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    Purchased my laptop a month ago and these are the list of issues I am facing since last month:

    When I play games, sometimes, windows key gets stuck, because of this, whichever key I press windows think that it is pressed with windows key. Searched a almost all the sites and non of them have a definitive answer. This problem occurs weather I play with my external keyboard or not. Also my drivers are up to date.
    100\% Disk usage: When I boot up my laptop, and then try to open task manager (yes, TRY), Disk usage is always 100%. Disabled Superfetch, but that also didn't fixed my problem. after like 10-15 minutes, disk usage begins to come down and then stays at 1-10%
    3. Slow boot up: As I mentioned earlier, my laptop is new , I have to do a number of crucial updates for the first few weeks, (just updated to 1803 a couple of days back), but because of that also, it didn't solved my problem. when I press my power button, hp logo comes, and then there is a black screen for a almost 2 minutes, then eventually log in screen comes, I enter my pin, and then my desktop shows with all the icons in white, and then finally all the icons come in their real shape. This happens to me almost everyday, and according to me this happens because of 100% disk usage.

    Anti-malware service executable: In task manger, this process shows up almost everyday and is one of the reasons of 100% disk usage. This along with process called "system".
    And finally the last problem (up till now) is that when I play games, it lags terribly on battery but not when plugged in.
    Again, my laptop is new, all the drivers are updated, updated to windows 1803 a couple of days back.

    I have searched endless web pages, spent countless hours on them, all this for searching a definitive answer to all these problems. I will appreciate all the helps I can receive from here.

    Ignore any typos, if any :-)


    i5-7200U 2.5GHz

    8GB RAM, 64 bit operating system

    NVIDIA 940mx

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  • 09/12/18--06:35: HP Pavilion Problems
  • Had the ACER Aspire 15 for a year. After four laptops with bad hinges, Amazon finally accepted a flat out return.

    I purchased this at Newegg: HP Laptop Pavilion 15-cc611ds

    Terrific laptop but with two issues: Backlit keyboard is either on or off. Is there a way to get it to turn off after a certain time of no typing like Acer did?

    Fan is noisy. I may return it and look for something else - fanless.

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  • 09/12/18--06:52: Unable to activate MS Office
  • Hey


    I need to use MS Word for a project and it asks me to activate My Office and log in to my Microsoft account. But when i do it asks me to pay for Office 365 but when i bought my laptop it had MS Office as one of its preintsalled specs. What do i do about this situation? I'll attach the link where i bought the laptop so you can see the specs for yourself and let me know if I'm misunderstang it or something is wrong with my laptop.

    Help asap!




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  • 09/12/18--09:28: Omen Comand Center (Macros)
  • I can not configure macros
    In the command center, the macro button does not work, the screenshot is attachedCapture.PNG

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    My laptop doesn't work properly while playing the games.Although 4gb graphics card is present over there and it is best for gaming.But while playing the igi it will lack and show the hanging problem.Plz suggest me the best to solve these issues

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    I keep getting the message from user account control "This app has been blocked for your protection" when I try to access any settings or when try to open my new camera software. The message goes on to say that "An administrator has blocked you from access this app. For more information contact the administrator." I'm unable to use the computer for anything other than the Internet and am not able to save anything. On a regular basis everything disappears and goes back to factory settings. Also the User Account Control says please enter admin user name and password but I can't do it, the only option available is no.


    I am unable to take a screen short of the message.


    Please can you help me as I'm very disappointed.



    Thank you.

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    My computer has been having problems when being put to sleep mode in where after trying to come out of sleep mode the laptop just restarts. I had made a previous forum about it with no result until I started seeing in the Device Manager that the Intel Management Engine Interface had a triangle with an exclamation mark. After seeing other people having the same issue I have yet to find a solution as this might be the problem with my computer restarting and having more problems in booting. I have tried reinstalling BIOS, dowgrading, upgrading BIOS with no result. I have unistalled the IMEI and reinstalled with no change. I have tried installing different versions yet somehow I haven't been able to fix this problem. I've searched multiple forums but I see no effective solution to this problem. When I see the device status on properties it says: 

    This device cannot start. (Code 10)



    I'm not entirely sure, how it happened, or how I can fix it. I've tried updating the driver but it says it is up to date with the most recent. I've changed versions but still nothing. If anyone has a solution I'm all ears. 

