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Notebook Software and How To Questions topics

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     I currently have one of the same problems as you do, about the fan running hot while charging it with the AC plugged in. Mine got a little better but it is still warm to the touch above the keyboard when charging the laptop. 


    Let me know if you find out a solution or something because the laptop is amazing except this heating up.


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    Device: Not available

    Device ID: ACPI/HPQ6007/3&11583659&2

    Error code: The drivers for this device are not installed

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    I just got the hp envy x360 15-CN0305NG. In the top row there are some speical keys. Most of them are quite useful, but for instance a "?" key on the very left just opens internet explorer with the search "help with windows 10". I would like to reassign the function of this button. My first idea would be to assign it to open the calculator. Also quite interesting would be to assign it to automatically type something for me (e.g. my email adress, I am typing it multiple times a day so if I could type it pressing one button that would be quite handy).


    How to I reassign those keys? I also would like to reassign the volume up and down keys, as on the side of the keyboard there also are buttons that do the same thing. 




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  • 12/29/18--10:55: RAID 0
  • Hi i setup raid 0 using intel rapid storage technology software on 2 500gb crucial mx500 ssds with my OS (Windows 10 home) installed but i now want to disable the raid and there is no option to disable it on the software and my laptop bios can not change raid mode how can i delete this raid? i don't care about the data.

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  • 12/29/18--13:39: excel and word file issu
  • my excel and word not working

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  • 12/29/18--16:47: Importing photos from phone
  • I am unable to import photos off of my iPhone onto my laptop. The first time I tried it imported about 12 of them and then stopped, and now it won't allow me to import any more. The computer acts like it's about to import, and then a message saying "something went wrong" pops up, and asks me to cancel or try again. Try again doesnt do anything. I've tried using multiple USB's and nothing is happening. I deleted some programs that were originally on the laptop already but nothing that has to do with media or the photos apps. 

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    i have a question ,

    can i use a wacom tablet with a hp laptop? 

    maybe like this one


    but what kind of wacom can be used with my model of hp laptop

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    My HP laptop will open up and all fine, but if I hit the Windows start button on my screen or  my keyboard it will NOT open. It also will not allow me to use Cortana. I have tried tutorials from others with the same issue but none of them seem to work for me, despite my many attempts, unless I am doing something wrong. I can usually open up things on my taskbar, thus allowing me to access the internet, but even that malfunctions from time to time, and I haven't been able to open up the mail app or app store, only my browsers. If I could get some help i'd really appreciate it as it is getting quite tedious, thanks!

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    I recently bought a hp notebook Hp 15g DR0006TX.  i want to register for the "BACK TO CAMPUS " offer.anybody please explain  the procedure to register for this offer. 

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  • 12/30/18--03:16: No plans in Power option
  • There are no plans like high performance, balance in power option there is only one that is HP Recommended. I want to change the plan to high performance because I play games.

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    I used my docking station for over 4 months now, but around 2 a 3 weeks ago, it stopped working and in my device manager it gives some error codes, I sent an email to HP support service but never got an answer from them... Can someone tell me what I can do?


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    non riesco ad attivare il lettore di schede sul mio notebook in rete non vi è più nulla.Quaklcuno può aiutarmi, Grazie della cortese attenzione.Enrico

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  • 12/30/18--08:40: Sphinx Fix Download
  • I have had my spectre x360 13-w0XX since late 2016 (i7-7500u model) and I have always had the issue of battery drain while the laptop was shut down (100% to 87% overnight). I did not pay much attention to it as I mostly charged my laptop overnight. Now that I use my laptop more often, it has become a burden. After searching on the forums, many users of the same laptop model reported experiencing the same issue and have "fixed" it using the sphinx fix that HP apparently posted. However, I could not find a link to the patch despite searching through every thread about the topic. (example of forum thread) I was wondering if any HP reps still had access to the sphinx fix or if any users of the forum knew where to find it. Thanks in advance. 

    Also, for HP reps

    • I have already ran the battery diagnostic tool and have no issues with the battery itself
    • I have installed all updates in HP Support Assistant
    • I have upgraded the BIOS to F.48
    • I have updated all drivers to the latest version 
    • I am using the "HP recommended" power plan
    • I have already turned off fast startup

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  • 12/30/18--10:09: Forgotten my password
  • 15461931725944142256736743823775.jpg


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  • 12/30/18--10:26: USB
  • Im trying to  transfur my photos from my iphone onto my windows 10 laptop by plugging cord into USB port and nothing is popping up showing me that theres a device plugged do i set this up so i can just plug my phone into my  laptop,.. down load which photos i whoose,.. and be done? 

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    Hi. 3 days ago i bought this laptop and i installed Windows 7 64 bit. Now, i have a big problem. I don't have the USB driver and my laptop doesn't reconize any USB. I connect it but nothing. I tried a lot of drivers from the internet for USB 3.0 but i can't install them. It gives me this error: "this computer doesn't meet the minimum requirements for installing the software". I also found some sollution on this error but only for graphics driver. I don't really know what to do. Here is a printscreen with the Device Manager. 



    Ideas, please?

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    Friends and Experts,


    I have a Stream 11 (Serial [edit], Product K3N14UA#ABA) with an unresponsive touchpad. When on the desktop, or anywhere within the OS, the touchpad does not register movement or clicks from the left and right buttons. The Synaptics Touchpad does not show in the Device Manager, and I get the error message: "Unable to connect to the Synaptics Device Driver" when selecting "Additional Mouse Options" in the Settings for Mouses. In the "Properties" menu which appears when selecting "Additional Mouse Options", no Synaptics Touchpad tab exists, either. 


    I've confirmed that the mousepad isn't broken - the touchpad works perfectly when in the "HP PC Hardware Diagnostics UEFI" and passes all tests run in the "component tests" menu, which leads me to believe the hardware functions normally. The touchpad is not "disabled" (I've tried hotkeys and the "double-tap" in the top left corner with no effect). I have tried un-installing and re-installing the suggested driver from HP's support site several times. I've tried installing it in compatability mode - with no luck. Un-installing and re-installing Windows has also failed to resolve the touchpad problem, and there are no Windows updates left to try. 


    To me, this all seems like some kind of software issue, not a hardware one - but in my hours of research and trials, I have not come up with anything to resolve this strange problem, and I find that solutions that work for others does not for me... and HP's virtual assistant has no advice. 


    I would be very grateful to get some advice and guidance! I love this PC and would love to keep it, but it's more expensive than it's worth to replace parts or get repairs done. 


    Thank you all for your thoughts!


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    My new laptop only has 32 GB of storage, and most of it was already used by windows programs. I bought an SD card to download a game, and it downloaded onto the SD card, but will not let me play because i'm "running low on disc space" and that "problems may occur" while playing. I uninstalled any unnecessary apps i could, but still only have about 500 MB. 

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  • 12/30/18--17:05: Sleep Mode
  • No matter what I have my sleep and screen saver time set to the PC goes to sleep in 5-10 minutes of inactivity??

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    I don't have the proper code for my hp stream 11 and my system disable code is i 52326345. 

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