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Notebook Software and How To Questions topics

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  • 11/28/18--15:33: connecting chromebook to tv
  • How do I connect my chromebook to my tv. I have connected the adapter

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    i just update some software in hp assistant , and if im not mistaken they required to update boot and some operation

    before i updated the new version , everything is good, after updated , i loose my omen centre performance tabs , backlit settings tab, and network booster tabs. i dont know how to fix it , i cant adjust my backlit , i already try some method to fix it on this forum but still not solved.

    i only have game stream tabs , im using Omen By HP 15 2018 DC-0093tx

    pls help me


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  • 11/28/18--23:43: Rotation sensor problems
  • Hi there. Well, like the title said I have problems with the rotation sensor. I mean my computer used to have a function which turns into tablet mode automatically and also it also change the rotation of m screen according to the orientation of my laptop. However. since July all this has stopped working. Even the option to activate the "automatically rotation" disappeared. Thanks for helping me. 


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    Yesterday my laptop battery was running low so I charge it overnight for the first time.Then the next day,I use it as usual,but the charging light blinks 8 and a half time every time when I plugged in the charging cable and it won't charge it.So now my laptop battery is very low.What can I do to solve this problem?

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    When I press a button in my clickpad, it's stucks in drag mode. I can't release it. It selects everything and occasionaly presses right click multiple times. Using mouse doesn't help. It fixes only when I turn my laptop into a sleep mode.

    I found out it's a software issue. I tried to install standard PS/2 driver and it worked fine, but without gestures like 2 finger scroll. But when I use synaptics driver, this issue happens.

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    How do i clear a validation printer failed error on my computer for my printer?

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    I have a sony handycam HDR CX405. I connected it to my laptop hdmi port, but it seems this is only an output port. How can I connect my camcorder with an hdmi cable to my laptop to stream video? Thanks!

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    I have had my laptop for almost 4 years and it just started giving me issues. It says that is imminent hard drive failure, it been very slow and unresponsive. I have important 3D modeling prodgrams that I need for school, so if there is a way of fixing the issue without loosing them it would be nice. But if not its not the end of the world, i really just need my laptop to working as it should.


    I have the failure ID if necessary. Just need to know what to do to fix my laptop, thank you

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    The product page only has 64 bit. I need 32 bit. Atleast fro the USB controller

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  • 11/29/18--11:29: HP Laptop Start Up Issues
  • I have been having issues with my HP since this morning. Note, this laptop has now become my lifeline because I have been using it for a job search since I will end up homeless next month if I do not succeed in my job search. 


    Now to the issues: 

    Upon logging in, it was running slow. It stood on a black blank screen before taking me into log in. 


    I put my password in, log in and despite password being correct , it takes a little while to log in. But it eventually logs in. 


    Everything starts up and appears normal. I scroll to the bottom of the task bar to open it and the task bar will not come up despite scrolling across it. Instead, there’s a blue circle loading. It’s not letting me open folders on my desktop and my browser is on the tool bar. 🤦🏻‍♀️ 


    I hard reset twice with no luck. Upon opening the Task Manager, it will take awhile to open and it will state that it’s unresponsive. I was able to get in however closing the app I was told made no difference either. I’m beyond frustrated to the point of crying since this laptop is my lifeline. I’m exhausting all options. The reason I haven’t had it fixed by a Tech is because I currently don’t have a job so money is tight.


    Im willing to follow any steps to see if it could possibly work. 

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    My HP ENVY - 17t-s100 CTO -- laptop came with the Power Director 14 installed that is a more recent version, much later than version 11, which I use regularly at work.


    Problem –

    I have downloaded the latest update off your site a few months ago.

    This version 14 does not have the basic features such as the video speed adjustment feature which the 11 does have. None of the “Power Director “ help or help topics work. They won’t open in Adobe reader, despite having it installed on the computer.

    Could you please update this version to the version 14 that has all the basic features it should have?

    Many thanks for all your assistance.

