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Notebook Software and How To Questions topics

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    I bought this laptop yesterday and when i was trying it today morning it was acting really weird compared to a new laptop:
    - when i was searching in the store it used to close all of a sudden with that i press the x button on top right.
    - some messages that i get are not completed, for example i get half a message without seing the rest of it( it happened with me when i was uninstalling an app where i only saw: “do you wish to uninstall war thun”. No yes/no buttons visible neither the rest of the text)
    Also when i was seeing some options in interviews settings i saw a line that was cutted off from the bottom...

    -i restarted the laptop because some updates needed restart to be installed but the laptop stayed like 9mins on the restart screen saying( preparing your laptop please do not turn off) after that it started to say preparing updates and it reached 30% then restarted then continued updating untill it reached 100%. After the 100% it turned off, i tried turning it on again but it only reached the blue screen where it asks the username and password, but this time it didn’t ask anything, just showerd the picture and the date and time... i tried to press buttons and mouse but nothing happened( the mouse wasn’t even visible on the screen) so I eventually just pressed the turning on button and turned it off. And it is still off now...
    - at some points before restarting the laptop froze for 1min when asked a comand( searching in web or in store... i cant really remember)

    My question is that of it could be a problem with the software? Maybe it wasent installed totally or correctly when the laptop was programmed when i bought it?
    Also can anti virus apps have a role in this?

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    Hello everobody , i'm have problem i cant install omen control from microsoft store.Screenshot_2.png

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  • 09/10/18--09:23: Right Click Desktop Menu
  • Hi, 


    I have a factory restored HP-AN011NA  and I'm getting a slow right-click desktop menu. Sometimes takes 30 or 40 seconds to load, sometimes won't load.


    Any ideas, please?

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    I want to download Fifa but only have 26 GB left to use. It says I need 50 GB. Can I buy extra GB to my computer? How do I do that? And can I play it on this computer or do I need to buy a new one? Hope not. Thanks for helping. 

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    Sorry if I am posting this question on the wrong place. I am considering buying Omen 15-dc0030nr model from US to Turkey. I read the global warranty but I am not sure about few stuff. The model comes with 24 months warranty. I read that all HP products come with international warranty by default. Since the model is not sold in my country, I would like to know if there were hardware problems, would I get no help at all? Or does the international warranty cover some parts even though it is not sold in my country?

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    My battery is "plugged in, not charging" at 0% battery and will shut down with no warning. What do I do to fix this? I ran a diagnostic and everything passed, except for the battery which obviously failed and then got this code:  M7H3KW-7T797V-MFPWLK-C0C013? With no explanation as to what that means.  I'm thinking I may need a new battery but not sure how to proceed? 

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    I have windows 10 pro pre-installed in my hp pavilion 15-cc102tx but it is not being activated.

    I was told that it would be activted as soon as I connect to the internet. But ot has already been days but the windows is not still activated.


    I can provide answersto any queries or informations about my laptop for the better solution of this problem.


    Help as soon as possible would be really appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    Help get my administrator password for my dv7 hp pavilion

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  • 09/10/18--21:44: HP Client Security issue
  • I was unable to enter the correct 'Windows password' to access HP Client Security Manager settings.

    I eventually uninstalled HP Sure Run, HP Device Access Manager and then HP Client Security Manager, in that order, restarting as required.

    I then re-installed HP Client Security Mgr, and then HP Device Access Mgr. I setup my fingerprints, my multiple passwords, etc. and I could log into HP Client Sec Mgr fine.

    Then I reinstalled HP Sure Run. I rebooted. Now it's doing it again - it won't accept my Windows password to login to the settings page, and it's forgotten my security questions and my fingerprints...

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    Hello. Is the ProductConfig a crucial process for basic computer use? I only surf the web, use microsoft office and play a couple games. Can I safely delete this from my laptop? It is constantly using 25-35% of my CPU. What does it actually do?

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  • 09/11/18--01:20: webcam not taking videos
  • got  error   video capture file creation failed  0x8000040005  yesterday I got chance to click on solution and it fixed problem but again it is happening, and hp arent offering immediate solutu=ion


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    My Screensaver Slideshow worked fine until sometime after the first part of the year.  Everything I have found that I thought might help me fix it has links which no longer work.  The only way I can break out of it is Ctrl Alt Del or the power button.

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    I have an HP Envy x360 Convertible 15-bq1xx laptop that keeps freezing when watching youtube and playing video games.
    Also when watching youtube videos, some times the whole screen goes black and sound stops, before 2 seoucnds later where it carrys on with the video about 1 secound before the laptop blacked out.

