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Notebook Software and How To Questions topics

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  • 01/13/19--17:48: Malfunctioning keyboard keys
  • There are a few keys on my computer (HP  laptop 15-bw0xx, product number:1UG65UA#ABL)  that do not work. The concerned keys are ''n'', ''b'', ''7'' (just the one on the keypad) and ''=''. When I repeatedly press on the ''n'' key and the ''b'' key, they start working for a short period of time and the other keys also work during that time. 


    I tried updating the keyboard software, then I tried uninstalling it and restarting my computer, but that didn't solve the problem. Right now I'm using the on-screen keyboard to type. 


    Does anyone have a solution to this? 

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    I've only had this laptop since last September, as a gift, bought on Amazon, (read: pig in a poke) and it's a WIndows 10 Home OS. I've been having some color display problems in some of my games and came to HP to get the latest drivers for the Intel UHD Graphics 620 in this PC.  The driver in here already is: I downloaded: 2520.100.6471 - but, it wouldn't install! The error message said something about that driver not being configured for my PC model and I would have to contact the manufacturer. I am not in the least an expert, live out in the middle of nowhere, have no one around to ask and don't know where to begin. Please help me!

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    I use autoCAD 2019, but it seems not to work well.
    My issue is: once I start autoCAD, sometimes it stops working (like an irreversible error) even if I'm not working on something complicate or full of lines or stuff like that.
    When I try to restart autoCAD, it keeps loading but never starts.

    I have a similar issue when, after it stopped working for apparently no reason, i try to restart my PC. It keeps loading but never actually restart.

    I installed autoCAD 2019 because the 2018 version gave me an even stranger problem: not only it stopped working for no reason, but I wasn't able to open almost any .dwg file since, once I tried to open them, autoCAD immediately gave me the "fatal error" message.
    I have an NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1050, my drivers are ok and now I really don't know what to do!
    My groupmates use the same files and do not expercience any issue.


    thanks for help

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    Error message saying I have an old user profile on exchange messaging service.  Cannot locate outlook in the programme files at all.

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    While I playing games like far cry and watch dogs 2 , I cant use my graphics card it only shows 65 mb of my 2 gb graphics card. So the game becomes lag cant be played, If any one have answer or anybody have same problem please help me. Thanks in advance

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  • 01/14/19--05:41: Software issue
  • Hi,


    I have been having a lot of trouble with the software on my laptop. The mouse will randomly freeze not allowing me to switch programs or do anything, however the cursor does move around. My laptop is under warranty with PC world, they have said that HP and the Windows updates are conflicting with each other. Several times they have 'sorted' the issue by updating drivers, however this does not solve the issue and after the laptop self updates the issue reoccurs. Pc world can no longer do anything for me as they see it as software issue thus no longer their problem. 

    What can HP do? 

    Can I get a replacement?

    My product is still under HP warranty as the product was purchased 3 months ago. 


    Thank you 

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    I cannot for the life of my get this laptop to type an accent or a tilde. I need to do spanish homework on it. I've not been able to get short cuts to work, I can't get the switching keyboard languages to work, the type apostrophe then the vowel doesn't work. How can I make this thing type accents marks??? I am getting so ungodly frustrated. It also took me forever to figure out that it's a two finger touche to get a right click, why is this machine so unintuitive? 


    please help. i want this semester to go more smoothly than the last with constantly having to copy and past accented letters. 

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  • 01/14/19--10:13: Scrolling issues
  • Hello,

     I have noticed that while trying to scroll using the touch pad on my laptop that it will start selecting, highlighting, and going to the links, email, or other things on the page I am trying to scroll though. It has become very frustrating espically while trying to fill out applications, do school work, and everyday use to be suddenly on a page I did not select my self, have emails moved to the wrong folder, and have tabs moved to their own page. Is there any way to fix this issue?


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  • 01/14/19--19:22: SD card not reading
  • Just bought this laptop. SD crd reader is not reading my sd card. I checked device manager and the driver is working property I even updated driver. I normally go to my fie folder andf ook for a addional drive that pops up under my PC. Nothing is there. 

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    In December, 2018 I was able to use Live Chat to arrange getting my Envy sent in to fix the cracked screen. I never completed the payment/repair/etc. I tried tonight to get back to Live Chat and cannot so I called HP. I was told that the only option  have is to have a replacement screen sent to me and to do it myself. HP clearly says on their site that they do not recommend this method but the agent said that there was no other option. Further, the cost to do this is more than it was to send in the laptop for repair. Looking for anwers as to why I cannot find Live Chat as a contact option and why there is no option to send my computer for repair. I am not going to attempt replacing the screen myself.

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    Intel- Management engine component is getting slower my system, please help me how to fix.

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    My laptop didnt have locked port (NFC) how to unlock ? 

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  • 01/15/19--01:26: NOT WORKING HP Omen Control
  • 01/10/2019 the HP Omen 15-dc0025ur (4GW00EA) gaming laptop and OS Windows 10 Pro (x64) were purchased. There was a problem installing the HP Omen Control - the HP Omen Control does not control the keyboard backlight. The HP System Event Utility does not work either. There are no errors during installation. But system notifications about changes in the screen's backlight and volume come out only from Windows. The forum has a suggestion to solve the problem using the SYSTEM.SAV.RAR and COMMAND.CENTER.RAR files but all the links to ftp and under the password.

    Please help.

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    i cant open outlook 2007 in my laptop having windows 10, need driver any?

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    I just got my Hp Stream 14 yesterday and after setting it up , the screen went black and it won’t turn back on, although the led light is on and the caps lock button is blinking 

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    I got my laptop back from the service centre after replacing the motherboard. Now the users folder in the C drive doesn't show my name. Instead, it shows HP. In the HP folder, a lot of the folders which should be there are missing (Eg: AppData folder).  Those folders are not entirely gone. I can see them in the location paths of some of the shortcuts. How to rename the folder and how do I make the missing folders visible?

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    I have a subscription to the above and downloaded it twice; each time I had a black screen and had to re-install Windows 10. This has not happened on my ACER or ASUS laptops.  Is there a software cleaning system which is compatible? I use CCleaner for cookies, which works well and causes no issues. My anti-virus software is AVAST free.

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    For how many years the McAfee LiveSafe security software valid in this notebook which is included in this 15g-dr1000tx notebook 

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    I'm trying to get help with a known problem (keyboard shift keys don't capitalize anything), and I installed the HP Support Assistant and registered. Now when I try to use the assistant, I always get "service is not available." I see the same question from someone else back in April 2018, but there is no answer and the question is locked. What's going on? Is the Support Assistant no longer supported?

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    Every time I open HP envy command center and select one of the options in the thermal profile tab, it's like nothing happens. Laptop fan speed does not change even slightly


    And when I  switch to another tab or close the window and reopen it again,  the option i selected is unchecked, like if I never checked it in the first place. It seems like it does not even recognize me selecting any of the options in the first place.


     Picking any of the options does not seems to do anything


    It doesn't even seem to recognize my system informations

    envy 2.png

    Reinstalling or reseting the app did not help

    I would like to get most of my laptop, and even as it seems like such a detail, I am unable to controll the temperature and performance of it properly which annoys me.

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