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Notebook Software and How To Questions topics

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  • 12/03/18--12:54: 8570W slow usb
  • Slow usb

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  • 12/03/18--13:41: Chat support
  • Good afternoon.   I am receiving an inordinant amount of messages through my computer from an organization called ......  Please let me know how to get this to stop.  A ream of paper has already been wasted this weekend with these unwanted advertisements.

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  • 12/03/18--14:13: Microsoft Office 365
  • Hello, somebody know how I can activate the Microsoft Office 365? I had a key numbers came with the computer when I purchase, but i didnt get realized until now. I talk to an agent from Microsoft Office, he said nobody avtivated the key number in the store, I move and I dont have the bill, He gave me this link so maybe you can help me... please!



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    Can I put an 8GB card in an HP 15-233wm laptop?

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  • 12/03/18--14:41: Power Options
  • Hello,


    I have been searching all over this notebook about changing  the power options.  So far I have found only one Balanced.  Can anyone tell me the secret way find the others.  I hope HP does not think i'll keep this Spectre with only Balanced power.


    Thank you Maglite

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  • 12/03/18--21:24: Software vs hardware issue
  • Why is it when I turn my laptop on it keeps on acting preparing automatic repair and just stays on that black screen?

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    Hello I've a few mails that i need that i recovered from a corrupted Exchange server edb file after a crash. I want to import these into my Mac mail. I reasearched a bit and found a way to go about doing it - First i used an [edit] tool to convert he mailboxes i needed to PST, then i imported the PST into Outlook. Made a Thunderbird profile from the outlook profile which i copied to my mac and tried to import but doesnt work. Any other workarounds?

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  • 12/04/18--05:54: Not power bin error
  • I need bin file, for pre-book 4340s

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    Where can I download HP Protecttools Security Manager for Windows 10 64bits? I have updated the company's equipment and would like to continue enjoying the security of HP Portect Tools.


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    HP Support Assistant lists my Prod ID and SN. My System Information prior to boot also confirms my Prod ID and yet HP Cloud Recovery Tool says my Prod IDis invalid.


    Thanks for your time.


    [Personal Information Removed]

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    Everytime I attempt to go on office it only lets me select for the 30 day trial.

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    Please help me on how to use my Samsung or Iphone earphone  with my HP Spectre laptop.   I can use them with my  Toshiba laptop.

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    the following product information is missing or invalid

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    hey i am also missing the driver but my  product number is a 15-af131dx with a operating system of windows 10(64 bit) 


    please help thank you 

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    Did not work.  The file SynCom.dll does not exist on my drive.  From what I can find it is a driver from Nvidia.  We need a version of Omen Control that does not rely on this DLL, or a way to install it.  

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  • 12/04/18--15:46: Driver Problems
  • Hi,


    Hp support assistant application always notify me that there are new driver updates, when i try to install them with the guided procedure offered by the app, i always end up the istallation with no errors, but then after a while hp support assistant notify me to update again those drivers. It seems that even if there are no errors, the is no way to update those drivers.

    Being specific, here's the name of the 2 drivers that can't install even after several attempts:

    -"Driver e utilità di installazione del chipset Intel - Kaby Lake (Windows 10 v1809) v.10.1.17695.8086 Rev.C "  

    -"Driver audio High-Definition (HD) Realtek - Kaby Lake (Windows 10 v1809) v. Rev.C


    Hope you can help me.


    Thank You.


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    My family use 3 models of Spectre 15" HP x360 notebooks:

    1) 15-ap012dx

    2) 15-bl112dx

    3) 15-ch011dx

    These models have common part as UHD screen 3840x2160 touchscreen etc.

    And they are different in year of production, types of powering and ports, processors, graphics, size of memory and SSD, fingerprint reader etc.

    Is it possible to get (to understand) information - what do prefixes ap, bl, ch mean? (added - i suppose a-b-c means number of generation of Spectre x360; a - 1st, b - 2nd, c - 3rd)

    And what three digits (012, 112, 011) mean?

    Is it correct that dx means Best Buy Model?



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    HP will not let me download hp drivers to a non hp desktop. I need 21 drivers or a network adaptor

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    Hello I'm using HP Pavilion 15-ab032ax and I have it for 2 and half years now, it had A10-8700P along with Radeon R7-M360, before this I had no trouble of installing new graphic driver until AMD had new software update (Crimson ReLive) and the graphic name change to different name all the sudden Radeon R8 -M365DX..



    Till now when I wanted to update Graphic card driver the graphic card can't be detacted and a lot of error between using crossfire and when I've clean install the graphic card software it became like normal R7 -M360 just for a moment until my laptop decide to update hardware and change back to R8 -M365DX again...


    I try it again changing it back by using the same method as before uninstall AMD Software and then uninstall both graphic card R6 and R8 -M365DX via device manager, restart the laptop once again then install the newest AMD graphic card update  R7 -M360 (Adrenalin Edition 18.9.3) still the same happen as before...


    Now second method I try just uninstall the graphic card along with AMD software and proceed of restarting the laptop still the same thing happen again pop up R8 -M365DX graphic card..


    Okay the last one I do the same thing remove everthing software and uninstall both graphic card all of it done, I restart and update the original garphic card driver update that come with this laptop that is :

    On HP Software and Driver Update using identify device so I get the correct one...

    AMD High-Definition (HD) Graphics Driver


    its's okay for a few hours, I got it back my originally Graphic Card R7 -M360 then yet again same thing now with R8 -M365DX just there's no error but I'm not sure is it detecting the second Graphic card (R8 -M365DX) along with the crossfire work or not but I'm stuck with old update and if I do want to update which is a must since I wanted it to keep in updating and using for a long time with better software when I do it change back to error of both graphic card can't be detected along with the name of R8 -M365DX and I do the same again to restore it using the (last one) method back to normal for few hours name of the graphic card R7 -M360 then change back to R8 -M365DX....


    I've trying this for ages still no good along with a deep research of finding to change back to normal again my graphic card driver within forum and look out for AMD software update to old till newest...


    Please Help, Thank You so much everything I'll be appricated...


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  • 12/04/18--19:54: Omen Contol Panel
  • will someone please give me a link to 'omen control panel'. Not the SDKs,not the one with Overclocking, not with lighting control. I need the omen control that came my laptop, preinstalled '

    OMEN by HP - 17t-an100 CTO .

    Thanks in advance!!

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