    Also when watching youtube or when playing games, it can freeze for a few secounds before returning to normal.

    This is a brand new laptop thats just over a month old with all drivers and software up to date.

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    been experiencing a few battery issues on my hp envy 13 ad061na...


    -after charging the batteyr for two hours the battery report shows apparently I've charged the laptop to 102%

    -also the battery will always jump from 100% to 92% when I only use it for less than 5 minutes

    -I've also ran the HP battery test and it shows that I've only gone through 4 cycles but my total battery capacity is 97% and the battery is 300 days old?


    can someone help me as I really do think this battery has issues clearly as I've tried everything on the internet.



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    When I bought my HP Stream I already had a recurring subscription through Apple to Microsoft Office. When I went to redeem my free year long subscription that I got with my laptop, I was told that I had to cancel my existing subscription. I did this, but it told me that I would have to wait until the subscription date ran out to redeem it. This, again, I have done.


    I have been continuing to use word, (which is for some reason still working fine although apparently my subscription ran out a few weeks ago?) but I want to start my year free trial and I can't work out how to redeem it, since all the documentation assumes that you simply activate it at set-up. I'm a writer so Word is pretty much the only thing I actually *need* on my laptop. Would appreciate any help!

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  • 09/11/18--10:48: Max Temperature of my Laptop
  • Hey all,


    I am wondering about the safe working tempreatures of my laptop


    It is 4gb ram

    uses Intel® Core™ i3-5005U with Intel HD Graphics 5500 (2 GHz, 3 MB cache, 2 cores)



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    A week or two befor i purchased HP Pav x360 Convert 14-cd0077TU from my local shop. and two or three days later i applied for HP Back to Campus Offerit include

    Offer selected by you,

               Amount in Rs.

    Additional 2 years Onsite Warranty + 1 year of Mcafee Internet Security + 1 year of Accidental Damage protection + 1 year Burglary & Theft Insurance for Notebook + Unistal Software worth rs. 5000 + B&O Speaker 


    Net Payable Amount as processing & handling charges is INR


    i did the payment.soon i recieved the payment aprroval mail from the website. but now i didnt recieve any message regarding the speakers arrival or anything else.

    also at the websites enquirey table it asks me a redemption code but i dont know where to get it.

    Order Information

    Merchant Website :

    Date : 2018-09-09 19:27:56


    Merchant Reference Number : [edit]


    Payment Mode : VISA Debit Card

    Amount : 3498.00


    Customer Name : Lakhan Pawar

    Customer Email : [EDIT]


    Status : SUCCESS

     Screenshot_2018-09-12 Solution.pnghope u will help.....

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    I have recently gotten a new laptop, HP ProBook 450G5, with windows 10 Pro.

    It had a preinstalled program called HP Software Setup. In it, there is an option to install "Hardware Enabling Drivers" and "Recommended Software Applications". The second option works fine, I installed everything and restarted the computer and when I go back, it says "installed" next to every option. Now when i go to install the Hardware Enabling Drivers, the installation takes quite some time, then after it finishes it restarts my computer and when I check back, it doesn't say installed. I did this a few times and every time i get the same result. Also, my fingerprint scanner doesn't work, I think those issues might be connected somehow.

    Also maybe relevant: the laptop has a hard drive and a SSD, which was uninitialised. So Windows installed on the hard drive. The first thing I then did is i moved the windows installation to the SSD and set it in BIOS to be the boot drive.

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    My hp Pavilion x360 is having issues with the battery. When it's plugged in, it never says charging, only the time until full charge. But it never gets to a full charge anymore. There's never a lightning bolt in the battery icon anymore either. Right now it says 89% plugged in, not charging and it's said that for the past 1/2 hour. When I do use it unplugged, the charge seems to last though. Is there something wrong with my battery or is it the laptop itself? My battery is not removable. Thanks for any info.

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    Убил битый час времени на вашем суперкрутом сайте для того чтобы найти обновленный биос на ноутбук 

    HP ENVY 6-1252sr, расстрою вас,ребята,качество поиска нужного ПО да и вообще быстрой связи с техподдержкой,не просто хромает,а находится ниже нуля.

    Крайне расстроен что обновить биос у ваших ноутбуков раз в десять сложнее чем у ASUS или DELL или ACER

    Сайт и техподдержка примерно на том же уровне.Чтобы написать письмо в техподдержку,пересылает на англоязычные странички,русской онлайн техподдержки нет,я так понимаю?

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