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    I'm having trouble when I try to do a Windows Defender Offline scan. I get as far as the box "Windows Defender Offline" - the point before the scan starts - but once it starts it switches to Quick Scan. I'm wondering if I might have an infection that would be picked up by Defender Offline and the malware stops it scanning.


    Advice appreciated. Thanks.


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    Appearently the recovery manager stopped working on 8/23 but i didn't notice.  When I wanted to look at the backup i opened the recovery manager and began receiving a series of boxes all with the same message about not being able to  find WMI.  I closed it and tried again but this time the program would not open.

    I downloaded what i think it the correct program to reinstall it (SP74123),  When I run the install it says everything installed correctly but there is no recovery manager program.


    Now what?  I have a 12g SS drive with all the files and no way to get at them.

    Thanks for your help.

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  • 12/02/18--09:56: HP x2 stylus pen
  • Hi, Ive just purchased a HP X2 detachable notebook, im trying to find out which stylus pen i need & where i can buy it! I have tried everything, even messaging HP support! 

    Any help would be fantastic 

    Im in the uk



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  • 12/02/18--10:02: BIOS update issue
  • Hello,

    I want to update my BIOS prior to upgrading my RAM(as it is recommended to update BIOS before memory installation), however when I have to chose an operating system to get updates, I do not see my OS. I have updated it to Windows 10 Home 64bit. When I am entering to my BIOS, I can see that it states Win8 as a factory installed OS. Could you please suggest me an option ?

    Thanks in advance!


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    After installing HP Hotkey support on many different HP ELitebooks, everything workd just perfect, with one small exception: The Web Browser Hotkey launces the old and outdated Internet Explorer!  I want to change this so that pressing the Web-Browser HotKey  automatically launches Edge (or perhaps Chrome).

    How can I customize which App is launced by the Hotkey?


    The HP documentation says that the Hotkey will luch the default browser, but that is not correct. No matter what browser you set as default browser, the Hotkey always launch Internet Explorer.  Clicking an HTML link, correctly launch the default browser.


    Please help, anyone?

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    Hello. A couple of weeks ago, my laptop just stopped charging randomly. I had it up and running, fully working the day before and the day after when I put in the power source, it just didn't charge. Actually, if I pull out the power cable and then put it back in, it charges for 10 - 15 seconds, then the charging symbol disappears on the battery logo and it stops charging. I can charge it, however, if I turn it off or put it in sleep mode. First I thought the charger didn't provide enough energy and might be broken, so I bought a new one but it's the same with this one, so I suppose it's the computer that is the problem. Any ideas?

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    Does not install the driver Intel hd graphics for 7700hq.

    I tried to install the last driver, the very first one and from the site HP.  did not help.13.jpg

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    After a full afternoon of trying (and having to retype part of this very message because of loading one too many pages from browsing history over the current page - I am getting tired), I have finally found a - clumsy, but working - way, to do the following:

    - when doing a 3 finger tap on the laptop touchpad, to have the system do a middle mouse button click

    - have this working on the OMEN laptop 15 dc0025nf (and precisely this one, with its Synaptics touchpad)


    The fix requires using regedit and autohotkey; one to exfiltrate the 3 finger tap event, the other one to reach the software mouse buttons from that tap.


    Disclaimer: although this fix works, it is still pretty messed up, so use at your own risk until it is officially validated as harmless by the HP staff.

    If someone comes up with a better fix or can guarantee that it does not break anything, please come forward and share your thoughts too!


    Here is how I did it:


    1) First, you have to follow the procedure here:

    WARNING: have a USB mouse ready, as this will temporarily disable the touchpad completely (my guess is it is not compatible with the precision driver at the hardware level)


    2) Then, go to device manager, and update the touchpad driver online automatically.

    3) What this does: when you update at step 2, it will put back the Synaptics driver, but some of the regedit infrastructure introduced by step 1 will still work, and you'll need it.


    4) launch regedit.exe


    5) go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Synaptics\SynTP\TouchPadSMB2cTM3384-1<= this last key can be different on your system. (more info here, although for the OMEN 15 dc0025nf, that page does not work in my case:


    Note that you might have two "TouchPad" subfolders at this time, one with "PS2" and the other with "SMB" in their names. Focus only on the SMB one, I did not find any use to the other one.


    6) Normally, you should have a "3FingerTapPluginActionID" Dword key with a value 0x61 (hex), or 97 (decimal), and a "3FingerTapPluginID" set to "SynTP".


