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Notebook Software and How To Questions topics

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    I can't start my computer. Hardware diagnostics checked out OK so I'm trying to update my BIOS. I followed the guidance at but got stuck at step 7. According to step 3 number 2, the BIOS image name should match the system board ID. Unfortunately, there is no exact match available on the USB recovery drive. My system board ID is 81EB but the only ones on the recovery drive end in EC, ED, EF, F2, and F3. I'm pretty confident that the operating system on the laptop was Windows 10 (64-bit). 



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    Tried everthing - reloaded sp 71729 - and the drivers - assuming i have updated drivers? 

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    Hi there,


    A good starting point would be this topic:

    I'm trying to connect a Hp EliteBook 8460 to a Philips TV, through a Display Port adapter and a Hdmi cable. It worked only 2 times as i installed sp64730.exe driver, but only right after i installed / before i restarted the computer (stoped after the laptop got restarted). It's like working only when i'm installing it, before i restarted it.
    Second time i reinstalled the windows too, thinking it would solve the problem. But it worked only when i installed that driver, before i restarted the computer.
           On that topic it's saying that it could help another driver, but i cannot download it>
    Can someone help me with it? Many thanks

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    I purchased an HP Spectre 7/14/2017. In the first year, the touchpad stopped working. I got that fixed under warranty. I am a college student. This made me suffer in my classwork. I purchased this expensive laptop because I am an engineering student with my own money. Now the charging port doesn't work. Best Buy can't do anything about it and suggested I write in here to see if there is a recall or something. This has been reported on the forums and is a common problem. It made me suffer again in my schoolwork and I could not get it back to a tech within warranty time because I was at college and in navy rotc. I think HP should do something about my laptop. Please let me know the steps that I can take to get HP to fix this. An expensive laptop like this should last longer than this. Thank you. Allie

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    I have a new Hp Stream, I use it for business and it keeps telling me I'm out of memory! i literally only have Microsoft office on it and that's it.. nothing else. it will not let me do any updates what so ever because the memory is full.. how can this be?

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  • 01/10/19--18:19: HP Orbit
  • Old version of HP Orbit.

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    Just his the same problem as THIS GUY.


    I'd been running my Windows Server 2016 Standard (with Essentials addon) on my old HP Pavilion DV6 notebook for a few years after the previous hardware failed.


    Finally got my hands on a replacement Dell desktop, swapped the HD over and updated all the drivers to include the Dell hardware.


    Now I'm stuck, trying to remove the old HP software/drivers.


    Both HP 3D DriveGuard and HP Software Framework are unable to uninstall, as they both report "This Software is not supported on this system."


    Is there a way to run the uninstaller, without it checking the hardware?


    BTW I also upgraded to Windows Server 2019 (in-place), which I must admit, looking back, it's a misstake - 2016 + Essentials, is better...

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    Could someone tell me what files are ok to delete from my C Drive please? I know i need to keep some but i'm unsure which ones i need to keep.


     I need to install the one time Windows package as my old subscription has ended but it wont let me do anything as i only have 1.17gb left of 27.1gb on my windows C Drive.

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  • 01/11/19--05:55: Upgrade BIOS
  • Hi all. I have a question: from HP Assistant I received indication about BIOS upgrading to a new version, F28. Present one is F22. When I try to update it, the procedure is closed correctly, without any alarm message, but after the required restart the BIOS is always displayed in release F22. I tried several times, always with the same result. I also tried to update it with earlier version, as well as F23 for instance, with the same result: it remains in F22. My laptop is a "Notebook HP - 15-ac085nl (ENERGY STAR)", featured by Windows 10 (64-bit) version 1809 and build 17763.253, serial number CND524743G and product number N6A21EA#ABZ. Can anyone support me about the issue? Regards, Gilberto.

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  • 01/11/19--08:06: Help decrypting my files
  • I  encryted some files about 3 months ago and now need to decrypt them however when i click on open and decrypt with HP Simple Pass Identity protection nothing happens?


    Can someone pleas ehelp i need urgent access to these files 

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    So I left my laptop alone for 20 mins or so this evening to go ot the local shop and upon my return it had restarted or up dated or some something that seemed like an update.
    My touchpad was competely disabled and I needed to plug in a mouse to use the cursor at all. It seems it had auto installed the Synaptics driver and kicked my Precision Driver off and I cannot get it back,


    Does anyone else use the Precision Driver? Has it stopped working for anyone?


    I can't fathom why when paying nigh on £2000 for a laptop with crappy Synaptics drivers and I don't even have the option to use Windows Precision?

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    Is anyone using this graphics card for photo editing with Photoshop,Lightroom and similar programs,does it work well ?

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    removed my fingerprint to start over and startup function will not work.

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  • 01/11/19--14:39: ADDING MY OWN VIDEO PLAYER
  • I have been using MPC  (Media player classic) home cinema for years and wish to continue doing do I make this my default player???  it does not appear in the list and is not available on the Microsoft store....

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    So I was using my laptop to watch some youtube, and when I went to play a game (and listen to spotify) the buttons weren't working to change the song. About an hour ago, I cleaned my keyboard (without turning my computer off like an idiot), and now this is happening. When I use the "fn" key instead of using the function key, it uses the multimedia key. I haven't touched the BIOS but I do know how to access it, so this wasn't done with BIOS. There is nobody else that could have changed my computer, and I dont do much with my computer that leaves it susceptible to viruses.

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    I have forgotten my password and can't do any administrative functions, updates etc.

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    Like the title says I have a problem where I can't use the touchpad when a key is held down. This is especially problematic if I want to play games. 




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    I'm writing this post to solicit HP to release update Intel system drivers for Winows 10 1809 release (received from Windows Update a couple of weeks ago). In particular I'm referrring to:

    • Intel Management Engine Interface driver (still at Rev B) optimizied for Windows 10 1803
    • Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework (still at 8.3.10205.4743 Rev C) optimized for Windows 10 1709

    While not having any major issues, these two components can considerably boost perfomances and battery savings as well as thermal optimization activities under the latest Windows 10 release. I can imagine that some policies need more optimization for Windows 1809...and some drivers are a bit outdated. These two should be released by each OEM and are not directly downloadable from Intel web site.


    I also expect HP to release fresh drivers for other components too (as GPU and Touchpad too). Hp Support Assistant is quite silent since a few months apart from the release of an uodated Conexant Audio driver for Win 1809 that hasn't been reported on the download site (that should be aligned soon with Assistant's releases): HP Download Site for Envy 15-as-105-nl


    Thanks a lot



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  • 01/12/19--04:31: Partition of C drive
  • Hi sir,


    I purcahsed a an HP laptop (HP Laptop 15-da0327) recently and all its Storage capcity of 1 TB is partitioned in C drive. I want to make a seperate drive for 400 GB. Is that possible? If possible does it affect my Original windows 10 Home installed in laptop? Please give me a reply and the process to partition my 1 TB hard disk drive.

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    My screen was flashing after game so I uninstalled graphics drive but I did not get graphic drive for my model and without graphic drive game  is not starting  so could you please 

    provide me graphics drive 

    Model number  15-e007UT

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