    Like I mentioned, I already tried reinstalling the BIOS which erased a lot of my documents, and it did not fix the underlying problem.

    In the information as well it states: 

    Device PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_9CBA&SUBSYS_80DD103C&REV_03\3&11583659&2&B0 requires further installation.

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    My laptop got knocked over the other day, it landed on the charger port the charger cord cracked the laptop then stopped charging and died while plugged in I unplugged it took the battery out held down the power button for a minute then plugged it in and tried turning it on and nothing then I put the battery back in and tried again still nothing one small orangish light turned on and blinked but there is no indication of what the light means there is no icon near it to tell me what the light is for I don't know if it's the cord or something inside the laptop messed up 

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  • 09/12/18--14:47: windows 7 discs
  • Hello,

    I hope that you can help me, I have a 4yr old laptop wich came with windows 8 installed which I hate, so I have purchased a windows 7pro disc with product key, my question is can I install the win 7 pro onto a USB key? if so how would i be able to do it,  

    I dont want to lose all the info ie: drivers and software on my current drive, also in this laptop there is a part called IFE on the boot sector (I think that it is called that anyway), so formatting and trying to sort out that part of the HD is quite beyond me, So would your company be able to send me windows 7 pro disc/drivers for same, and also how can I get around keeping the Recovery D section on the hard drive? as this has all the parts of HP help/diagnostics and more.

    I hope that I have explained everything and it makes sense to someone there that has the knowledge and knowhow.

    Kindest Regards,



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  • 09/12/18--15:55: Intel HD Graphics
  • I have download all the Graphics drivers given in the HP support, but doesn't fit or work any drivers. Kindly gave me the link  or suggest me the perfect match to my lappy.


    Microsoft Basic Display Adapter

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    I just got this computer yesterday and got it all set up.  I'm a big user of Chrome.  But on this computer it is doing something that it didn't on my old one, Which was also an HP.


    When I have multiple tabs open and I move from one tab to the other, when I return to the previous tab it does something like a soft refresh and will bring back items that I had deleted on that tab.  When I do a hard refresh, the tab comes back to how it is supposed to be.  It is Chrome Build  69.0.3497.92 that I'm currently using.


    I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue, or knows why it is doing it, and ultimately how to stop it.


    Any help is appreciated.


    Thanks Much.

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    i want to use my touchscreen keyboard in desktop mode instead of the keyboard but dont know how to make it let me type without switching to tabletmode. i dont like the tablet mode but want to fold the keyboard behind the screen.please help thanks!

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  • 09/12/18--19:12: Hp mini 110
  • Hi Can you help me regarding about how to recover my password of hp mini 110 s/n [edit]. Thnx in advance.

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  • 09/12/18--19:27: hard drive crash
  • This will take an expert. I already went to a computer repair shop. My laptop was running only one program; a heart monitoring program that is on all the time. I saw the laptop slipping off the coffee table in slow motion but wasn't close enough to catch it before it dropped and landed on my sneakers. It was a soft landing and I was surprised that it didn't boot. It took a 24" fall last year and hit the tile damaging the cover and was fine. Maybe the drop was too short and too soft for SmartProtect to work. I ran diagnostics and got these results: Smart check passed, Short DST passed, Optimized DST check failed ID 6C7WXR-7G89-MFPV6K-61G03.  

    I am a novice but have learned a few things from previous computer problems. I whipped out my Hiren's boot disc but it couldn't find the disc. I took it to a friend that has done some computer repair and she took it out of my computer and put it in a hard drive enclosure and plugged it into her desktop. She ran EASE US and recovered 800 GB of raw data. The drive was 16 months old and had less than 300 GB of data on it when I last looked. Then the free program would only allow her to convert 2 (yes TWO) GB. She ran another program and at the end she could convert 6 GB at a time. That would take a week.

    I called the local computer repair shop and he said he could clone the drive for $60. He wanted my back up drive to clone it to. I have a WD 1 TB My book that had less than 300 TB on it from 10 years of hard drives. When I called he said he had done some test and mechanically the drive appeared fine. Then there was a big problem. He plugged My book back up external into his bench computer and plugged in (USB) the bad drive and his computer shut off. When he plugged in My book it had no files (10 years of data went poof) and he had to reload his operating system in his bench computer. 