    7) Now go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Synaptics\SynTPPlugIns\SynTP. You'll see there a bunch of folders, all indexed by a 2-digit number. Go to the folder named "97". You'll see that "Short name" contains the value "Launch Cortana". Since, if you're here, then like me, you won't be needing it anymore (I removed Cortana completely), we will now tweak another Dword there, "KeySequence"


    8) In the folder of step 7, modify "KeySequence" form its initial value (0x30005b53, or Windows+S) to the value 0x30001177 (which corresponds to Ctrl+F8, but you can build your own shortcut in the next step). All values are hexadecimal here.


    9) The syntax of this keysequence is like this:

    (xyaabbcc) where aa is the code of the first key if 3 key-combination (or 00 if 2 keys or less), bb the code of the second key (or 00 if 1 key), cc is the code of the last key, and then x is 3 for 2 keys or more (0 otherwise) and y is 3 for 3 keys or more.

    You can find all keycodes here:


    10) If you look at the table in step 9, you'll see it has keys for "MButton". This is where I'm a little mad at Synaptics and HP for giving us such a crappy touchpad on such a high end machine: if you assign the MButton code (4) in the Keysequence dword, it won't if this keysequence can reach the keyboard, but not the mouse buttons. It all seems like Synaptics has done a workaround to "kind of enable" 3 finger tap, without really enabling it the way Windows 10 would want it.

    Therefore, please report if assigning "4" in keysequence works in your case, as in my case it did not work.


    11) Once you've chosen your shortcut (try not to step on other programs' inner workings, here is a sample:, input it inside the Keysequence Dword, and then apply.


    12) Run the following line in a powershell window that you'll open with right click - run as admin:

    Stop-Service "SyntpEnhService"; kill -name SynTPEnh; kill -name SynTPHelper; Start-Service "SynTPEnhService"

     (see this post for details:

    This will reset the touchpad while taking into account the registry modifications you just did, and without rebooting or even logging out.

    Now, every time you'll do a 3 finger tap, the system will press "CTRL+F8" on your keyboard. But that doesn't lead us very far yet, right? So here is the next step:


    13) Google and download Autohotkey. Install it and open help to see how to do your first script and get a hand of it


    14) Open a new script inside a folder in your SSD drive (the OMEN 15 has one), and paste this in:


    LControl & F8::MButton


    Or a different combination depending on your shortcut, see here:

    Then save and exit


    15) Double click the script you just created. This should launch it; you'll see an icon in your tray


    16) Open a firefox window and try a 3-finger tap on a link...

    If all goes well, it should open in a new tab!!! :-D


    17) You can set the script to execute everytime the computer starts, see here:


    A few troubleshooting tips:


    A) To check the regedit step: try to replace the keysequence by another keysequence from a different plugin ID, e.g. 90 or 98 instead of the 97: 33111209 for ctrl+alt+tab for example. That way, you'll see your triple finger tap change behavior.


    B) Note that the "3FingerTapAction" and "3FingerPressButtonAction" Keys did not have any effect in my case. Setting them to 4 did nothing, even if removing the references to the SynTP plugins, as if they were ignored, probably because of the messed up setup of the regedit infrastructure from the 2-driver install and update process. I assume that's because there is no such "action" registering in the system as a 3 finger tap, ever, and that the SynTP plugins are just a workaround to make something work with it.


    C) You can also try a keysequence like 41 (in hexadecimal) that will output the letter "a" when you do a 3 finger tap. You can test that a few times in the notepad, to make sure your keysequence goes through.


    D) FInally, you can do the following: in your Autohotkey script, you can go to the tray icon, right click, click "open", it will display a gray window, go to View > Key history and script info. Then you'll see whether CTRL+F8 passes through to Autohotkey or not. If not, check that 3FingerTapPluginActionID is still at 97 (decimal), otherwise your 3 finger tap won't reach your modified plugin.


    That's it...tell me if this works for you or not!

    Now for new buyers: you'll now how deep of a fix it requires to have this most basic functionnality of the middle mouse click (not even click+drag) on the Omen 15. Shop wisely!


    For HP: please stop shipping unfinished products just because the low end touchpad does not appear on spec sheets. Gaming laptops are also used for browsing, and they're laptops, you can't count on an external mouse in all situations, otherwise take a desktop PC. Both for firefox and opening second instances of pinned apps, the middle mouse click is a life saver. We users need it, so please stop making it so messy to have that function back!!

