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    My new HP Laptop  (HP 17-BS028CY ) came with one year of Office 365 Personal edition. There was an office app from HP pre installed on the computer. It was for Office 365 Personal (one year free) and was deleted while setting it up. I was in a Physical Microsoft Store and the tech was answering questions about the software and how all my previous purchased apps using the same Microsoft ID would also be available on the new computer. I have never had Office 365 before.


    We clicked on the office app.

    We clicked on the Activate button.

    I entered my hotmail ID.


    A window popped up saying that there was one year free and if I paid for Office 365 Personal now I would have one year free of Office 365 Personal edition and my credit card would not be charged the $69 for the Office 365 personal edition until November of 2019 and that charge would be for the following year as you pay for the year up front.


    The one year free is inline with offers I had seen on the Internet for the same system so it all made sense to me.


    The tech said that I had to enter my credit card at that point. He said I could just close the computer and it would sleep, leaving the browser open. He even saved this page in my favorites in case it was not still open when I got home. It was open.


    At home I started the purchase process. The page was still open in my browser, but it appears there was also a time limit to complete the purchase once you began, which I did not know about. I remember looking at the direction in the address bar and it said something like I entered my credit card info, my address, my phone number. I clicked on the continue button and I received a message in a popup window.

    The time has expired to complete the process. Close the browser and start again.


    I closed the browser and started the process again. I clicked on the office app link in the list of programs. It opened, but did not go to the same popup window talking about the one year free office 365 personal version. It did not ask me for the credit card number, address, or phone number as it was already there from when I entered it before. I could see pieces of the credit card info in the popup window. I clicked on continue and it gave me the message that the transaction was completed. 


    Microsoft sent me two emails. The first confirms the purchase of Office 365 Personal the Office 365 personal edition for $69. 


    We're sending this message to confirm that you have successfully activated Office 365 Personal on Tuesday, October 23, 2018. Here are the details:

    This entitles you to an Office 365 Personal subscription for one year. You will be notified to renew your subscription when it is about to expire. Experience Office when and where you need it. Sign in to get your applications, documents, and settings on the devices you love. Save your documents to the cloud in OneDrive to access anywhere. Learn more about your Office 365 Personal subscription at

    To manage your subscriptions online, visit 



    The second email confirms that I have changed my subscription.



    This mail is confirmation that you successfully changed your subscription to Office 365 Personal on Tuesday, October 23, 2018. Please retain a copy of this for your records. Here is a description of the change: 

    This entitles you to 1 month of Office 365 Personal subscription. After this period, your subscription will renew automatically into a 12 month annual subscription at a cost of $69.99 (USD) (plus any applicable taxes) per year, or at the then current price. You can manage the details of your subscription or cancel anytime by visiting Experience Office when and where you need it with Office 365 Personal. Sign in to get your applications, documents, and settings on the devices you love. Save your documents to the cloud with OneDrive to access anywhere.

    To manage your subscriptions online, visit 


    I did not see anything about the free year. I went to to  see what was in my account information and it too said one year purchased + one free month, but nothing about the free year. I think the free year was lost when I had to close the browser and open a new browser due to the expired time limit to complete the purchase. I would not have received the second email from Microsoft stating that I had changed my subscription if this was a normal purchase without the free year as I had never had an Office 365 subscription before to change.


    I called Microsoft help and I ended up talking to a supervisor from India who put me through the ringer. He was very impatient and asked his questions in a way that confused me even more. He would NOT stop talking and would not let me answer a question. He beat me up verbally from one side to the other. He wanted me to show him proof of the one year free message, but would not tell me how I could do this. He said he had never heard of any company giving one year free of Microsoft Office software with a new computer, but if I could show him screen shots of this free one year message he would gladly in 8 minutes give me a free year. I told him I did not know how to give him proof. I told him the software was paid for and the Activate window does not popup anymore. I gave him access to my hotmail account to see the messages that Microsoft had sent me. I told him I had a six page chat from that morning with a Tech that I could show him (this had nothing to do with the office 365 purchase. I had other doubts about the apps and how they worked with my hotmail account and two laptops and a tablet. It appears that a personal edition can be put on up to five devices now. I told him that I had just returned from a physical Microsoft Store location where I was working with a tech (via an appointment I had made the previous day) to understand everything on the new laptop. He would not budge. I HAD TO SHOW HIM PROOF OF THAT POPUP WINDOW AND HE WOULD THEN DETERMINE IF IT WAS A REAL MICROSOFT WINDOW AND LET ME KNOW IF I COULD HAVE THE ONE YEAR FREE. It was like David and Goliath, but it did not end the same way. 


    Is there any way to get the free year of Office 365 Personal edition from HP back?