    It will take a lot of time but I can back all but one drive that I don't have and a Kingston flash drive that I lost. 

    My question is should I buy a recovery program on the internet? Would that recover the files on my hard drive and translate them from raw data? If so what program would you recommend?  I had recovery disks that I purchased from but I didn't get them back when the new drive was put in last year and that computer shop went out of business. I think is gone. The disks were $17 and created a drive like it was out of the box. I can get free operating systems but prefer it like out of the box but not so much I will pay more than $25 for the restore disks. Do you know where I can get them for less? 

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    HP support assistant has recently started using a LOT of CPU and disk. This happens even when I'm only using the battery, so apart from tying up limited CPU resources, it drains the battery! There is no reason for it to be using so much CPU (especially in an automated way) Maybe if I ask it to scan the computer, this would be acceptable. I will be forced to uninstall if I do not find a solution!

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    I reinstalled Windows 7 32 bit on my CQ40 717TU and just yesterday I could see that Drivers for the laptop was available for download in the website:

    I didn't have time to download it yesterday but as I was going to download it today I found that suddenly the message from the page says "No software or drivers are available for this product with the selected operating system. Please make a different selection, or visit the product homepage. "


    Please help, I need the drivers.

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    I cannot find any drivers for my laptop. It has been upgraded to Windows 10 and since updating some keys do not work (so far I have noticed the Delete and Left arrow) but there may be others. I cannot find any drivers for this. I am using English US (New Zealand) Keyboard

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    Hello to all,


    Please help, I am stuck. First time not able to find solution among forum  replies and I am thinking of buying 2 litres of gasoline and burning the laptop :)


    I need to enable virtualization to be able to run Android Studio.


    Basic info:

    - Intel Core m5-6Y57 CPU

    - 8Gb RAM

    - Intel 515 GPU

    - Laptop supports VTx and VTd - it is shown in BIOS and I am able to select it

    - Hyper-V is disabled - both ways through Windows features and by running cmd code dism.exe /Online /Disable-Feature:Microsoft-Hyper-V (succesfull outcome)

    - Hyperthreading is disabled in BIOS as well and with cmd code - shows off

    - BIOS updated

    - Windows 10 official

    - I have a BIOS password

    - BIOS version N85 Ver. 01.32


    Issue: When none of the virtualization is selected (Speecy program) shows under Virtualization: Supported, Disabled BUT the wierd thing comes now - when I select either of the virtualizations in BIOS it shows NOT SUPPORTED! (**bleep**)


    Wierd things: I am able to instal from Android Studio the required Intel x86 Emulator Accelerator (HAXM installer) but not when I want to install it outside Android Studio even with the workaround patch...standard not supported message and hint for Hyper-V comes up.


    So, I have tried all the basic unplug/plug back things like reinstaling Android Studio, reinstaling HAXM, enabling and disabling Hyper-V,  choosing only one virtualization options, choosing both, w and w/o BIOS password, rolling back BIOS to previous version, running HP support assistant to check for errors,  updating Windows, uninstaling antivirus software, device guard not active, singing matra songs, lighting a candle in church, slatering a chiken (joking - Disclamer: no animals are hurt in the process :))...


    Please good people of Earth help me :)


    Pics attached.20180912_175440.jpg20180913_081653.jpg20180913_081941.jpghyper-v.PNG


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  • 09/13/18--02:41: OverClock CPU
  • HI


    I would like to know is it possible to overclock the cpu through bios 



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    It's not the first time I've chosen an HP product,and I've always been happy with the product.But this situation is killing my trust in your product. Killed an hour of time on your SuperCool website to find an updated BIOS on your laptop

    HP ENVY 6-1252sr,de you see a word on the BIOS?

    I have version F 21,

    On third-party resources you can download the F25 version.But what guarantee do I have that she won't ruin my laptop?

    Why do I have to use third-party sites to search for BIOS?

    HP support can't provide all the software you need on your website? I bought a laptop manufacturer HP in Ru,but you do not have Russian-language support, it is generally normal for a reputable manufacturer like you?
    Extremely upset that to update the BIOS of your laptop ten times harder than that of ASUS or DELL or ACER
    Waiting for the answer of the official representatives of HP,and rest on the fact that it is just an unfortunate misunderstanding

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