    PS: HP and Synaptics, you owe me an afternoon of work


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    I got the laptop for birthday, only had it for 2 weeks and now i cant turn it on since yesterday. There's an error saying automatic repairs couldn't repair your pc. How can i fix this? I went to the advanced options, tried reset, restored, comand prompt ect and still cannot bypass the error. 

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    My computer randomly turns off from time to time.I ran the HP battery check and it failed.I cannot locate the battery needed for my computer.What are my options to get a new a battery,and where can I get one?Any help is appreciated.

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    I just purchased an Elitebook 1040 and it has switched into overwrite mode.  I cannot find an insert key on the keyboard.  How do I get it back into insert mode?

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  • 12/03/18--00:05: ProBook 470 G3 GPU Issues
  • Hello - I purchased a ProBook 470 G3.  I was running Linux on it, but decided to switch to Windows 7.  When I installed Windows 7 and ran Windows update, it told me I had two GPUs, an AMD R7 M430 and Intel 620.  From everything I've read, the GPUs are switchable, but I didn't see anyway to do that, so I installed both GPU drivers from HPs site, first the Intel, then the AMD.  Both seemed to go OK, but when I rebooted after the AMD, only the Intel driver shows up in device manager and I have an unknown video card in other devices.  My question would be how do I install the GPU drivers to get the switchable graphics and once I do, how do I switch them?  Thanks for any help.

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    Curser is shifting down continuously, sometimes it stops doing so. I have applied uninstall option for the mouse but problem still persisted in Ms Office. Even Shutdown option is shifting to restart. How to fix it please help.

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    My computer shows a blue massages saying ”selected boot image did not Authenticate. Press <Enter> to Continue”. When i press enter the computers shuts off again. How do i solve this? 


    Thank you! 

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    my new Pavillion with Windows 10 Home - does not restore system settings .

    the loptop came with System restore settings not activated ( blame to Microsoft disabling this service by default ), and I actived it manually enabling the services .

    with Powershell.  "PS C:> Enable-ComputerRestore  "C:\""

    and then I turned System recovery on for C:\ ( where the OS is installed ) .


    The System Recovery was activated so I created a checkpoint ,


    However I tried to restore, but the restore didnt work , as I've got the message the regisrtry settings to be restored , but the process did not stop .  I tried several times, and I left th eprocess running for hours, but the process was running withut stopping .


    I then checked and I started all the relevant services I think are required :

    Virtual Disk - Disco Virtuale
    Volume Shadow Copy
    Task Scheduler 
    Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider Service
    System Restore Service


    but even if all the services are up and running, the System recovery process still take a lot of hours to run, and never ends successfully .


    I fully restored the system trough HP recovery , but still the System Recovery keep running for hours .


    There must be some WIndows 10 Home configuration or service missing .


    Can you help on this ?


    Is there any complete list of requirements for checking System Recover to be fully enabled ?


    Thanks in advance








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    Hello all,


    Got a bunch of zip files in a folder - some will open fine, some will not.  That won't open are neither the biggest nor smallest file sizes and they were all downloaded at the same time. Unfortunately, the download window was time limited so I can't go back and download them again.


    When I try to open one of the zip files that won't work, it just said that the compressed/zip file is invalid. The "extract all..." function won't work either - it's claiming that the folder is empty (which it's not - size of the zip folder reflects this).


    Please help! Urgently need one of these files.


    Many thanks in advance.


    p.s. I am the opposite of a tech nerd and need idiot's-guide-style step by step instructions if you think you know what I need to do... ;-)

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  • 12/02/18--15:45: Re: my keyboard won't type
  • I don't have an external keyboard to work with.     Now what !!!!

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    My device manager shows that "Other Devices/Detection Verification" has no device installed. Update device cannot find a driver. One answer in the forum said:

    Between the Intel Chipset Installation Utility and Driver and the Intel Management Engine Interface (MEI) Driver, one of these driver setups unzipped an appropriate driver somewhere on c:\swsetup. I was able to manually install the driver from one of that folder's subfolders after running the above mentioned driver package setups.

    I installed both the Intel Chipset Installation Utility and Driver and the Intel Management Engine Interface (MEI) Driver, but still could not faind a driver for Detection Verification.

    My questions

    1. What does Detection Verification do?

    2. Do I need it at all>

    3. Where do I download its driver if I need it.


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    I've changed the grub but i can't update it.

    When i wrote "sudo grub-update" it says command not found.

    Ps. ImI trying to install arch Linux alongside windows 10.

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    Hi guys, i need the HP-pavilion 15-cd056sa Device Drivers for WIndows XP for update my device drivers due to a error i encountered with WIndows XP

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