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Notebook Software and How To Questions topics

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    Im having trouble figuring out why my pc runs so slow when plugged in.

    I have an i7 thats stuck running at 0.79ghz and wont even budge when doing little or intense tasks.

    Gpu is the same, not even using a tenth of its power making games very slow.

    I been through settings, cleared off space, checked for any bugs, been through all power setting putting them for best performance etc and same for gpu. i even changed out the battery and used another factory power supply (as i have another similar unit). Bios has no options that help either. 

    im out of ideas.

    Please help

    Thanks in advance

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    Bought this laptop about 2 years ago and all was fine until recently,  For no reason. suddenly icons for apps like Firefox, Edge, Skype, Mail, Instagram all disappeared.  Word, Excell and Outlook icons remained but the rest  became invisible or replaced by the app name in text.   How do I get the icons back?  Help and Thank you.

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  • 10/28/18--09:42: Expert Adivce please! :(
  • Hello, Experts my Tech Friends.


    I'm an I.T. Engineer. I solved my problems myself. but now I'm in little trouble.


    That HP 3D Driveguard is headache. I installed latest version from HP. but accelerometer.exe sytem tray failed to run!.


    windows update installs latest version of driver, and without Driveguard software when I shaked my laptop little bit. indicator shows Orange (amber) color light. So I don't need software then?  

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    Laptop shoots up to 100% disk usage despite all programs being on 0.1% or less
    Sent for repair 4 TIMES!
    1st time - Hard Drive replaced
    2nd time - Operating System updated
    3rd time - Drivers updated
    4th time - RAM replaced
    I have done many checks as I work in IT
    I have tried everything on
    Unisntalled everything
    Restored PC
    Hard drive checks
    uninstalled mcafee
    disk checks
    sfc /scannow
    disabled superfetch and windows search
    Changed  MSISupported key  to 0
    disabled prgrams on startup
    Please help!
    THank you

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    I have spent a few days looking for a solution for my Bluetooth capability on my HP Laptop.  There used to be a Bluetooth icon near the clock on my laptop.  It never seemed to work very well, I have purchased 3 different Bluetooth speakers and they always have to be repaired for every use. I went to the HP website and used the utility to identify my laptop and recommend drivers.  I installed a Bluetooth update and now nothing works with Bluetooth, the icon is now absent as well by the clock.  Device Manager shows Qualcomm Atheros AR3012 Bluetooth 4.0 + HS Adaptor installed & working, however, I have no way to add a Bluetooth device of any kind since the update.


    I have clicked on many Bluetooth HP solutions found online, all of them are dead ends (pages missing).


    What else can I try? Thanks.

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    Hello HP Community!


    I have a HP Stream x360 - 11-p010nr (ENERGY STAR) and am having two issues with this product. I've had this for about 2 years now.


    My problems are the following:

    1) Recently, when I open a tab on google chrome and open a page that requires something to be typed, the touch keyboard will pop up EVERY TIME I click the text box. It's getting annoying and I don't know how to turn it off! 


    2) Even worse, now, if I open 2+ tabs on google chrome, or any other program, the laptop says that it cannot open the page because it is low on memory. I'm not quite sure what this "low on memory" means as I have already deleted many garbage  images, prgorams, etc... May someone please help me? 



    Thanks in advance!


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    Hello,  I have an old Presarrio C555ea that I have not used it for a long time. Now I want to give it a ne life therefore I want to upgrade the RAM but unfortunatelly it can only support 2 gb. IS there a Bios update that acceps 4 gb. Currentlly I have only one dimm of 2gb and If I add another one I get a black screen.


    Thank you!


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  • 10/28/18--19:43: Sleep Battery Drain
  • The April 1803 upgrade finally installed !!

    Now I've got sleep battery drain.

    Wondering what to look at or where I can find a general article about causes of battery drain in the sleep mode.?

    Problem not present pre 1803 update.


    If this has been covered in another formum: Please advise.

    -wbajr tbc

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  • 10/28/18--20:32: How to enable Open CL?
  • My system has a Quadro P1000.  How do you enable Open CL?  

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  • 10/28/18--20:36: Moving cursor on touch pad
  • Notebook bought last month. The cursor moves on its own down the screen.


    BIOS was changed a few days ago. The driver was updated a few days ago, so it's the latest.  But the problem continues, although it did get better with the cursor not "running away" so often.  Restarting the notebook hasn't helped.


    The tests from an HP diagnostics tool show that all is OK. There is nothing on the touchpad for the cursor to move like this.  Apparently, HP customer service reps don't really know what is going on, and the last experience I had was an hour wasted for the second time.  So, if anybody has an idea of what this issue could be, please post.  

    Thanks in advance



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    I cannot figure out how to get the DVD feature of my new HP 17-by0061st notebook to function. I want to watch movies on DVDs, but I cannot because I am NOT savvy enough to figure out how to do it. Any tips?

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    The boot won't launch at all


    check media - fail 

    check media


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    Hi, I have replaced the motherboard and followed the steps to program the serial number and product number. However, I cannot figure out how to program the product name. That's the only warning I get now when trying to boot. 

    The following product information programmed into the system board is missing or invalid. 
    System Board (00A) - Product Name 

    I have looked EVERYWHERE and I cannot find a turtorial. If anyone knows how to resolve this, please advise. Thank you!

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    HELP ME!!! need some driver for my hp model. 

    standart vg GRAFIC





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  • 10/30/18--06:16: Speed Fan
  • Hi. I would like to know why in my laptop one fan turns 10 times faster than the second. With increasing loads, only the speed of the first one changes. (Google translate)))on 1 screenshot work without other tasks. On the 2nd screenshot under load.    bandicam 2018-10-30 17-15-56-545.jpgbandicam 2018-10-30 17-17-36-586.jpg

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    I have the same question as this! And apologies, I didn't really understand what you meant by 'Solid-state drive Only configured with system memory up to 8 GB' - does this mean that Samsung 860 EVO 1 TB SSD would not be able to work with 16 GB of RAM on my system?




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    The HP pen that came with my Spectre 360 notebook will not write on the screen.

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    I recently purchase this laptop. It appears to me that the only option to adjust the battery charging state is by the PowerShift in the HP Power Manager software. The software is already included in the system but I would like to obtain the setup executable just in case. I searched around hp web site as well as Google site search but I just cannot find this software. Is there anywhere I can download this software? Thank you for your attention.




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    Lowercase i 52066009 is what I need a bdp for..... Thanks in advanced!

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  • 10/31/18--02:34: UCSI USB Connector Manager
  • In the device maanger the UCSI USB Connection Manager staes; STATUS_DEVICE_POWER_FAILURE


    I've tried updating the drivers but it says I'm at the most recent already.


    Anyone came across this as well?

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