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    I've been trying to figure this out all day and am at the end of my ropes. I have a gaming PC so I thought this laptop was just a bit slower, but then I went to Youtube and saw just how bad it was. The video was lagging and stuttering like crazy, and not simply buffering, the audio was still playing fine. That wasn't the craziest thing; if I moved the cursor at all, the animation completely locked up. 


    I went to task manager to see what was happening. Right now, as I type this, the CPU is 97% and keeps bouncing around. It's not just one or two major sources either, it's hundreds of tiny ones. Disk just went up to 100% for no reason. Memory is 66%. The only thing I have done is start up, connect my Microsoft account for Windows Defender, and run Ninite to get Chrome and other basic programs. I haven't even ran any of them other than Chrome.


    Things I've tried:


    • Removing every bit of bloatware I can find and disabling any app. 
    • Running Windows Update Troubleshooter
    • Reinstallation of Windows

    I don't even know. Here's some screenshots of the task manager. This is after completely resetting the laptop. The only thing I've installed is Chrome, and funny enough, it isn't even in the top 10 tasks hogging resources most of the time.Screenshot (6).pngScreenshot (4).pngScreenshot (3).png

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  • 08/25/18--04:37: Windows Hello
  • HI, i just want to windows, hello but it says not a compatible device. Is there any way i can add it ?

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    I am using a program in chrome and the text wrap somehow was turned off.  now everything I type is one long line that goes off the page and I cannot see all the text. How do I turn it back on?  I think this happened once before and I was able to push some function keys but cannot remember. thanks

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    I can not find the drivers for (2) Base System Device errors on my laptop. I have attached 3 photos to help.Screenshot.jpgScrnshot2.jpgScrnshot3.jpg

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    Hello. Please check my update status. the cumulative update of windows 10 to version 1803 always fails during installation. It already became a cycle for a while now. Have solution for this? Thanks in advance.


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    I have tried to look for UEFI settings but could not find it. Need help

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  • 08/24/18--01:00: Which downloads do I need?
  • Hi I'm new to this laptop & to HP products. I've created an account now and just browsing through the lsit of downloads available for this product and Im not sure whether I should simply download them all because they are there and therefore needed, do I choose which ones and how do I check this out? 


    Thank you

    Im sure I sound quite stupid!

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    После обновления драйверов для AMD A8-7410 APU with AMD Radeon R5 Graphics изображение стало останавливаться на 1 секунду каждые 4 секунды

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  • 08/25/18--09:50: Freezes every 4 seconds
  • After updating the drivers for AMD A8-7410 under APU AMD Radeon R5 graphics image completely stops for 1 second every 4 seconds

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  • 08/25/18--13:34: hp orbit
  • Hi.

    Orbit in My laptop HP Spectre x360 Convertible 13-ac0XX, is not operative. i like reinstall this.


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    I can't use my finger print after setting it with SimplePass program.

    I always have "Authontication failed " messeage.

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  • 08/25/18--13:59: Charging Port for HP Envy M6
  • I am trying to replace the charging port on my laptop, is there a how to video on how to remove the old charging prot? I have the old port disconnected just can seem to see a way to get it free. Thanks in advance.

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    ayuda,la bateria de mi laptop ya no carga, si la desconecto no dura mas q una hora y o se si tenga solucion, si pueden ayudarme se los agradezco

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    Trying to figure out how to use a Microsoft EKZ-00001 bluetooth keyboard with fingerprint ID with a docked ZBook Studio x360 G5.  For some reason the fingerprint ID doesn't work. When I logon I'm only given the option of typing my windows password. 


    Under settings/Sign-in options, under Windows Hello, I can properly register my fingerprint, so I know the equipment works.  But how do I enable fingerprint sign-in?


    Also I tried creating a PIN for sign in, first asks for my windows password but then the window disappears.


    My laptop has something called "HP Client Security".  Is this causing a conflict?  In there is "Identity Security", in there is "Fingerprints", but this doesn't recognize my keyboard's fingerprint reader.  I disabled "HP Sure Run" because it causes too many security warnings when I boot the computer - one after another after another ad nauseum.   Under "Security Features" I disabled everything including "Windows Logon Security" because it says "Windows Logon will disable Windows Hello".


    Can I simply uninstall HP Client Security Manager?  Would this solve the problem?




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       I could not understand, what is the difference between:






    It seems, they equal, but have different price in the retail store.


    Pease help understand.

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    Hello, not updated BIOS  OMEN by HP - 17-w107ur (uses BIOS F.44 Rev.A) tried to install versions F.45 Rev.A,F.46 Rev.A,F.48 Rev.A, F.49 Rev.A, the installation lasts very long for about three hours and on the 500th block is interrupted by an error, the BIOS remains the same - F.44 Rev.A.

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    When I try to enter BIOS on my laptop it asks me for BIOS password which I dont have. How can I resolve this problem. I tried downloading BIOS update for my laptop but windows I am using is not on the support page where I can download it. If you can resolve this problem plese help. 

    Laptop: HP EliteBook 8760w mobile workstation

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    Well i bought hp laptop which have locked bios and i need to turn on VT-X and i cant. Because im from serbia i cannot contct hp in america it will cost me A LOT. So any suggestion?

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    In a bit of a pickle and not sure what to do. Internet not very helpful on the subject. Accidently spilled some water on the right side of my keyboard last night and now 3 keys are screwed up. The "P", "Delete", "<-", "->", and "-" keys. The "P" key types the letter, but leaves the cursor on the left side instead of the right. : eter arker is sider-manppp. The "Del" key acts just like the "=" key, the "<-" key acts like the "P" key, the "->" types a 0, and the "-" key jumps to the top of the page before showing the -. Any suggestions on what to do or is my keyboard completely screwed?
     Also, 1,2,3,7,8,9 on numlock pad dont work at all.
    Friend of mine suggested getting a new keyboard.
    I have an HP Pavilion, but I don't know the exact tye. I bought it in April of 2014.

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    Hi I have got a new laptop, I have lost my microsoft product key and should get 12 months for microsoft 365 with the purchase of my laptop. Bought the laptop from


    Do I need to contact them


    I have thought my laptop has this built into the machine and it says microsoft subscription expired 13/08/18 


    I did have before microsoft 365 with 5 devices to use from other laptop, however I have bought this new laptop which does have 12 months subscription and lost the card for the product code.


    What are my options do I contact you HP or microsoft or Very?


    How do I get this resolved? 


    Any help most greatful


    My kid needs to do her home work and now cant due to this


    Kind regards 


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