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Notebook Software and How To Questions topics

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  • 11/30/18--01:32: Omen Command Center Update
  • Hello everyone, I've got an OMEN laptop. As usual these gaming laptops series have a command center control to help in customizing and speeding up processes. I have opened the OMEN Command Center and got a notification that there is an update available. I clicked on the update button and on the right bottom corner it showed me on my screen that it is updating and will take several minutes. I have waited so long but still, at the command center, it is telling me there is an update as if nothing had been updated. I thought of restarting my laptop but still, it's the same issue. Any help, please?

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    so I updated Windwos 10 to version 1803. My device is a ProBook 6470b.

    Since then the "HP 3D DriveGuard Software" was deinstalled.

    I tried many versions but I can't install the driver. I also tried the "HP SoftPaq Download Manager" without succes.

    Hardware ID's:





    Anyone who can help me with this problem?



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    hello, when i play games on pc visual c++ run time library stop working after like 15 mins and close the game how can i solve this ploblem ?

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    my hard drive was wiped of all partitions and my only option as a starting point was my vista hp install disk

    i have all the available drivers from this site but need to know what im missing and where to get it to be able to restore my notebook to factory condition.. please help

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  • 11/30/18--07:16: microsoft office key
  • the purshase of an hp laptop does include a microsoft office key or not?

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  • 11/30/18--09:46: HP OMEN Control center
  • I read a post of a very high-level profile acquiring the download link od HP OMEN Control app. I downloaded it and it was working fine and obeys my commands, not until the second time I tried to open it didn't respond. I uninstalled it, restarted the laptop, and installed it again. It opened the first time but then the same thing didn't launch the second time. I did the same process again and installed; but this time when I launched it the first time it didn't respond to my commands as usual when for example I choose the fan speed. Any help, please?


    Note: I've downloaded it from HP's community webpage a trusted site, version 1.10 (EFFECTIVE AT 2015).


    *The app said it's effective at 2015 maybe because of the old versions that had RGB lightning and the old model which had curves, p1-p5 buttons, round power button, and RGB LED lights on the corner of the right and left on the keyboard position or place.

    *The new OMEN X laptop supports RGB, but without p1-p5 buttons, curved edges, nor RGB LED lights on the corner of the right and left on the keyboard position.

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  • 11/30/18--12:29: HP 17-g121wm bios update
  • Product Nr N9E13UA#ABA

    Unable to feature update to Windows 10, version 1803, existing version is 1607. I am asked to update bios in order to get the version 1803.

    I have the desired bios update version F.45 Rev A (sp80252.exe) from the link that HP support provided for my notebook.

    However it's related download information lists previous versions as F.43 Rev.A -Apr 20, 2017 and F.41 Rev.A -Oct 14, 2016 but my existing version F.42-11/30/2016 is not listed therein.

    Please advise if it will be safe to install the downloaded bios update in this situation?




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    Hi. Recently i bought a hp specte x360 (late 2017). It has not really good battery life (5-6 hours in light usage).

    I checked its battery driver, and found that it has 2006 year driver date. 

    I wasn't able to update it not by Windows update dirver option, not by HP Driver download page (there is lack of driver for battery option).


    Is it a correct driver? Is there a newer and better driver for battery ?

    Hardware id: ACPI\VEN_PNP&DEV_0C0A





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    I have just purchased a new HP Envy x360 a few days ago. I was able to use the coolsense at the beginning. However, yesterday after I have upgraded the BIOS and a list of windows update, I realised that I can no longer launch the coolsense. 


    I tried to uninstall, redownloaded and reinstall the coolsense again,  however, I kept on receiving the error messages:


    Does anyone know how to fix this problem please?  I would be so much appreciated if I can solve this problem and install the coolsense correctly. 


    Thank you!

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  • 11/30/18--23:38: bios password
  • i need to solve the bios password i forget the old one

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    After purchasing an HP x2 detachable, I discovered that an active pen (Synaptics) could be used. Having checked the HP website and youtube videos about this laptop, I purchased the HP Pro Active Pen.

    With effort, this pen will select/deselect programs and menus. It will also show cursors.

    I cannot get the pen to draw on either windows ink programs or any drawing programs I tried. Is there something I have not done within the programs or settings to setup the pen.

    Passive pens and touch work perfectly well.

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    I purchased this laptop a few days ago. It came with Windows 10 in S mode. I was unable to update any drivers through Support Assistant with the app in S mode. HP allows a conversion to Windows 10 Home which I did. 