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    hi, my problem is divided in 2 part an i think they are linked:

    the first part is that i can t change the light of the screen, i do not have the bar in the settings, the key on the keyboard doesn t work and i can t select the night mode.

    the second problem is that every game that i use, indipendently of it s size, it overuse the cpu that goes to 100% and slows everithing.

    i thought it was a ptoblem with windows 10 so i asked microsoft and after 3h of trying they told me to upgrade the drivers and ask hp. I tried upgrade drivers but it sais nvidia update core failed.

    so my question are:

    am i doing the right thing to solve the problem?

    if yes, how do i solve the update fail? if no, what do i have to do?


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  • 10/24/18--11:48: Stack on blanck screen
  • I installed Window 10 in my laptop hp pavilion dv5-1102tu after window installation my laptop restart after hp logo its only blinking _ symbol on screen and stack on blanck screen where _ symbol is blinking continously.

    When i am trying to go in boot menu its show me same error.

    so please tell me how to fix it.

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    HP Omen Control has not been working on my computer. I uninstalled it to reinstall it, but it won't work on my computer. I also cannot find which HP Omen Control is the right one for my computer.

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    I tried to connect to a printer through usb to print a report off and my computer could not recognize the printer. I looked and I saw that the Intel Trusted Execution Engine Interface had a message saying there was a power failure. I have no idea what this means so any help would be appreciated.

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    Dear HP,

    I have an HP Elitebook 9470m. There are 1 missing drivers on PCI bus. Can someone identify and share the link of the relevant drivers that needs to be installed. Please help me.

    unkown driver.jpg

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    my model number is  15 F23-WM

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    how to extend laptop warranty

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  • 10/25/18--18:37: HP black screen of death
  • I am currntly in school and in the middle of completing an assignment the creen went black. I pressed the power button to trn it off and then back on and now I get the laptop fan on high making noise and the caps lock blinks 3 times. What can I do to fix this issue? I have ten out the back pannel and taken out to put back in the memory but it does not work! Any other advice besides taking it to a shop? Thanks!

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    Hi everyone,

    the Minicard tuner is the AverMedia A309, the version of the driver is, by AverMedia Technologies. The A309 is recognized by Windows 7 and it's not broken.
    I've also installed the latest driver by HP, which is the sp50146, the HP Support assistant and the HP Hardware Diagnostics, but these programs don't help with the tuner.
    I can't receive any tv signal (with two different programs, Media Center and HP Media Smart TV live).

    What do you think?

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    I am attempting to set-up my new computer. When I copy and paste my files, from an external hard drive, to my Documents folder on my new computer the files are being saved on the C drive (118 GB) not the Data (D:) drive (915 GB). I immediately ran out of disc space and I haven't even attempted my Pictures folder. I tried to move the Documents folder to the D drive but now when I choose a Documents shortcut I don’t see my files.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,


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    I've installed a fresh Windows 10 in my HP 17-ab011nl and the keyboard Hotkey shotcuts (FN), like brightness adjustment, volume adjustment, etc... doesn't work and I can't find the drivers in the product Software and Drivers page.


    Where can I find the drivers?


    Thank you

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    I notice that in the Update and Security in Windows Settings, there is an update that is waiting to be installed - it is called HP - HIDClass.  It says that I can install it now or if I don't it will be installed automatically.


    What is this and do I want to install this or do I even have a choice since it says it will be installed automatically anyway if I don't click the INSTALL Now button?


    Is this safe to do?

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    Not sure how those two suddenly appeared in as subfolders in my Documents Folder, but there they are - please tell me where to put them back and be super specific in giving me directions as I am a total novice (must be or this wouldn't have happened?), thank you very much

    hp.system.package.metadata & hp.applications.package.appdata 

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  • 10/24/18--07:58: Laptop not turning on
  • Moved to Notebooks, Boot as this is NOT a software issue

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  • 10/25/18--18:37: HP black screen of death
  • Moved to Notebooks, Boot as this is not a software issue

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    During billing phase of ordering recovery media I am recieving a message stating I have an invalid entry on the billing form. I have gone through the process several times and am confident I have entered the information correctly. Any ideas?

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  • 10/26/18--17:30: Bios update difficulties
  • Hi,

    I have an older Pavilion dv8000 (dv8305ca) laptop and I would like to upgrade the BIOS so it will accept/read 4 gigs.  I would also like to install Linux on this laptop.  The laptop is currently running XP Home 

    However, when I put my serial number in the space provided at the HP Support to find my machine - it can't find it - even when I put in the Product number.  

    The serial number is:  CND62610PH

    and the p/n is EZ591UA#ABL and the product name is:  HP Pavilion dv8000

    Is someone able to help/tell me how to get this BIOS upgrade information? 


    Thank you in advance for your help. 



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  • 10/26/18--19:42: Missing driver
  • Does anyone have a driver for a device listed in device manager as USB\VID_138A&PID_003C\0030824B8588?

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  • 10/27/18--00:33: slow pc
  • there are almost 70 background processes running in my pc at all the times which is making the pc very slow. i dont know which processes to be stopped and how. can anybody please help me on this.

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