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Notebook Software and How To Questions topics

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    Sat sri akal, Jeet Singh.  I worked for many hours and many days with Microsoft, who sent me to HP. I need updated&compatible Keybd Drvr. Only have Win7 Drvr as preinstall, but have upgraded OS to 10.


    You asked for more details:

    1) What exactly seems to be an issue with the keyboard? *It does not type anything nor track pad*


    2) Have you checked if the external USB keyboard works? *I purchased a wireless external that works. But that does not matter. The computer is a laptop with a built in keyboard.  The built in keyboard does not work after I uninstalled malware. See below. Also, none of Microsoft's solutions worked, and they sent me to HP.*


    3) you don't need any keyboard drivers as it's a plug and play device. *Inaccurate. The built in keyboard for the laptop is not a plug and play.*


    4) If you wish, you can try to uninstall the keyboard drivers from device manager and then you can either click on Scan for Hardware changes or you can restart the notebook.

    This will automatically look for the drivers and install it. *Inaccurate.  I tried this with 9+ Microsoft Representatives. It never worked. The laptop's keyboard never resumed working. Even after paying for their advanced technology support and purchasing and upgrading to Windows 10. 


    >>>>>>>>>>>>>Below is the conversation I had with the 13th or so Microsoft Representative. He instructed me to go to your HP help center and ask you for the updated and compatible driver for HP Pavilion G7 Notebook PC since the driver is not visible on your website. 


    ***Microsoft Representative, Christian:***
    When I look on the driver of the keyboard, it is not available on the web, and the original OS of the HP Pavilion G7 is Windows 7 x64 only. It says on the Device manager to look on the website.


    Me: so this laptop isn't supposed to run Win 10?


    Christian: No, I mean, all HP Pavilion PC if Windows 7 Pre-installed OS, not Windows 10, but you can still upgrade the Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 and 10. 


    Me: That doesn't fully make sense casuse it was running win8.1 no issue. 


    Christian: The Driver on Device manager says, Code 24 which is : If you know the manufacturer of your device, you can visit their website and check the support Section for Drivers.. so I tried to look on HP support website for the driver and I found out that the OS that was supported by the driver is Windows 7, and no Windows 8.1 or 10, we can still use that, however, there is no Keyboard driver visible on their website. I updated the driver. Look at the Error message. If you know the manufacturer of your device, you can visit their website and check the support Section for Drivers... So I went on HP support website, and look for the HP Pavilion G7 Notebook PC. Cause that is the Brand and model of your device. If you see, it only provides us Windows 7 Driver , cause Windows 7 is preinstalled on this kind of Device, but you can still upgrade the OS to 10.  It will give us all the drivers that we can download and install on this PC once there is a problem with the Driver. 


    Christian: When we look on the Driver-Keyboard, mouse and input device, it only provide us Synaptic Touchpad Driver, and no Keyboard Driver. So meaning to say, that you need to contact HP and ask them the updated and compatible driver for HP Pavilion G7 Notebook PC since the driver is not visible on their website. Basically, there is no problem with the Operating system, only on the driver if this PC which is the built-in Keyboard; so earlier I said that we might consider this a hardware faulty driver. You can copy and paste our chat and provide them to HP Support.

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    I have recently updated my windows 8.1. the problems that i am facing now  are follows:

    1. Shutdown issue:when i try to shutdown my notebook, the display screen goes off but it appears as if the laptop is in sleep mode as i can still hear the fan and the light on the power button and wifi button is still on. [all updates for windows as well as hp drivers are up to the mark ]
    2. Sleep mode isue: when laptop is in sleep mode it simply does not wake up even after pessing the keys on keyboard.

    [note : i have already verified the HID keyboard properties from keyboard option in control panel and confirmred that under power management tab the option "ALLOW THIS DEVICE TO WAKE THE COMPTER " is already selected. still problem persists.


    kindly help me.


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    I just purchased - HP 15q-ds0016TU in India which comes with Free DOS.


    Now when i try to install drivers, it is not detecting any USB drive nor I am getting default drivers from hp website. 


    HP website says only Win10 drivers are supported.


    Can someone shed some light on the same.


    Let me know if supporting drivers of laptop with the same hardware is available ?

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  • 12/26/18--01:29: RELATED TO ANTIVIRUS

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    So, it's been two years since I purchased this laptop. The graphics driver for my system seems to have stopped working. I am sticking with a specific version 17.2.1 to be able to use this system. I simply cannot update the driver even though they are available for my system. The drivers provided by the HP on the site are way too old. 

    Please help. 

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    Where i can find my product key ? or how i can get it?

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    Good morning,

    I just bought pavilion 15-cx0063nu laptop.

    I have a couple of question, so thanks in advance.

    1. Is there some battery utility for HP, managing the charging of the batteries? For example my old laptop Toshiba had such program (eco utility) so when the laptop is pluged in battery is charged only to 80% and stay at this level to save the battery life. My habit is to keep the laptop always pluged in and never sheck the percentage of the battery.

    2. Is there a way to understand if NUM Lock is turned on/off. For example CapsLock has light indicator. Many passwords I use include numbers and I am confused if NUMLock is turned off or on.

