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Notebook Software and How To Questions topics

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  • 12/28/18--03:45: Bios
  • when installing windows, I did something wrong, after which windows was successfully installed,but the stub is that the hotkey hp omen command center does not work besides the native bios was replaced by the standard

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    Hi, I am after buying a pre-owned Hp Zbook 15 G1. It has a nvidia k2100m graphics card along with intel hd integrated graphics. As the laptop was wiped before i purchased it, I need to download most drivers. The problem I am having is that none of the intel integrated graphics drivers will install on the laptop. I have tried 3 drivers from the hp zbook 15 drivers page; the newest under windows 10, and two from windows 8.1. The recommended nvidia driver for windows 10 installs fine. When i try to install any of the 3 intel drivers I get a message saying "This computer does not meet the miniumum requirements for installing the software". I tried installing the intel drivers when the nvidia driver was both already installed and not installed at all and no difference. There are no intel drivers already installed. Can anyone suggest anything or see if I am doing anything wrong? ThanksScreenshot (1).png

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    WhatsApp Image 2018-12-28 at 21.09.41 (1).jpegWhatsApp Image 2018-12-28 at 21.09.41.jpeg

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  • 12/28/18--08:00: Slow CPU and GPU Clock
  • Hi ALL,

    I installed game Mafia II.
    When game start meaning mission start all clock fall down to minimum.
    Do you know somebody why and what I must do?
    Thank you for any help.

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  • 12/28/18--11:01: WINDOWS 7 - LOAD DRIVER
  • Hi , When I try to install windows 7 from a USB I keep getting an error ( load driver .. ) . I have tried all of the different ways to fix it but I can't seem to. help me 

    Thank you .8sHou.png


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  • 12/28/18--12:01: Driver Power State Failure
  • Notebook blue screens with the stopcode: DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE, this is only happening when saving the game in Football Manager 2019. This has been going on since purchased only a month ago. I have updated windows, un-installed and re-installed all graphics drivers, made sure graphics drivers are up to date, changed which software uses the intel graphics card and which ones use nvidia graphics card. I'm lost for another alternative fix.

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    Dear Community,


    unfortunately I have here a HP 620 Notebook in front of me, which seems to have graphics error on screen. A BIOS Update should help - unfortunately again somebody has locked the BIOS, but I don't have the right password.


    Does anybody have an idea how to unlock the BIOS?

    Please help!




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    I have a Spectre x360 13 4003dx computer and I'm wondering if it supports Microsoft Pen Protocol.

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    I am considering buying this 8th gen cpu version of this laptop. Even though this is not a gaming laptop, I wanted to do some light gaming and wanted to know if there is throttling during gaming on the mx150.

    I've checked some reviews and testing done during gaming, some say there is hardly any throttling but some users say that there is.

    Is there any throttling during games? If there is, does changing any settings, for example, the thermal profile or a new bios help? Is there a temp limit on the gpu and does it lead to throttling?




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    A Windows 10 update was preformed on this laptop about 2 weeks ago. since that time the computer is running very slow.

    and sometimes is non-responsive. I openesd task manager whitch took an hour once. the longer the computer runs the slower it gets. In task manager Processes shows macafee running  the CPU at or near 99%. Lowest I saw when monitoring it was 75% and that was constent. How do I get rid of McAfee????  also the windows start menu will not come up when clicked or when windows button is pressed. I have tried to open the task manager and get this errior message: "FAILURE to display security and shut down option. the sign in process couldn't display security and sing in option CTRL+ALT+DELETE was pressed....."

    I requested task manager about 90 Minutes ago it began to come up the window opened was there about 15 minutes with nothing on it except Task Manager and File, Options and VIEW. Then it show NOT RESPONDING. It finally came up and showed the processs with McAfee in first place with 98.8% CPU usage. I can't even off load personal files becasuse nothing will open up.

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    I usually use my touchpad to scroll through pages by using two fingers swiping up or down on the touchpad. When, afterwards, I want to close a tab (ctrl+w), or move on to a next tab (ctrl+tab) I often end up zooming in or out on the page I just finished.


    I found that this is due to the zooming function on the touchpad that also uses two fingers, and is triggered by pressing ctrl whilst making the same motion as with scrolling up or down. The problem is, however, that there seems to be some lag in the touchpad that makes pages zoom in or out AFTER letting go of the touchpad (used for scrolling) and pressing ctrl afterwards. To make things clearer: I can easily manage to zoom in or out by operating the touchpad and the ctrl key with only one hand: first swiping up or down on the touchpad with two fingers, and then pressing ctrl with that same hand.


