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Notebook Software and How To Questions topics

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    I have a hp pavilion 13 Notebook PC which came pre-installed with Windows 8 OS, which was later upgraded to Windows 10 home edition. I have been trying to install a Linux distros to dual boot with windows, but have not been able to do so because of the UEFI feature of the Notebook. I have tried installing different distros including live loading, which have all failed to load/install. I have posted the question on forums of various Linux distros and followed the ways suggested such as disabling fastboot, UDFI booting, but none of the suggested methods worked. I have googled the issue and followed all the diverse methods suggested on the net, all in vain. Now I am beginning to wonder whether it is the implicit policy of hp to lock the customer to one OS only. So as a last resort I am posting this on the hp forum. If this is the ostensible policy of hp, then I am totally disgusted with this company & vow never to buy any hp product ever. 

    Hope the hp people suggest an effective solution to this problem. In case any further information required as to the Notebook, pls ask & I’ll provide accordingly.

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    I received my Pavilion G6 a year or two ago from my brother to use for college (the same reason he bought this laptop). It's worked fairly well for a computer that's about 5+ years old. But recently (maybe a month or two ago) I noticed that the Previous, Pause/Play, and Next (f6, f7, and f8 respectively) media keys aren't working entirely like they should.

    What I mean by this is the keys still work, the laptop still detects that a key's been pressed (a dashed box would appear around the last button i pressed in Windows Media Player), but it won't do anything. However, if I press fn + f7, then it'll perform the same action as my f11 key, except it mutes Windows Media Player if it's current progam I'm using.


    While it's not a major loss to me, just a minor inconvenience, I would like to know if there are any solutions


    Also, please bare with me, I'm not super tech savy. And do let me know if there's any information that's still needed.


    Thanks in advance for any help!

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  • 12/06/18--11:44: Envy 17 multiple BSODs a day
  • Hey guys!

    So I've been having issues for the last few weeks with several Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) crashes a day, recently its been MEMORY_MANAGEMENT, ATTEMPTED_WRITE_TO_READONLY_MEMORY, IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, and BAD_POOL_HEADER. These ones have been pretty common but there have been others that I've since lost the dump files to from reinstalling Windows. Originally I was on Windows 8.1 x64, dealt with the crashing for a few weeks, and then decided to upgrade to Windows 10 x64 to see if that would fix the issue, however the issue seems to have persisted and I'm still crashing. This link here [link removed] has the minidumps for y'all to look at, I've tried looking at them and I can't make heads or tails of whats going on. Can anyone help me figure this out? Also potentially offtopic but I've noticed that the fan is sometimes spinning hard when the crashes happen, but I haven't been able to get a hold of canned air to try cleaning it.

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  • 12/06/18--11:09: NVMe Driver for windows 7
  • Hello all!

    I bought this laptop with ssd "liteon ca1-8d128-hp".
    I want to install window 7 on it, and I need NVMe drivers, where can I get them?


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    I have a brand new HP ZBook Studio G5 with product number 2ZC52EA, but it has been lagging since the beginning and videos on YouTube, for example, are also lagging for example. Even when I'm browsing on different browsers like Chrome and FireFox, the laptop is stuck and lags. He only works slowly. How can I solve this? It is seen as a Mobile Workstation, but how the laptop now behaves, you can no longer call it a Workstation.  The laptop lags with everything I try to do. Even Word or Powerpoint. Please help!

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    Hello Community,


    I have literally purchased the HP Spectre Folio 13-ak001na Convertible Lapt 4G LTE within the last two days and I have a problem where the startup menu won't open whilst in tablet mode. 


    Can someone please help me before I decide to return the laptop.





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    downloaded Linux on USB stick. Cant delete as it is "write-protected". Cannot Reformat-. What is the solution?

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    Hi my mousepad won’t move I’ve tried FN key and F5 key F7 F9 been into control panel device manager it still won’t work can anyone help help thanks

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  • 12/07/18--04:05: software and drivers
  • removable disk like pendrive is not opened my pc showing error access denied and drive is not accessible plz urjent solve my problem.

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  • 12/07/18--10:07: Organise repair
  • I spoke to one of your online customer support advisors about an issue with my laptop. It as sent to you for repair for a cracked screen in September of this year, however when I got it back, only half of the touch screen worked (when I sent it to you, despite the screen being cracked, all of the touch screen still worked).[personal information removed]

    You colleague said you would be able to  repair this problem for me (free of charge), however I have been out of the country for 2 months and he was unable to book a collection for the repair that far in advance.

    So, I would like to book for the laptop to be picked up. I cannot find any way to organise this. I have emailed and have got no reponse, and there is no phone number

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  • 12/07/18--13:08: connectivity
  • When i connect my android device (samsung galaxy j5) can't see it's demo on my Hp probook G4 only charging phone.
    Help me to get rid of this.

    thanks in advance.

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    How to connect Deskjet  All-in-One 2600 series printer to Chromebook.

