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Notebook Software and How To Questions topics

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    I downloaded this but when i went to install it said it was blocked for my protection. what do i do to change this?

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    My laptop worked seamlessly lastnight...

    Opened it today to find the internet symbol missing from lower right taskbar, audio has a red circle with an x and won't enable.

    The windows start button is not clickable, and the search bar wont allow me to type anything into it.

    I have tried a few fixes including SFC/scannow as admin , which i get an error message -windows resource protection could not start the repair service.

    I have reset my laptop multiple times


    Reset the windows explorer process in task manager


    a few other things as well , I am now losing track, hopefully someone has some insight, otherwise i will reinstall windows... or throw this laptop away, who has time to deal with all these constant windows issues.

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    My laptop is keep getting a bluescreen of kernel security check failure and it is bothering me SO MUCH. I even deleted everything from the harddrive .. and it is not thinking to stop showing a bluescreen. Can somebody help me ?

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    Have gone round in circles with HP SUPPORT ... THE LID ON MY HP Pavilion 15 Notebook is jammed. How do I release the lid and deploy the feet?


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    I have problems with the image in the HP Support Assistant program on my laptop. But I couldn't find the solution anywhere. This error was a system analysis error. Due to this issue, I cannot update any of my versions.Note: I used to use a program called Drivermax. Can I use this program if I cannot solve this problem? IMG_20181019_212946.png


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  • 11/18/18--10:49: Plugged in, not charging
  • The battery icon on my HP Omen gaming laptop says that it's 'plugged in, not charging' when it is plugged in to an outlet and should be charging. I checked the cord, outlet, and port, and nothing seemed unusual. I looked up tutorials on the internet, and these worked temporarily. 8ish hours later the same problem happened again. Today, I ran the HP Support Assistant application and did the Battery Check, which said my battery was OK. The problem stopped after that. It has not resurfaced again so far, but I am worried it might. I was wondering if anyone had/has any permanent solutions or directions on what to do with this problem? My Omen laptop is around 1 month old and came in OK condition - nothing was wrong with it except for a few dead pixels on the right side of the screen. I have been taking care of it. Product Number = 2XP17AV.



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    HP Spectre UCB-C Travel Docking Station quit working with HP Spectre x360

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    I bought a laptop in Petersburg (Russia), in the computer store.

    1. How can I make sure that this laptop has not been sold before and returned under warranty due to its malfunction?

    2. How can I make sure that this laptop did not go online before I bought it?When I buy an Apple laptop, it can be checked instantly by simply entering the laptop number on the web page.

    3. How can I make sure that the components inside the laptop have not been replaced, with defective ones, in the service center of the trading organization?

     The fact is that my laptop has a back cover with 10 screws, which can be easily removed, and there are no factory seals on the screws.

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  • 11/18/18--14:42: Driver problem
  • Hello, I have a problem with the non-paged pool. Its size can reach 2GB, while the RAM on my laptop is 6GB. With the help of the program poolmon.exe I found out that a huge amount of memory takes AfdB. Using the command line, I entered the findstr command, which pointed to the afd file.sys in the system32/drivers folder. How can I fix the memory consumption of this file?

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    Had to do Win 10 x64 clean install, 2 devices came up Unknown Device.

    Device#1 Port_#0001.Hub.#0003

    Code 2

    Device USB\Vid_138A&Pid_003c\&Rev_0086


    Device#2 PCI Express Root


    De vice ACPI\HPQ0004\3fb 1bfb68&0

    Hdw Id 



    Primary Issue is accsess to Resource files at HP (etc) and Microsoft without spending 2 weeks searching through MS Support. Thank for your time and assistance

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    My Mute LED Light and Backlit keyboard light is not working.


    Any tips on this?

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    Hello everyone !

    I am not sure what to do.... I have a issue with the Start menu not working so I downloaded the windows 10 start menu troubleshooter..... And this is what its telling me..."Microsoft.Windows.Shell.experienceehost" and "Microsof.Windows.Cortana" applications need to be installed correctly. The data base is corrupted.. Not fixed...

    Then goes on to say current user needs permission to access the following registry keys..

    HKCU:\Software\Microsoft\Windows/Current Version\DeviceAcces\global

    I looked around and of course I can't uninstall these programs so any experience or direction to go ? 

    Thanks in advanced for at least reading my post and giving your time and thoughts on the matter.

    Doug 30


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    Can I/how do I dedicate more video memory to my hp probook laptop? 

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  • 11/19/18--00:17: sd card reader
  • sd card reader does not work. I can not see any sd card reader driver also. anyone help me please!

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  • 11/19/18--04:11: Battery not charging
  • My battery is not charging.

    When I hover over the icon the message is "0% available (plugged in not charging)".

    This happened some time ago after a Windows 10 update so I think it may be a software proble, but it may just be coincidental.

    I would like to rule out a possible software problem before buying a new battery, (which may not solve the problem).

    Any suggestions would be welcome.

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  • 11/19/18--04:56: How to get Visual bios

    001-hp-bios.jpgIMG_20140623_095605 (800x449).jpg


    I'm using hp pavillion 14-n245tx laptop. My friend use other model of hp laptop (older than mine) but his laptop BIOS have kind of visual interface where he can use both mouse and keyboard while mine one says insydeH20 setup utility rev 3.7. So I've updated the bios but still it remaind the same like old texty screen whatsoever. Can I really have those feature or I'll have to stick with this one? If yes then how to upgrade?

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  • 11/19/18--05:48: Client Security Manager
  • Hello!


    I have installed HP Client Security Manager. Not so long ago, she stopped working normally, namely fingerprint. In the program itself, I can register fingerprints, but the program does not recognize them. "These credentials are not registered"

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    no errors   but no respons printer

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  • 11/19/18--08:18: Reinstalling Beats Audio
  • At some point (I have no idea when) BEATS AUDIO uninstalled or deleted itself from my laptop.  I suspect this may have been after installing a Windows 10 update, but I have no way of knowing that. I do know that I never uninstalled or deleted this software.


    What I need to know is how I go about reinstalling BEATS AUDIO on my laptop?

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