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Notebook Software and How To Questions topics

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  • 09/14/18--12:36: bluetooth has never worked
  • I want to purchase wireless headphones to use with my laptop. They all seem to need bluetooth. Apparently my bluetooth has never worked on my laptop, not even new, out of the box.

    What do i do to get it working?

    See attachment for areas i suppose I need help with.

    Thanks for your time, appreciate it.bluetooth.PNG

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    So my laptop was working fine then out of the blue its decided that system board 00a has an errror that the CT number is invalid.


    i have the CT number and all other product details. does anyone know how i can input this and get my laptop working again as this issue is affecting my laptops functionality. specifically the recognising that the AC is plugged in.


    cheers and thank you



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  • 09/16/18--07:18: Reinstall Windows 7 pro
  • I want to find the official website from where I could download the licensed Windows 7. I have a license on the sticker on the back of the computer. Previously, there was such an operating system, and I want to reinstall
    my computer - HP EliteBook 2540p

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    I too have this exact problem.  I have had the computer since December and it has never ever been quick. Never.  My last computer was MUCH faster than this.  I have looked at the Performance and nothing seems to point to slow performance.  My only guess is  that the drive is too big (2 Tb) and this causes slow performance.  


    I have not been happy with the computer since I got it and I have been a long time HP customer.  I don't think so after this.  It takes about 5 minutes to completely boot up, which is nuts.


    At least I know I am not alone, and suspect that HP really messed up this computer and we are all stuck with the problems.  

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    Yesterday when I was redy to shut down my laptop the system said it was going to update the BIOS and after that I could not log in with my password I had set up when I purchased the machine.   The model is 14-bw012rx, notebook, 1Ku9ouA#ABA, [edit]  Thanks, Doug45661.  I also had a pin setup but it asks me for Windows 10 password.

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  • 09/16/18--11:08: HP 550 Drivers for Windows 7
  • Hi i need Windows 7 32bit/64 bit drivers for HP 550 send download link.

    my notebook's product number 

    p/n: FU413EA#AKB


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  • 09/16/18--11:35: help me plz


    Product Name :15-ay039wm 

    i need  windows 10 64bit  Original Equipment Manufacturer    




    Download link pllz 



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  • 09/16/18--13:34: Software uninstall
  • I have a HPstream14 ax067nr


    This computer is not under warranty. It is an experiment. No more, no less. However, I don't want to thrash it needlessly.


    Is it ok to uninstall the following:


    HP Wireless Button Driver. There isn't a "Wireless button" on the computer.


    HP Audio switch.


    If I don't NEED them, I want to REMOVE them.

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    Hi guys, I tried to fix this issue. Now I need your help.
    I always used action keys mode ENABLED (don't need Fn to use vol+, vol-, bright+, bright- and so on).
    Since 2 days ago these keys are reversed so I must use Fn key. I tried from BIOS to switch to DISABLED and back to ENABLED but it didn't work. I installed last drivers. Nothing. I tried to restore data factory, I tried also with old drivers or with a USB installation. Nothing.
    This problem began when I restored data factory two days ago. Maybe It's a bug inside the new upgrade? Help me please.

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    I have met a following problem with my four years old Zbook 15 laptop:

    It doesn´t start up with battery and I have managed to get it started without battery and in charger only couple of times.

    Led "Charging" is lid when in charger

    Whenhappens when I try to start it up:

    Charging-led goes off

    Power/on -led goes lid

    Connections-led goes yellow

    After few seconds both Power/on and connections leds goes off and Charging led goes on.

    What is this led-blinking indicating?


    I have managed to get the computer on few times with battery and then it shows that battery is on but not charging.

    I have tried to uninstall battery programs from the system management but no luck


    HP checking program has been tried and it shows that battery is ok. Could it still be that the battery is bad? It is already four years old anyhow.


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    I'm writing in tablet mode in french, english and korean but the korean words don't write. I added the korean language and when i'm not in tablet mode it recognize it, but only in tablet mode, the words doesn't write. They appear on the screen when i write them but when i press "space" they disappear... Please help me, as a french product, the keyboard is in french and when i'm on tablet mode, as the keyboard is in korean right away it's easier to remember which letter is where...


    thank in advance

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    A few days ago I clicked on update and shut down while logging off my laptop. The following day in booting up it kept giving me a blue box asking me to select privacy settings and on pressing okay, it would say, ‘something went wrong.’ Everything is running in the background but I just can’t see it because of the blue box. So I tried booting up on safe mode as advised then removing the last update but the **bleep** thing wouldn’t uninstall. I then tried system repairs and system restore to no avail. Finally on trying automatic repair again, it started asking me for administrator password. I never input any password as the administrator at any point. I don’t know what to do now as my laptop has become completely useless. It won’t even boot up on safe mode anymore. Please help.

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    Pavilion BIOS F.05 (sp91798) will not install on Pavilion15-cs0073cl


    HP Support Assistant shows update available.  When downloaded and installed, the option to install is grayed out and says "This BIOS update is not compatible with this device."   I'm currently running F.04  and experiencing lockups so would like to update BIOS to see if this resolves the issue.  Your support website even shows it compatible with my device.


    How do I get F.05 installed on my laptop?


    see photos below






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    I just installed Windows 7 (64-bit) on my Pavilion 15-e076nr. I got everything to work but the 2 USB 3.0 ports. Device Manager shows that there's no drivers installed for them and  Windows can't find any drivers for them.

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    When I start my laptop nothing at all will open apart from my documents. It won’t open the internet or anything. When I click on the start menu it brings up a message saying “critical error”. I have restarted my laptop many times and I have run a scan but nothing is working.

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    After install Win10 and all the needed drivers with HP Support Assistant is it onyl the Volume working with the Fn-Keys.

    Brightness etc doesn't work anymore.


    Microsoft Edge Browser is disabled!


    thanks for help



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    I keep hearing a sound in my computer, I assume its the fan but theres no vents at the bottom of the laptop and it keeps getting really hot, so i would like to know if my laptop has a fan


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    So, I cannot install the latest version of AMD'S driver for my graphic card in the laptop. I tried clean install but that didn't work either. All I could do is to stick with the 17.2.1 version because that is the latest one which is working in my laptop. One more upgrade and it would stop working. Please help. 


    I already updated my BIOS and all the other basic suggestion there are on the internet have been performed already. 

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    I have the HP envy x360 covertible. I tried to enable facial recognition but it does not even give me the option for it. I tried installing/updating the RealSense Depth Camera but it did not fix it. I thought when I purchased this laptop that it was compatible with facial recognition.



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  • 09/17/18--19:41: HP omen key does nothing
  • Hi. I bought HP omen 15 (2018) and the omen key does nothing.


    I think this is possibly because I bought an open box from Micro Center and they did not factory reset it correctly, as when I booted the computer the Window was initialized, but only one HP software (omen audio) was on it.


    I managed to install various software through HP assistant and the Omen control center from Win store. I think I got drivers settled, but still the omen key does nothing. I don't even know what it is supposed to do. Does it bring up Control Center?


    If there is a way to properly reset it to HP factory condition let me know. Otherwise just tell me how to get something mapped to the omen key. I would like it to be Home key if possible (It seems Fn+Omen works as Home now)

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