    Afterwards when I ran the Support Assistant it was still the app that came with Wiindows S Mode. I uninstalled the app through settings. There was no listing for support assistant in Uninstall Programs.

    Now when I try to install the Support Assistant (SP86979) V8.6.18.11  from the software and drivers section for this laptop it repeatedly tells me that there is a newer version of HP Support Assistant installed. Setup will now close. 

    I'm in an endless loop.

    How do I get the old app completely off and install the new support assistant? Thanks.

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    while uninstalling some unneeded software, i noticed that there are two instances of HP software framework installed.


    hp software framework.JPG


    is this a situation like the .net framework where there are often multiple instances and each is necessary, or can i delete one or the other? 

    thank you!

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    The HP Envy x360 - 15m-bp012dx has one very glaring deficiency. It does not enable the choice to boot from the Multi-Card (aka SD Card) Reader Slot. Nearly all notebooks / laptops have this capability enable right out of the box. Correcting this one short coming will enable this very beautiful HP Envy x360 to become the perfect machine. I am in need of a viable workaround. When I am mobile I cannot have an ungainly usb to multi-card reader adapter hanging precariously off a usb port. We all know how cramp these low-end airline seats can be.

    Reading HP forums archived on Google, I know that other hp laptops donot all have this deficiency. An obvious misstep that can quickly be corrected by a firmware (aka Bios) update. The last bios update for this device was July 2018. Can anyone help out with an easy, simple and space saving workaround. Thanks in advance!

    Note to HP:

    An Bios update would be appreciated. Sooner rather than later!

    Note to All:

    1. Device: HP Envy x360

    2. Bios: F.42.A

    3. OS: Windows 10 - ver 1809

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    There's no option to enable Facial Recognition (Windows Hello)

    Settings --> Accounts --> Sign-in options

    says "Windows Hello is preventing some options from being shown."


    I have a PIN and Fingerprint reader setup and it's working fine. But there is no option for facial recognition.

    I'm using a local user account and rather not create and use a Microsoft Account.

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    I just bought an HP Envy x360 15" laptop, and started to set it all up.  I noticed 2 issues that I seem to have with it.  


    First issue - I can't seem to find how to reverse the scrolling on the touch pad.  I don't like the scroll direction that it is oringinally set at, and it is typically quite easy to find in the touchpad settings, however, I have not been able to find the little box to check.  I know that this is a little issue, but is a huge annoyance when you have been used to the mouse scroll one way your entire life.  


    The other issue - When switching this device from tablet mode back to regular desktop mode, some of the numbers in the number pad stop working.  They wont start working again until I do a complete shut down of the computer.  I feel like this shouldn't be an issue since the laptop is only 2 days old.  


    Is anyone else having either of these two issues and have solutions to them?  Unfortunately this is my first experience with HP, and it is starting out to not be a good experience. 

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    today I have looked at other windows 10 Notebooks [lenovo and HP], which were able to do page up, page down , end of line, beginning of line  activities using keyboard shortcuts  [Fn + up arrow / down arrow / right arrorw / left arrow], But the listed model above, when tried for the same , does not work.


    could you plesae let me know if I need to change any settings. My laptop seem to have all upto date drivers when verified with HP Support center installed on my laptop.


    appreciate quick suggestion on this. these shortcuts are important especially who does lot of programming.


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    Помогите настроить клавиатуру Чтобы специальные возможности на клавишах f1-12 работали только через Fn+F1-12

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  • 12/02/18--05:59: ERRONEOUS OUTPUT



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    I am trying to easily import photos into my chrome book so I can edit them, then save them to my Google drive. Everywhere I read that when I plug a SD into my built in card reader or attach my Nikon through USB, that the file app will open and give me an import prompt to bring my files over. This does not happen.


    What does happen is this. I plug Sd card into slot files app opens and just shows me my folders including the SD card down the left side of my screen, but NO import prompt!

    When I connect my Nikon I get nothing. The files app does not open nothing. This sounds like it has a quick work around right like remove SD  card from camera and plug it into the card reader. The problem with this however is twofold. 

    1. The above mentioned problem in that files does not prompt to import and

    2. My Nikon uses standard SD cards but the cheome book only has a micro SD card slot.

    It was suggested elsewhere that I should upgrade my drivers to be sure I am up to date, so I went to HP support entered serial number etc... and was told that there are no updates available for my computer. So that took care  of rhar option

    Any suggestions would be most helpful. I am not new to computers been using them since 1981 with the Timex Sinclair (yes I'm that old), So you can use the jargon I'll get it thank you all. Happy Holidays!!!!












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