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Notebook Software and How To Questions topics

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    I was uninstalling programs and must have uninstalled the biometrics.  Thing is the hp simple pass with my fingerprint was my admin (for some reason I never wrote or remember the typed password and always just used my fingerprint)  So now I cannot reiinstall the Biometric drivers cause it asks me to type the password or swipe the finger, but the light for the finger swipe does not come on and now I cannot restore anything.  What is the solution to get this resolved.  Is there anything I can try before buyiing a restore kit.

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    i have envy beats 1200 edition.  i am trying to reset my laptop with recovery disk i purchased from hp. 


    After 1st disc loaded and i am getting black screen with mouse pointer.  not sure how to pass through.


    Any help is appreciated.  Thanks

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    i buoght a used lap top all i get on screen i"Err1 Err3 bootable device-insert disk and press any disk

    i do not have disk!

    what else can i do?



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    I have a HP 2000-2c29WM notebook that will not turn on.


    I've had it since december 2013. the problems  first started earler in the day when it shut off from over heating. i let it cool then started using it again about 3 hours later. i didn't knowtis any fans going when it shut off the second time. I would leave it off of the charger for about 30 mins, plug the charger in and it would turn on. but only for a few seconds. now it won't turn on at all. the only led working is the charging light. it stays orange when plugged in and white if i take the battery out and plug it in.



    pretty please help!!


    and the os is windows 8.1

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    Hello! I have a C714NR that I haven't been using in over one year. It stopped connecting to the internet one day and we couldn't figure out why, so we finally gave up and bought a new laptop. Now I am attempting to dispose of the computer and am having a terrible time erasing all of my data and restoring the laptop to the original factory settings. I don't have a Windows disk, so that's not an option. I have tried various methods such as using the F11 key, and formatting the hard drive, but the data won't erase. Since the computer won't connect to the internet, I am not able to download any type of disk wiping software. I'm really stuck and would appreciate some assistance. Thank you!

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    Disable Code -65729445

    Please Help

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    I retired my Pavillion DV5 - 1251NR to act as desktop and archive hard drive some time ago when the battery went flat and it stopped working without a charger.


    Startup message aside it worked fine but today it just refuses to start.


    Takes me to battery message, tells me there's no serial number (hadn't noticed that before), loads the safe mode options but whichever I choose after starting to load Windows XP some blue screen flashes and it restarts. Blue screen says something about removing antivirus software and running checkdisk but I've no idea how to do that these days. There's no option for a DOS prompt.


    If I walk away it just keeps doing that in a loop all day.


    System info shows Serial #, UUID and Prod config ID all blank or 0. (no idea if it helps, seems weird). I ran the start-up test which passes on all counts (system memory, hd, hd smart). Not sure what the run-in test does but it keeps restarting itself after completing itself so it probably hits the same glitch as when booting up.


    Dunno, help please. I dropped the external drive that backed it up recently and the wedding photos are in there :(

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  • 03/30/14--00:17: recovery disk for tx1000
  • anyone still have a recovery disk?

    please let me know.

    thx palo.

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    I have a DV7-4270us that had a failed hard drive.  I ordered the hp recovery disks and got a new hard drive.   The disks load to about 75% and then there is a disk error ("copy file fails").  During a call with HP, they confirmed the recvery disk were fine, but the issue was a hardware problem.    Since then I have replaced the memory, had the motheboard checked and tested, and tried a second new hard drive.  Still the same problem.


    Any sugestions on how to resolve?






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  • 03/30/14--08:28: Recovery stops at 43 %
  • HArd drive crashed installed a 7200 250 tried to use recovery cd from HP stopps at 43 % wonder why

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    Due to many problems on my computer, I've chosen to restore to factory settings; however, the official dvd recovery kit I ordered from HP will not work. The error message is "The media inserted is not valid." How could it not be valid? I ordered it directly from HP using my Pavilion notebook's serial number. I put the Disk 1 in the DVD drive and restarted like it said to do. I've tried using the HP Recovery Manager and get the same error message. Is it because my notebook is running Win8.1 now? The instructions for ordering the recovery kit said to enter the operating system that ORIGINALLY came with the it; it did not say order the recovery kit based on what OS your notebook is currently running. Any ideas? I have a Pavilion Entertainment notebook, model dv7030us, purchased in 2012 with Win7; upgraded to Win8 by special promotion for free; then updated most recently to Win8.1.  Obviously, no way to uninstall Win8. How can my recovery kit be invalid when I paid for it & ordered directly from HP?

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    i have a model 2000-2b20nr laptop and bought the recovery discs, after installation i got an error I was trying to restore my computer and I keep getting an error. ChkErrBB.CMD: Detect some error during PININST_BBV. I . i saw in a solution to hit F10 than F9 to reset Bios. after i did that the laptop comes up a complete blank screen. i can't do anything now. please help.

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    My laptop came with a set of three recovery disc, each saying disc 1, 2, 3. But then it also came with a forth disc that says disc 1:1. The disc look exactly the same and have anything saying which is to be used first or whatnot, so I have no idea which one I need to do the recovery.


    The three set of discs are:

    HP Media 670066-B21

    HP Media 670067-B21

    HP Media 670068-B21


    And the Disc 1:1 is:

    HP Media 700639-B22

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  • 03/30/14--10:57: recovery discs
  • How do I order recovery discs? I need a specific direct link as the instructions on the website are insular and just take me in perpetual circles. BTW, this should not be difficult to find. HP... part of providing a good product is making things easy. This SHOULD be a no brainer.

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  • 03/30/14--12:45: Auto BIOS update from USB
  • My notebook is currently a brick. It worked fine before reinstalling Win7 & BIOS updates.


    I have endlessly searched these forums and followed the instructions for updating BIOS from an "HP_TOOLS" USB memory stick but all my virus protection systems tell me that the instructed 'Phoenix Mod Tool' program is bad. 


    THIS IS ALL SO ANNOYING. All the hardware worked fine before a failed Win7 reinstall and then a failed BIOS rollback.


    So I currently have an HP G6-1103 (p/n QC735EA) that turns on, fan works and power & Wifi LED is solid on.

    But screen is totally black and no disk activity.


    I've tried  all the HP software and it creates all the right directory structures but doesn't put the BIOS software on the USB stick.... and the HP software to update the BIOS appears (to me) to only work when running on the intended computer.... which is not good if your computer is a brick.


    I REALLY WOULD APPRECIATE help here. It breaks my heart to think of throwing away a computer that only has a firmware problem.


    Many thanks, Edward

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  • 03/30/14--17:38: product key
  • Why am I being asked to BUY a windows operating  software.?

    The HP required a full recovery and now It asks me to ACTIVATE WINDOWS and to pay $120?


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    I need help I bought a laptop HP pavilion dv9000. It want start normally. How do I fix this? I don't know anything about computers. Please need step by step diretions

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  • 03/30/14--21:21: HP DV6-6105TX NOTEBOOK
  • I need help on where to buy recovery disc for HP DV6-6105TX. I understand that HP is no longer carrying the stated item because it was launched 3 years ago. Any information on where to buy in Singapore?

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  • 03/31/14--00:20: cant boot up
  • I cannot start up my daughters computer. Approx 43 percent I get an error 0xc000000f. I cannot even get into safe mode. Wth. How can I fix? The laptop is an hp 2000 model no. 2000-2d22DX. Product no. Eok72ua#aba

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