAM, but there's a catch:

    --> the pc, which is fanless, makes a continuous high-pitched, low-intensity noise, which is quite annoying.

    The noise somehow lowers of intensity while I move the mouse.

    I also noticed the SAME noise when using ANY other OS except windows 10. How is that possible?


    Thank you.

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    My laptop worked just fine couple of days ago but yesterday it froze first time upon starting it. Eventually after restarts it allowed me in but froze after few minutes. After that it allowed me to do less on every restart. Now it freezes on log in without even letting me to the part where you enter password. Just the starting screen.


    I ran system test that says Failure ID: 



    No matter how I searched I cant find anywhere solution. Does anyone have?

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    Whenever I right click on the desktop, the AMD graphics control panel is missing. Could you please advise how to get the graphics control panel back. Many thanks.

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  • 10/20/18--03:42: Plugged in not charging
  • Hi, I recently noticed an issue with my computer not charging after 89%. I ran all the diagnostics on the hardware, including the battery test and it all passed. I have also uninstalled the battery drivers, drained the power and checked but still the same message. Also checked BIOS for any setting but did not find any. Updated the BIOS, still no go. Is this a Windows OS related issue, if yes is there a registry fix.

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    About 4 days ago I was playing Elder Scrolls Online whilst watching a Twitch video in the background. Suddenly the sound cut out and the video came up with an error message. The game became very jittery/laggy following this, and the sound became very fuzzy. The video would not reload, and any YouTube video that I tried to load came up with an error message. I restarted the laptop and the videos would work but the game was still very jittery and the sound was a messy, it was like playing with severe lag but it was responsive (not delayed). This has applied to other games, including online card games which are not graphically intensive (thus making me think that that is not the issue). I wondered if it was memoruy so deleted a load of stuff with no change, updated all my drivers including sound, graphics and all the RealTec ones (also with no change), and finally updated my computer (there was one lurking that it hadn't done). Nothing has made any difference. My Knowhow car Plan ran out 2 months ago and they wonn't renew (I was stupidly honest to them). Does anyone have any suggestions before I go to Currys and hope that they can sort it? Thank you in advance.

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  • 10/20/18--07:20: 15-ba026nt Bios
  • Hi.I have a problem.I can't access the bios file.I want to increase bios options but I only find the bios update.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

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    "OneNote does not Install as part of Office 2016 or Office 2019"


    Microsoft is currently "experimenting" and secretly removing OneNote from all Desktop installs of Office 2016 and 2019. This is why you may not see OneNote installed on your computer even after several reinstall attempts. Note that Office 2019 does not include "OneNote 2019."


    To see some Microsoft MVP and Microsoft Support answers to this issue, please refer to this Microsoft Community Thread I started a while back.


    According to Microsoft's FAQOffice 2016 will reach the end of its mainstream support lifecycle on October 13, 2020, while extended support will run through October 14, 2025. 


    While support simply references this as an "issue," the truth is that Microsoft is intentionally removing the installs. To "fix" this issue, please refer to this Microsoft Support guide.


    The reason Microsoft is making this change is due to the fact that they are trying to push Windows 10's proprietary OneNote application available in the Store application. However, a 1:1 comparison of the two applications display clear quality differences and a general lack of design consistency I would normally like to see across Office applications.


    Both applications can be run at the same time but note that OneNote 2016 will only have bug/security fixes and no new features. Microsoft's OneNote development will only apply to the Windows 10 version

    Capture 2.PNGOneNote 2016 (Office Install)Capture.PNGWindows 10 OneNote

    To express your annoyance and disapproval by this change, I recommend raising your concerns on this OneNote UserVoice thead.


    - EddyK


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    So, my keyboard isn't working properly because something was spilled on it. I bought a wireless keyboard and want to disable my laptop keyboard. I was just wondering how to do that?

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  • 10/20/18--13:38: F2 key - edit cell
  • Hi,


    Anyone knows how to change the f2 key function in order to  set the edit cell instead of bringing up brightness ? Currently, with the brightness function set in the f2 key, I cannot Excel as i should.



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  • 10/20/18--13:43: Bios Password HP Stream
  • Hello Guys

    I have problem with my girlfriend laptop the HP 14-ax002na

    She type wrong password couple time and now its doesnt work ..we try reset bios by remove baterry said CMOS was resset but password is still on 

    I know admin password but is doesnt work on it 

    System is disabled with this code (i 55482702)

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    My hard drive crashed and a new one was installed with WIN10 but I need to replace my Office 365 that came preloaded on my laptop.  Does HP allow a free download?

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    I have been trying to update my HP Support Assistant.  I am stuck on version file version 7.2.6294.2157.  Everytime I try to update to the newest version using the updater it will download, shutdown HP Support Assistant, but will not install the updates. I get a big red X when installing and a message that it failed.  I tried using the .exe files from the website and that doesn't work either.  I did try uninstalling using the uninstall a program first also but it will not work even with that.

    Any help would be appreciated.




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  • 10/20/18--23:02: Battery issues
  • IMG_20181020_204655.jpg





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    When I want to put it in tent mode the screen won't rotate. Also in tabletmode the keyboard is still active making it impossible to place it on my lap. I tried installing the sensor drivers but this had no effect. I've got the zbook studio g5 x360 notebook for two days only did the Windows update including the October update. I have no idea if it worked before the updates. Do you have any suggestions to fix this problem?

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    My new HP Pavilion laptop, 15t-cu000, previously loaded pictures from my camera’s SD card. Then, about a week later, presumably after HP forced through an unasked for update, the laptop will no longer read my camera’s SD card. Same laptop, same camera, same SD card...won’t read it/upload photos. What do I do? Please understand that I absolutely will not be purchasing a new camera. I expect this laptop to read my SD card...just as it previously did. I am not entirely sure of my operating system...I clicked Windows10 64-bit, but I’m not sure of that.

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    Installed windows 10 right off micorsoft website. Install went fine, no troubles. Once I restarted the computer after a clean install it goes right to blue screen instead of windows showing att all. When powering up the HP logo comes on. I have barely used this computer and bought it for only a back up. Which I only needed to use once for that. Though I would up grade in case I needed it in the future. Now I can not use it at all or get some picutures I backed up of my phone on to this computer. Can you help me please?

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    please provide link to hp simplesave software

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    У меня пропали настройки управления  питания процессора ,   каа.png

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    I went to settings, devices, touchpad, additional settings, clickpad  and unclicked

    disable internal pointing device when external usb device is attached and the click pad still works. i can diable the click pad completely but would like it to work if there is no usb mouse attached. thanks


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