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Notebook Software and How To Questions topics

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  • 12/17/18--11:44: Can not switch to Optane
  • I've asked the same question, but it was cancelled due to the fact that my windows was not licensed. Now i have licensed win 10, but the problem is still there. Below i've poseted the previous text of problem as well as screenshots of disk manager and Optane software. Please, keep in mind that Windows is in Russian. 


    "I have Pavilion 15-cx0055ur, which has Intel Optane. When I try to install the driver, it says unsupported bios or bios not in UEFI mode. I have InsydeH20 rev5.0 bios, i tried to update it from the hp website, still get the same message. I have a suspision that the insyde bios is not updated, however it runs on uefi mode. Can anybody help by saying does actually insydeh20 support optane and how should I update it.

    thank you"



    As you can see from the last picture Windows is licensed. 

    Thank you 

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  • 12/17/18--14:11: m.2 whitelist
  • I just bought an m.2 to pci adapter for my external graphics card (which plugs into the wifi card slot) so i am able to play some basic vr.


    Upon booting the systen with the egpu installed i am greeted with the message saying that the "wifi" adaptor is not compatible even though i have the egpu installed not the wifi adaptor.


    I have also read about it being whitelisted and that there is a BIOS patch that allows this to be changed but i have not found any way to obtain it. 


    Any help would be apreciated as christmas is comming up soon and i am reciving a new gpu then.


    Kind regards, Tyler


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    When I right-click the mouse over a file or folder desktop icon I get a list of the available actions.  How can I modify that list?

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    I have my laptop set to hibernate when I close it. How do I get it to start back up when I open the screen?



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    Does the HP Envy Notebook 13-d008na support Windows Hello facial recognition and/or fingerprint reader?


    The note book obviously has a finger print reader but despite my Windows 10 having the latest upgrades/updates, the fingerprint reader isn't working and when I go into Settings>Accounts> Sign-in options, under Windows Hello I am only offered Fingerprint and PIN as sign-in options. When I click Set up under Fingerprint and the pop-up box opens offering me Get started or Cancel and I click Get started, the Get started click box disappears and nothing further happens. 


    Do I have to create and sign in with a "local account" (whatever that is) in order to utilise Windoes Hello? I assume not.


    Thank you. 

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  • 12/18/18--05:09: Shift+10 doesn't work
  • Hi Gurus,


    At some point the Shift+F10 fuctionality (contextual key shortcut) stopped working.

    Is there maybe a place we can switche it back?


     Col. C.

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  • 12/18/18--09:06: BLUESTACKS is not working
  •  i have windows 10
    4 gb ram and 1 tb internal
    mine is AMD e2 radeon r2  using 
    i tried to install bluestacks 
    but it doesn't working
    how to install that in my laptop

    tell me

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    Hello, while playing games somethings it seems like the video driver crashes because it lock up, I can see that the HP assistant doesn't keep the Nvidia video driver updated because if you download the driver from Nvidia it slows the crashing down and it's a newer version. I went to the website to redownload all the drivers but for some reason when I hit all drivers it onle downloads one. I have talked to support about the laptop crashing but there's nothing they can do but just send it back and want 2 weeks, it's been like this since day one. Looking on the website it looks like the drivers don't get updated alot but the video card one needs to be updated but doesn't.


    Does anyone know how to download all the drivers and/or know how to fix a computer that crashes when used for gaming. 



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    The notebook has no number lock or scroll lock.  There are no color keys!  I have a list of numeric codes and have used them extensively on my previous PC.  Thanks for any help.

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    How to switch between Thermal options cool, quiet or prestation?
    In the Dutch HP shop they say it is possible to switch between different thermal options, cool, quiet or prestation. Where do I find the switch to make it less noisy when I don't need the prestation power?

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    Dear HP support! I ask you to help me. My notebook is  HP Pavilion dv7-6153er. Only HP drivers for Windows 7 are available on the HP page. Please help BIOS,  Graphics and other supported Drivers for the Windows 10 operating system. P81205-111241.jpgssddsdsd.jpg

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      I have hp elitebook 8440p windows 10 64 bit the problem is windows hello isn't available on this drive, i dont know how to resolve the pro blem, please helpe me,,,

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  • 12/19/18--09:29: ACPI\VEN_HPQ&DEV_6001 driver
  • Hello, installed windows 8.1. All driver installed. The only driver that I can't find is this. They say that this is HP Protect Smart, but I have it installed.


    Здравствуйте , установил windows 8.1. Все драйвера установил. Единственный драйвер, который не могу -найти этот. Говорят что это HP Protect Smart, но у меня он установлен. Безымянный.png

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    My new HP Laptop has the wrong warranty start date.

    I purchased the laptop today, 12/19/2018. However the start date of the warranty at xxx is Novembe17, 2018


    I hope that I will nevver need to use the warranty, but if I do need to use it within the first year, I would like to have the warranty start date corrected, 




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    Okay so i bought this laptop and since i bought him which is like 3-4 months i have a problem with micro stutters in *almost* every single game i play, my frametime is spiking hard and it triggers me. I found out that ACPI.sys has the highest DPC latency and the second highest is W100something.sys idk and the third one is the nvidia driver, i already DDU'd it and it didn't help so some another driver (probably ACPI.sys) is causing the latency. The problem is that the laptop wasn't really cheap and i wanted just to finally have a great gaming experience after all these years of playing android games and some crappy games on some crappy laptop. I RMA'd the laptop once, they tried fixing it but they just told me that there was a different problem than what i found, so they just found that it was overheating while stress testing, useless. Disabling ACPI method something in device manager just ended up getting my GTX 1050 Ti disabled. It's been almost 4 months and this is driving me extremely insane. Yea they also updated the BIOS in the service because a new version just got out like 3 days after they took the laptop, didn't help either. What am i supposed to do? Idk if i already said that but i used a commonly used software called LatencyMon to measure the latency, very handy tool but is useless when telling you what you should do to fix your problem. I tried everything... Seriously EVERYTHING! i'm begging for help right now

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    Help!, I am trying to upgrade the bios on my HP15-f305dx notebook. I download the bios file to a folder, then double click on the executable. It goes through license acceptance, begins to extract and then locks the computer? I have sucessfully upgraded from F.31 To F.40 with no problem. It simply will not allow me to install the F.40 without completely locking the computer. It is necessary to hold the power button and then reboot to get it going.

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    I use autoCAD 2019, but it seems not to work well.
    My issue is: once I start autoCAD, sometimes it stops working (like an irreversible error) even if I'm not working on something complicate or full of lines or stuff like that.
    When I try to restart autoCAD, it keeps loading but never starts.

    I have a similar issue when, after it stopped working for apparently no reason, i try to restart my PC. It keeps loading but never actually restart.

    I installed autoCAD 2019 because the 2018 version gave me an even stranger problem: not only it stopped working for no reason, but I wasn't able to open almost any .dwg file since, once I tried to open them, autoCAD immediately gave me the "fatal error" message.
    I have an NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1050, my drivers are ok and now I really don't know what to do!


    thanks for help

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  • 12/19/18--13:25: noise from inside the laptop
  • I have purchased a laptop just three months before.But now whenever I'm starting the PC there is a noise comes out from it.And when I eject a USB flash drive that sound is comming every time.

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    I've tried the power and display settings but apparently I'm doing something wrong. The laptop doesn't start up when I hit a key on my keyboard like my other laptop does! Thanks - kwg

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    My laptop came withe CyberLink YouCam6 installed.  When I open it, the image of me is in black and white. Is there a way to make it color?

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