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Notebook Software and How To Questions topics
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    My HP laptop does not charge when on, it charges while off, and when plugged in it says plugged in, not charging. How do i resolve this? 

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  • 01/17/19--11:22: Shift keys no working
  • Within the past week or so, my wife mentioned that the @ sign wasn't working when she was emailing. A quick look at her notebook revealed that both Shift keys do nothing.


    An Internet search on this problem shows that it has happened several times in the past year. Some people recommended updating the driver, BIOS, or reinstalling Windows 10. The drivers were already at the latest update, the firmware was, too, and I don't want to reset everything on the computer. I also tried the "Virtual Agent" from the HP Support Assistant Troubleshooting menu, but that was a complete waste of time.


    A friend suggested rolling back Windows updates to see if there's one that caused this, but Windows is just going to put them back automatically, so why bother?


    So, since this apparently happens to more than just us, does anybody have a solution that restores the Shift keys to normal functioning?

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    Hello forum,


    I recently purchased an HP 14-cm0999na (Ryzen 5 2500U, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD) and I'm fairly pleased with it overall so far, however I've noticed that if the laptop is cold-booted or placed into sleep and woken up on battery power (i.e. not plugged into AC adapter), then the CPU frequency will be locked at 0.38GHz until I next restart the machine on AC power.


    I have checked for Windows updates, updated all HP software through the HP Support Assistant program, and downloaded and installed the most recent BIOS file (F.21 Rev.A from November 30th 2018 at the time of writing) to no avail. I have set Windows to high-performance, and there do not appear to be any exposed BIOS power-saving settings to change.


    Apologies if this is not the correct place to report this, but it seems like a software/ BIOS issue.


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    Windows 10 update fails with "HP Inc. - HIDClass - 10/30/2018 12:00:00 AM - -Error 0x800703e3"  web searches reveal only  Ad pages or mostly sites displaying chinese looking characters.  What is this about, does it matter? can I get rid of it. Machine is 2 weeks old only.

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    Looking for the most up-to-date BIOS for a HP DV6626US laptop. It seems software support for this laptop is long gone but I am wondering if someone has a source for the BIOS. Thank You.

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  • 01/17/19--14:40: Problem touchpad
  • Hello,

    As soon as I used the notebook I have problems with the touchpad. In particular, often the left click in the touchpad doesn't work properly or sometimes it acts as a right click. Then, also drag and drop doesn't work well. I guess that it is a sofware problem as i performed the hardware test from the BIOS without any problem.

    Thanks for the possible advices.  



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  • 01/17/19--15:28: Falta Controlador
  • Falta controlador ACPI\ASD0001\2&DABA3FF&0 donde los encuentro o descargo


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    After I installed win 7..(officially not supported by laptop) model number changed from HP Notebook - 15-bs658tu to HP laptop15-bs0xx.

    After I reinstalled win10 , problem exists.

    But how?? If any problem with this??

    Im single user..

    Still lap is not repaired by any technicians

    (NB: serial number not changed)

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    I am unable to complete my download due to user account control.  It says "to continue, enter an admin user name and password". 

    The only option I get is NO

    If some one could advise it would be a great help.


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    Hi everyone,   My day was going fine until Microsoft urged me for the 10th time to restart my laptop so I finally did it. What did I get? A broken touchpad driver that no longer worked. I was using the Precision one from Synaptics and manually installed that driver but now I have to use the regular Synaptics from 10/9/2018 which sucks. Any way I can get the precision driver again? It was sooo niccee... thanks in advance!   P.S. I used this technique to get the Precision before but now it doesn't work... [edit]

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    I just bought top of the range Spectre X360 with 4K display. Very disappointed that I am facing compatibility scalling issues with MSOffice and other Applications. Upon asking and researching, I am told that this is an HP problem. Should have bought the Lenovo.

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    Hi everyone. I need you help. I need a service manual for laptop HP 15-rb020ur or motherboard la-e841p. Please help me.

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    Hi my pro book 6570b won’t turn on or charge. The charging light flashes when I hold the power botton down and the battery and charger are both in. I left the laptop on charge for about 5 days without touching it but it still won’t turn on, also the light won’t turn on when the charger is in.

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  • 01/18/19--02:52: Helderheid

    Dear sir or madam. How do you adjust your brightness of your laptop screen? There is a button for you on your keyboard but it does not work, it also does not work through setting



    I hope I hear from you soon


    Yours sincerely,

    Veronique van Zelm

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    HP Inc. - HIDClass - 10/30/2018 12:00:00 AM - - Error 0x800703e3

    driver issue generate ath the time of installing how to fix this issue.


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    Screenshot (31).pngScreenshot (29).png

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  • 01/18/19--06:00: Not Charging Problem
  • When I plugged in my Hp probook 4440s it's not charging and when I press the power button charging led is blinking 4 to 5 times please tell me how to fix this problem.

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    Downloaded the latest ScanJet G4050 software and installed it.  It removed all my old files, installed new software and then it disappeared. Can find nothing now on my computer regarding the scanned,  Cannot use the scanner.

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    Many of the HP Jumpstart apps are failing to install.  The first error is for Adobe Acrobat Pro DC "Installation failed, Adobe Acrobat Pro did not install properly. Please relaunch Hp Jumpstart and try again"

    I tried many times on different apps and some have installed but not many. I have network connectivity and have shutdown and restarted but the same problems occur.  This is a new laptop just arrived today.

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  • 01/18/19--09:42: Error message on updates
  • On my updates I keep getting this message and can't progress past it: 

    HP Inc. - HIDClass - 10/30/2018 12:00:00 AM - - Error 0x800703e3

    How do I o=correct it  I am not a computer genius so I hope it doesn't entale much effort.