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    Moved to Inkjet Printers for better response

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  • 12/08/18--07:26: How to download energy star
  • Hello, could you please tell me how to install enery star to 14-cf0012ur, there is no energy star driver avaliable on the support and drivers from other notebooks do not work correctly

    Thanks a lot

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    When I started this adventure, the laptop was originally running BIOS F.03 and Windows 8.1. I downloaded the most current BIOS (F.42rA) from HP. The downloaded file shows up as an EXE file. Running it puts a typical HP “SWSetup” folder on the drive with the appropriate bits inside. About a minute after running the downloaded EXE, the utility runs. I have the option of updating the BIOS so I do so. It goes through a “copying” motion then tells me I need to restart, along with a restart button. I click it and the computer restarts — way too quickly for a BIOS update to have been performed. I get to the desktop, shut down, and start up again to get into the BIOS, and sure enough it’s still on F.03.


    The updater utility (InsydeFlash.exe) also claims to have the ability to create a bootable USB drive to flash the BIOS of a corrupted machine. I ran through that process but the USB drive isn’t bootable; there’s just a couple of folders containing what are theoretically the BIOS update files.


    While trying to troubleshoot this I downloaded older versions of the BIOS updater, all with later versions of the BIOS than in my laptop. All of them behaved the same way. Out of increasing desperation I downloaded the F.02 updater, even though I knew it would be a downgrade from the F.03 I was already running. The F.02 updater ACTUALLY FLASHED the BIOS and I'm now running F.02. Sadly, however, HP doesn't even offer an F.03 for download so now I'm downgraded and STILL don't have a solution.


    I have tried resetting the BIOS to its default settings, clean-installing Windows 8.1, clean-installing Windows 10, replacing the hard drive, and replacing the memory. Nothing works. There is no other apparent way to update the BIOS. What’s the trick to getting this laptop to update its BIOS?


    Here is the "InsydeFlash.Log" file from the last time I ran the F.42rA updater:



    --- Log started: 2018/12/07 12:26:42
    Insyde Flash Utility Version 5.09 IHISI v2.1.1
    Log file: InsydeFlash.Log
    M-FD: AD0 Not match FFFFFFFF & FFFFFFFF != 40000005
    M-FD: FFFC0 Not match FFFFFFFF & 4D383855 != 20423855
    M-FD: AD0 Not match FFFFFFFF & FFFFFFFF != 5
    M-FD: FFFC0 Not match FFFFFFFF & 4D383855 != 20413855
    M-FD: Match!
    M-FD: FD filename 0233FF41.BIN
    M-FD: INI filename U88M_BTM.ini
    Settings file  : C:\SWSetup\sp88695\platform.ini (found)
    Executable     : C:\SWSetup\sp88695\InsydeFlash.exe
    OS Information : Microsoft Windows 8 - supported
    Preparation stage
    IHISI Version: 211
    Allow Version: 000, Dex: 0
    Current Version: F.02, Dex: 3842
    Current BIOS version is bigger than the version in ini [Others] AllowVersion.
    No device firmwareAllow Version: 000, Dex: 0
    Current Version: F.02, Dex: 3842
    Current BIOS version is bigger than the version in ini [Others] AllowVersion.
    No device firmware Environment Count: 1
     Check Package: 1
     Check BIOS sign: 1
    Bios Size: 0x00800000, SHA1 Sign Size: 0x00000000, SHA256 Sign Size: 0x00000100
     BIOS sign check result: 1
            Opening file C:\SWSetup\sp88695\0233FF41.BIN
    File decrypted.
    Reading 8388608  bytes from file starting at      0 ...
            BIOS image size: 8388608 (0x00800000)
        Error code: 3010(0x00000BC2)
    Cleanup Stage
        Stage Completed
    --- Log Stopped: 2018/12/07 12:32:24
        Error code: 3010(0x00000BC2)


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    I have a couple of question related to my HP G62-b58SS (Product number XU603EA#ABE).

    The thing ist that I am trying to configure my computer, so I can turn it on via WakeOnLan functionality.


    - I have checked my ethernet card and it does support WakeOnLan "Wake-on: g".

    - I checked the BIOS interface but did not find any WakeOnLan functionality.

    - At the moment my computer has the BIOS version F35. I saw on the HP website that the last BIOS version for my computer is F48. 

    Til now could not turn on my computer by using the magic packets: I used "powerwake [MAC]" on the terminal, but did not work.

    So, questions:

    • Does the BIOS of my computer support the Wake-On-Lan functionality? If so, depends on the version?
    • If an update of the version is needed, is it possible to update it having the Ubuntu OS (instead of Windows) running on my computer?
    • Is there any directory/website to check all the capabilities/description of a certain version of BIOS?


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    Having driver issues with my finger print scanner, and can't find the driver to reload.

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  • 12/08/18--12:27: Save files to cd/dcd
  • I can no longer save files from MS Word to drive E - my cd/DVD driver. I can save files from MS Excel but not MS Word. I've tried different discs but to no avail. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the driver but still not able to. What's up?

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