    So instead of opening a new tab, closing a tab or moving to a next tab, I end up zooming in or out the minute I press ctrl (+T/+W/+tab). Would anybody know how to get rid of this "window" that allows zooming after letting go of the touchpad?


    Thanks in advance.


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    Hi. Really hoping someone can help me with this issue. I recently used my laptop powered by battery for 1-2 hours with no problem. That night I had a routine update which was downloaded and installed. Since then my battery will not charge at all. Right now if I remove the AC it will immediately shut down the computer with loss of power. I ran the HP Battery check which says there is no battery in my machine which there is. I have read many forums online and tried everything I can to fix the problem. 


    I have reinstalled the battery drivers and updated. I have removed battery and held power button and reinserted. I have restored BIOS and installed latest version of BIOS. Still the problem persists. The only option I have left is to replace the system board which will be expensive.... probably forcing me to replace the entire laptop.


    I also cannot understand how I am forced to accept the updates that get pushed to my machine and when they cause a problem as serious as this, I need to foot the bill to repair it. 


    Does anyone have any more ideas for me to try before paying a professional to repair my laptop?

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  • 12/28/18--17:40: PC Games
  • Does my laptop play pc games? My husband bought a pc game and my laptop acts like it’s not recognizing it. When we put it in the drive nothing pops up. But when we manually go to the “e drive” it shows a million things there like it’s reading the disc but we can’t get into the game or do a set up or anything no matter what we click on. 

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    Hello. I bought this laptop (with a 1TB HDD and 125GB SSD) a few months ago, but already it has crashed numerous times. Until recently, it only crashed when listening to music. I use Music Bee and have tested other music players but the same problem didn't occur.

    But now, even watching YouTube and leaving the machine running without doing anything, it crashes, lines appear on the screen and after about 15 seconds the system reboots. I've done tests on the HDD and the system and no problems were reported.  

    Any help would be much appreciated. 

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    I would like to write my feedback for new gem cut HP spectre x360 13 notebook (late 2018 model). We received two same devices, but returned both of them to seller and luckily got money back. It's very beautiful, light and thin and I simply LOVE this new design! But great impression is gone, when notebook is turned on. It has terrible fan management, when it operates on AC. On battery it is very quite, but when plugged in, fan runs constantly and it is very loud (but notebook is cold, no need for so much aggressive cooling, don't understand such behaviour). Please don't advice silly tips as update bios, reset to defaults, disable turbo boost in power management, change to energy conservative power plan or set quiet profile in HP command centre and so on. Everything was tried, but when notebook is once plugged in to AC, fans goes mad. It can't be problem of one piece, because we had two and both of them acts the same. I want to ask HP, if there is plan to provide BIOS update, where fan management on AC will get option to acts really quiet as on battery? It's like Jekyll & Hyde comparing AC and battery mode. I don't think, that thermal management is bad designed, because on battery it runs quiet and no so hot and I tried to lower CPU performance to minimum on AC. I am very disappointed, but I like this model a lot and thinking to get another chance to it.


    Another thing I want to mention is coil whine. Both of devices we got had it. First more audiable, second less, but it was there. I think, that in almost year 2019, on device for 1700 USD (price in our country for i7/16GiB/512GB configuration) it is unacceptable.


    Thanks for reactions and sorry for my English, I'm not native speaker.

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    my computers touchpad has stopt working

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  • 12/29/18--02:40: F19 Bios
  • Hi all .... is there any update to this Disaster ... 

    Its rendered my Laptop useless .. ok for 5 minuts then crashes/freezes then restarts ,, 

    Latest Bios update on Hp web site  - was releasted in november .. F17 or now its F03 .A .. 

    F19 has disapeared .. 

    is there and up dates to this issue .. or a Later bios update ..

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    The program gave me a message tht it is searching for updates.  It just spins and never seems to find what it is looking for

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    My HP Support Assistant is stuck with for messages and an i in the notification area and in the my devices area of the app. I have just finished updating the app and don't want to uninstall and reinstall as it is almost finally working right except for this issue. 

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  • 12/29/18--06:59: Omen Contol Panel
  • will someone please give me a link to 'omen control panel'. Not the SDKs,not the one with Overclocking, not with lighting control. I need the omen control that came my laptop, preinstalled '

    OMEN by HP - 17t-an100 CTO .

    Thanks in advance!!


    i posted this question earlier this month. the person that responded sent me to microsofts website to download HP's proprietary software. well guess what.. microsofts website is broken. is there a powershell command that will install  omen control panel again? 11.PNG

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