    3.Is there a way to manage the keyboard light? I mean there is a key for the light, but can I set it for example if not used for 10 seconds to turn off automatically and when press a key to turn on again?

    4. On my desctop showed up a folder with my name (downloads, documents, pics.....etc.). The folder This PC>Users> have two folders: HP and Public. I tried with one file and apparantly the folder My name on the desktop and HP are same, but HP is not my name. Can I change it to my name what is exactly the other folder with my name on the desctop?

    Thanks a lot in advance!

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  • 12/26/18--06:49: DV&T-6c00CTO Bios Update
  • How to Update BIOS on DV7T Laptop

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    I was uninstalling an HP printer and forgot that my laptop was also HP. So, I deleted many files using a program to delete. So, I deleted HP Support Assistant. I have tried to reinstall using the HP support detect my computer option but when I do, it says that I have a newer version installed. I don't have it installed but I think maybe there are remnants or a device driver missing.Does anyone have an idea of what to do. Thank you in advance

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    I bought this laptop 71 days ago and used it one day. I then boxed it back up and gave it to my son for Christmas after resetting it.  When he booted up and finished getting logged in, he couldn't get it to do anything.  When I boot it up, I get the past the password screen and then an error message that the desktop file is unavailable.  I tried calling HP support but keep being told that my software warranty is expired and by my count it is not.  Trying to figure out what 




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    Just received an HP Notebook/laptop. Installed by HP: Windows Defender. 

    It also has, apparently, McAfee Live Safe (without web protection) and McAfee Safe Connect trial version installed.

    McAfee keeps popping up asking me to  install McAfee WebAdvisor software and to "Upgarde" to premium (YES, TYPO INCLUDED)

    Isn't Windows Defender enough?

    Thanks for advice.

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    Good afternoon. I had to re-install Windows 10,(I absolutely hate Microsoft), and it's been a complete nightmare. The problem is, I cannot seem to re-install HP orbit, and I really want to re-install that program on my laptop. I have hundreds of photos that are very important to me to keep and I need help with getting Orbit re-installed. I tried clicking on the link from other responses on this thread, but they do not work, (getting error messages and such). Please help. Really, really important to me to get this program back on my laptop. Thank you.

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  • 12/26/18--11:04: Boot Sequence for USB
  • Dear Friends, Hoping and praying ALL is well.

    I've been trying to boot into Linux Xenialpup 7.5 using a perfectly good USB version that was working fine. 
    Today after about 2 weeks of not using  Xenial when I tried to boot into it I get a message *BOOT ERROR*
    Never seen this before using Xenila or Tahrpup 6.0.5.

    It will boot into Tahrup but it takes a round about number of steps that it never required before. It's usually only taken setting up the boot sequence making the USB first  in the order.,etc... Then Saving and exit I believe it's F10 at that point.


    What is the EXACT method of SETTING the Boot Sequence for this computer HP Pavillion dv7-3085dx? So, that it will NOT change unless I decide to change it?

    Any help or suggestions highly appreciated... 

    Thank You,

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  • 12/26/18--12:30: num lock indicator
  • There is no num lock light displayed when num lock is engaged.  This is an awkward nuisance.  Any solutions?

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  • 12/26/18--13:38: Screen rotation
  • How do i get the auto-rotate feature to work on my Envy X360? 

    The main selling feature of this laptop is that you can rotate the screen round from normal laptop format to make it into a tablet, and at the moment, it wont do that. instead, it flips round and doesnt turn off the keyboard or trackpad, meaning that while i use it in tablet mode, i have to manually change it into this format, it also doesnt turn off the keyboard, so i end up typing when i really didnt want it to. 


    If anyone wishes to help with this problem or tell me how i can get my laptop sent in for repair, i would really appreciate it (its still under warranty, so getting a replacement or new laptop would be a possible and appealing option if i knew how on earth i could do that...)


    much appreciated, 

    Joe Cook

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  • 12/26/18--14:08: keyboard stopped working
  • the keyboard stopped working for no reason and when i use the windowos inside keyboard and press caps lock it light up in my keyboard so it's a spftwere problem please help me it's been 2 weeks and i still didn't get a soultion 

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    the touch pad isn't working and clicking the upper left corner  of the pad isn't responding. I'm forced to use an external mouse, but I'm traveling and don't have it with me.


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    Purchased a used 8460p notebook, and I have found the drivers here:



    I'd like to know 3 things:

    1.  Which are the most recommended of the software utilities available to install? (I see there are numerous available software utilities, some of which I would probably like-any recommendations appreciated-ex. QuickWeb/Pocket Whiteboard, and including security such as fingerprint reader etc.)

    2.  What is the best way to determine which of the driver softwares I will need to install?

    3.  Should I update BIOS and firmware?


    Thankyou very much.  Read good things about the 8460, and I am looking forward to having some fun :)


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    I want to upgrade my MS Office 2016 professional plus to MS Office 2019. I have read several guides on Quora and other websites but didn't found any solution for installing the office MS 2019. 


    There is no correct guide on activating the Office for a lifetime. However, I found a blog guide to install the home-basic package, here is the link of the same install MS Office 2019 . 


    Could you please help me out by sharing any links to activate MS Office 2019 for lifetime.

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