    Muir Glassford

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    how do i change my HDMI settings on my laptop its showing my homescreen ONLY im teaching a class soon i need help!!!! it show on powerpiont but i go onto the web and it turns off or stays on my homescreen. 

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    I've seen this issue across searches and hp support. I purchased my laptop just this morning brand new.. I went through the prompts to setup my computer and before I could even start downloading my normal apps and preferences I noticed the unit was lagging / freezing.


    To be more specific... browsing in Edge... the cursor froze on multiple places and wouldn't respond for a few seconds.. up to 30 seconds at times.. One example was clicking on browser URL to type a website.. the computer showed a cursor then was non-responsive. I couldn't change screens or do anything until it wanted to respond.


    When I finally got to downloading Microsoft Office and another [safe] application both instances froze and were not moving in progress for nearly 5 minutes despite no other memory demands and 16gb of RAM. I tried to use ctrl+alt+del to view memory usage but that feature is no longer there. I tried to search in cortana for memory usage.. and it will show me allocated and available memory but no clear way to view real-time demand or performance.


    I've also noticed a few "glitches" during installation .... Or that when I'm switching to tablet mode etc or the system logs out from closing...  it seems to close out my currently running programs or downloads and I have to reinitiate or start over.

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    As inexplicable as it may be, I am unable to find any documentation on how to actually set up and use the Smart Card Reader that came installed on my HP laptop. Can anyone point me in the right direction? 

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  • 11/29/18--20:24: Add RAM
  • I want to add RAM in my laptop. What can I do?


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    I'm working on a friends kids hp stream and the bios are locked with a power on password I've tried the website and the passwords dont work the system disable code is 97439356 

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  • 11/29/18--21:32: Lost activation card
  • I lost the activation card for office 365 

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    im trying to do my MUST safety modules and it says to use flash player version 8 or greater and cant figure it out for the life of me

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    Purchased my laptop a month ago and these are the list of issues I am facing since last month:

    When I play games, sometimes, windows key gets stuck, because of this, whichever key I press windows think that it is pressed with windows key. Searched a almost all the sites and non of them have a definitive answer. This problem occurs weather I play with my external keyboard or not. Also my drivers are up to date.

    100% Disk usage: When I boot up my laptop, and then try to open task manager (yes, TRY), Disk usage is always 100%. Disabled Superfetch, but that also didn't fixed my problem. after like 10-15 minutes, disk usage begins to come down and then stays at 1-10%

    3. Slow boot up: As I mentioned earlier, my laptop is new , I have to do a number of crucial updates for the first few weeks, (just updated to 1803 a couple of days back), but because of that also, it didn't solved my problem. when I press my power button, hp logo comes, and then there is a black screen for a almost 2 minutes, then eventually log in screen comes, I enter my pin, and then my desktop shows with all the icons in white, and then finally all the icons come in their real shape. This happens to me almost everyday, and according to me this happens because of 100% disk usage.

    Anti-malware service executable: In task manger, this process shows up almost everyday and is one of the reasons of 100% disk usage. This along with process called "system".

    And finally the last problem (up till now) is that when I play games, it lags terribly on battery but not when plugged in.

    Again, my laptop is new, all the drivers are updated, updated to windows 1803 a couple of days back.

    I have searched endless web pages, spent countless hours on them, all this for searching a definitive answer to all these problems. I will appreciate all the helps I can receive from here.

    Ignore any typos, if any :-)


    i5-7200U 2.5GHz

    8GB RAM, 64 bit operating system

    NVIDIA 940mx

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  • 11/30/18--01:22: Keuboard Light changing
  • Hello everyone, I've got an OMEN laptop and I'm not sure if it can change the keyboard's color. Usually, the default color is red except for the WASD which is white. I installed OMEN HP Control app and went to the lighting tab, I tried to change the color but it didn't work/ Even though some controls such as fan speed worked and the caps lock switch. I think my laptop isn't supported (shipped) by RGB color mode, don't you?

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