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Notebook Software and How To Questions topics

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    So, my backup disks have gone corrupted and I'd like to reinstall windows 7 on my computer after playing around with some ubuntu. Microsofts website redirects me to the manufacturer since it's a preinstalled os, therefor not letting me download the installation iso. Any help would be appreachiated, thanks!

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    Hello, My HP laptop (bought in August 2016) has started shutting down when on battery charge. It just did it a few moments ago and the battery was on 62%!!  Following advice I found on this forum, I have already run a systems diagnostic (passed with flying colours).  I have also removed the batter, held down power key for 15 secs then restarted laptop and uninstalled the battery drivers.  I then rebooted so system could re-install drivers.  All this over the last two days and it's just done it again .. Don't know if this is relevant but am getting frequent notifications about getting longer battery life!  Most annoying!!  Any advice would be welcome. BTW, the laptop will ONLY restart when I use the AC Adapter.  It continues to cut out if I keep it running on battery. 

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  • 09/07/18--03:00: paper
  • The printer says that there is no paper but I did put paper...Thanks

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    Two years ago I  bought an HP spectre x360 13-4103dx (touch screen 2 in 1 convertible) with an active pen included. I just recently opened the pen box to use it for studying. I could not make it work with my laptop. I turned the bluetooth on but couldn't track the pen. I bought new AAAA batteries but it's still not working. 


    What could be the problem? I find it hard to believe that the pen is defective as it is brand new, although it could be.


    Perhaps my laptop isn't suppose to work with this active pen? 


    the pen product number is 761392-001


    Thank you,


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  • 09/07/18--03:46: AccelerometerSt.exe Error
  • Hi,

    I've been getting the error "AccelerometerSt.exe error" when my system loads and also when trying to Shutdown/Restart.

    I'm unable to find the application in my Control Panel. I tried installing from the below link and restarted but the same error pops-up during startup and also while Shutdown/Restart :


    I'm still unable to locate the program in Control panel.


    My system details are:

    HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-ab032tx

    Windows 10 Version 1803.


    I've also attached an image here :


    AccelerometerSt (1).PNG


    Please help me resolve this.


    Thank you.

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  • 09/07/18--03:00: paper
  • Moved to Inkjet Printing for better response

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    Please help me out as soon as possible. I need Hp Notebook 15-be005tu battery I could not find it. 

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    Brand new Win10 laptop (HP Pavilion Laptop 15-cs0xxx) - only 2 days old. Fully updated OS and HP software. I wirelessly connected my new laptop to my old printer (HP Officejet 6500A Plus). Fully updated the drivers and software for it too using the HP Support Assistant.


    Unfortunately, now I'm getting an alert every 15-30 minutes (sometimes more frequently) stating that "Scan to computer is no longer activated." But, I have run HP Print and Scan Doctor and no problems. I have followed the intructions in this article...



    ....and there are no problems and I am able to scan. The image is sent to my laptop. It cannot find any issues. But even as I type this post, I got another "Scan to computer is no longer activated" alert. Argh!


    I saw that there is a work-around...



    ...but I am unsure of using it because I still want the ability to scan at the printer and have it send the image to my laptop. Does this work-around prevent the printer from sending the image to the laptop? If it does, how do I make this alert go away? I've tried everything I can find online.


    Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope.





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    I am trying to install office on my computer, I get a message that I must enter an administrator password but I don't have a password.

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  • 09/07/18--10:11: No Omen command center
  • Hi,


    I bought new Omen with freedos on it.

    I formated disk and installed windows 10 and all the drivers from hp page

    (except bios - it wouldn't install).

    Then I installed Omen Command center from Microsoft Store but only game stream is available.

    How can I install Omen Command center?

    Now my keyboard isn't even lit (it was when I first booted laptop)

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  • 09/07/18--12:49: Hp zbook no start up
  • Hello dear hp
    Pleases i need help i have laptop hp zbook 17 win10 64 i dont no what happen suddenly my computer when i press power button to turnd on it not respond ok so as i am it i start to figures solutions
    1.i take charge out of laptop and notwork
    2. I take battery out of the laptop and put Ac charger to laptop and start power ..i saw a lamp blinked one time but not respond
    3.i take bothe battery and Ac charger out and pressed the button for 60 sec and returned the battery then AC charger and press power button but unfortunately no respond
    Note :when i charge you can see backlighting in mean the charger is plugged and there but in the front of the laptop it was show colors white thats mean the charge is full and brown mean its charging ...but this time nothing of all no light at all
    Not2: if i put half the Ac charger the power and copstap lighting all the time but i think it means the ac chaeger is not plugged correct just ..
    So please help and tell me what should i do
    Thank you
    Eng kareem

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    Hello everyone

    I need a problem with "3d drive guard"
    Have 2 disk on my laptop

    1/ hdd primary slot port 0

    2/ ssd caddy slot port 1


    when "3d drive" work it`s block two disks. Hp drive guard not only parking drives. 

     and it halts  I/O requests


    i see that, when i shake laptop when windows booting, booting animtion stopped (but windows directory on the caddy ssd)



    in that topic i had seen about that, but it is not true


    How to disable drive guard for only port 1, I want enable it only primary slot)?

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    When I try to install Windows 7 from a USB drive, I get the message that I must install a CD/DVD driver in order to proceed.  Where can I find that driver?  None of the drivers available from the HP website for this machine appear to be suitable.


    Also, once I have the driver, is there any way to install it from a different USB drive?  I cannot get this machine to recognize any USB drives at this point in the installation process.



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    I have HP Pavilion x360 Convertible 14-ba1xx but the keyboard does not light up. I suppose this model suports light up keyboard because if it is dim in the room I cant see anything. I tried f5 button but it did nothing. Can you help?


    Thank you,


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  • 09/08/18--00:36: UPDATE BOIS
  • how do i update my BOIS from 2006 to 2017

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  • 09/08/18--00:59: Missing Driver On Laptop


    This is the unknown driver I need.

    I could really use your help guys, btw this unknown driver is there since I fresh installed windows 10.

    I didn't care at first , but now I am having pc stuttering problem and need this driver in order to try and solve this problem.


    Thank you!

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    Hello there, 

    I have an HP pavillion dv6 laptop, it was originally windows 7. When i upgraded to windows 10, the small RC6 remote control is not working anymore, and I couldnt find drivers or any setting that might help in connencting it again.

    any help would be highly appreciated.WIN_20180908_11_33_39_Pro.jpg

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    Hi, on my notebook "Fn" buttons doesn't works. I have been installed all the drivers from website, but still the same.

    Please advise which specific driver should be installed?

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  • 09/08/18--08:15: Error D3DSCache
  • My laptop is running on Windows 10 family  64bits version 1803.
    Since a couple of days, I get an error D3DSCache shown into the  Application data directory.
    The system is automaticaly create three files one with extention IDX, one with . LOCK and the
    last in blue color with extention VAL.

    I able the delete the three files but the are coming back very quickly.


    From my investigations appears that the issue is created by taskmgr.exe !!!


    How can i get rid of this issue ?????


    Tks for help.

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  • 09/08/18--09:00: Can’t reinstall Windows 7
  • When I’m starting my laptop, HP probook 4525s Windows 7, it’s just shows a black screen and then a text ”PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable”
    PXE-M0F: Exiting PXE ROM.” I know that the laptop is missing some device drivers and updates so I tried to reinstall my Windows with my usb. F11 doesn’t work, neither does f8. Only esc and f10 for BIOs is working. When I press f10 I can choose my usb but it’s only comes back to that black screen ”media test failure” is it my hdd??

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